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WhyQ Clone

The universal growth of the Food delivery industry is undeniable. The food delivery business market is reaching great heights. The user activity is high in both developed and developing countries. This is witnessed as a new trend in the market with the increased usage of Food delivery app like WhyQ, which is one of the prime reasons to develop similar apps. 

Let Us Take A Look At The Singaporean Market For Food Delivery Business

1. The food delivery segments were anticipated to reach $467 million U.S.

2. With an increase of 10.21% in the annual revenue, a total volume of $689 million, the U.S is expected to assimilate by 2025. 

3. The online food delivery business has leveraged factors to grow by 12.1% by 2022.

4. Restaurant to customer model is the major sector of the food delivery business. By the end of 2021, it is about to sum up to $331 million U.S.

5. User interactivity is also a bonus to the app. It is about to hit 3.7million users by 2025.

6. By the end of 2021, the online Food delivery business users will penetrate at the rate of 43.5%. 

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What Special About WhyQ Model?

 A Singaporean peddler-based food delivery app is WhyQ. that is working to boost the traditional business of the food industry in the digital era. This app was launched in 2014, bringing in 3,500 plus peddler stalls—one of Singapore’s well-established food delivery app that tariff minimal delivery charges to its users. 

 Unlike posh restaurants and cafes, unusual yet unique tastes tickle our buds often. And food delivery app like WhyQ bind in those unique peddlers with users looking out to treat their cravings. The major attraction of this app is cost and cuisine and a huge variety of platters at a comparatively lesser cost. 

 From 70 plus peddlers operating these app, the count has swiftly increased and gained utmost popularity post lockdown. Apart from other app, the user interactivity is more here, and thereby it has increased revenue opportunities through the app. 

 Why Focus On WhyQ Food Delivery App For Your Business?

1. No minimum order limit in the app. The user can make orders as they wish.

2. As the peddlers listed in the app have no great profits compared to the restaurants, the app does not collect any commission from them. The Zero-commission scheme details the virtue of the app. 

3. The app charges a menial delivery fee to its users, just $1.50. 

4. Michelin’s stores listed here are highly recommended, thereby ensuring quality and best service to its users. 

5. Different mouth-watering menus at an affordable price. 

6. Scheduled delivery options are always available in the app. 

 Apart from these benefits, the app has also come up with options for users, and they are facilitated with an exclusive feature to feed the front-line worker through the app. And last but not least, the WhyQ store manager feature recently introduced within the app makes it the best example for its user-friendliness. This helps the small business and peddlers to easily and quickly set their online store in an instant. 

We help you build a similar effective and efficient app like WhyQ to facilitate your business activities. 

 Must-Have Features In Your Food Delivery App Like WhyQ

 The tailor-made online food delivery app is similar to WhyQ. Its four-layered features must be incorporated into your app to experience a similar ordering experience at the base level. 

 Customer App

The user orders food through this interface that must-have features to schedule, pin and edit locations and improve payment methods. 

The user profile with easy and quick login facility

The Restaurant profile that lists the menu. 

Improved search and filters by category. 

Push notification option outside the app. 

Integrated multiple payment options.

Status monitoring.

Reviewing and rating facilities. 

 Peddler/ Merchant App

This interface will be the space to showcase the store virtually. The merchant must have effective edit tools and instant update options to modify based on availability.

Easy and quick Profile setup option with updating facility. 

Menu Availability status 

Business management tools

Sales report analysis 

Review and rating analysis tool. 

Referrals and code generations

 Admin Dashboard

The entire management and monitoring space. This dashboard projects the future of the business, profit analysis, scalability are tracked, and much more.

Restaurant management facility

Multiple language scripts

Upgrades and updates 

Revenue management

Website Earnings

Geographical earnings

 Delivery Agent app

The finest end player of the app connects the service facilitator with the receiver directly. This app must be truly effective in benefiting the riders according to their convenience to render their service, calculate profit, etc.

Delivery agent profile updates

Instate updates on notification 

Accept and deny order request

Optimized route

Advanced navigation tool

Earning report on due intervals. 

Commission tracking facility

 Addon Functionality To Your WhyQ Clone App 

1. Integrating AI tools to gain valued insight on the customer interest. 

2. By integrating mobile wallets, the users can conveniently make payments, and it also benefits the app and business. 

3. The Chatbot integrated app has gained increased user interest. They ease short conversations and help in resolving the issues. 

 Final Verdict

 WhyQ food delivery app models have great opportunities to explore in the global market. We have seen its growth in the Singapore market. Similarly, this can fit into any location and benefit an entrepreneur looking to approach the Global food delivery market. 

With our advanced technical knowledge and white label solution, we help you develop and launch your WhyQ clone app at INORU. And to get a detailed briefing on our development process, reach out! We assure to awe you of our super-effective process. 

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