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Launch a Multi-vendor E-commerce solution - Amazon clone or Flipkart clone

Millions of people around the world today prefer the convenience of online shopping over the prospect of stepping into stores in-person. Millennials and young users especially, are increasingly gearing towards the conviction that online shopping sites like Amazon and Flipkart provide.

Not only the younger generation, over the past few years, even their parents and grandparents are becoming regular users of e-commerce platforms like Amazon. With everything under the sun available on these platforms at an attractive price and the ability to have it delivered straight to their doorstep, why look elsewhere?

Stake your claim in this robust and highly profitable industry with your very own Amazon clone or Flipkart clone!

What is the Amazon Clone / Flipkart Clone?

The Amazon Clone and Flipkart clone are multi-vendor ecommerce platform clones built to provide the same functionality as the originals. They make the process of ordering items online extremely easy and streamlined. For an entrepreneur looking to make their mark in the industry, the Amazon clone and the Flipkart clone by INORU is their best option. Built by a team of experts who know the ins and outs of the industry, this is an offering they don’t want to miss out on!

Amazon Clone

Why launch an e-commerce platform with our Amazon Clone or Flipkart clone?

Well simply put, it is only very popular currently, but it is the wave of the future. Over the past few years, multi-vendor platforms like Flipkart and Amazon have virtually driven away from the competition with their sheer convenience and ease of use. With their ability to give the users exactly what they want straight to their homes, they have established themselves as a defensive force to be reckoned with.

According to the latest industry analytics, “The global e-commerce market size was valued at USD 9.09 trillion in 2019 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 14.7% from 2020 to 2027.”

With the growing demand usage and ever-decreasing prices of smartphones and the internet across the world, this number is expected to only grow further!

NOW is the best time to launch your Amazon clone app! Capitalize on this opportunity by availing our services - the number one Amazon and Flipkart clone app development company in the market!

An All-in-one E-commerce Solution

Compatible with all platforms.

Intuitive design and UI.



100% white-label.

Third party APIs.

ECommerce Apps Like Amazon are expected to grow by 34% CAGR over the next 5 years!

Want to capitalize on this growth?

The Best E-commerce Platform like Flipkart and Amazon

Our Flipkart/Amazon clones are consistently rated among the best in the business. With extensive features and a sleek design, they are the preferred choice among users, vendors, and business owners alike!

Intuitive Design:Ease of use is vital to the success of any application. Our Amazon/Flipkart clone has an intuitive design that lets your users shop with ease and comfort and keeps them coming back for more!

Powerful Search EngineUsers will love the powerful search engine in-built into our Flipkart/Amazon clone. It allows them to quickly and efficiently find whatever they are looking for in a matter of seconds.

Friendly InterfaceOur UI/UX design is unmatched when it comes to building a highly functional user interface. Users will be able to navigate the app with ease with a few simple swipes and clicks on their smartphones.

Push NotificationsStaying in touch with your users and building rapport is a prerequisite for success. Our Amazon clone app lets you do just that with real-time push notifications.

Data SecurityWith concerns about data breaches and security at the forefront of our minds, we have included numerous stopgaps and security measures to ensure the safety of user data.

Amazon Clone App

COVID Specific Safety Measures To Boost Your Business

The year 2020 has been a moment of reckoning for businesses around the world. With the virus spread halting virtually every type of industry, businesses have taken a huge hit and are barely staying afloat.

But one industry that has been growing steadily over the past few months has been the e-commerce industry. In fact, multi-vendor platforms like Amazon and Flipkart have continued to not only survive, but thrive in these uncertain times.

Now you can do the same by providing your users with un-halted services during the post COVID times with our Flipkart clone loaded with precautionary measures against the coronavirus.

No-contact delivery

To reduce the chances of exposure for both users and delivery people, we have initiated the no-contact delivery in our Amazon/Flipkart clones. Delivery personnel can leave the ordered item at a predetermined place like the user’s doorstep or veranda to be picked up. There is never any physical contact between the user and the delivery person.

Periodic Temperature Checks

With high fever being a major symptom of the COVID virus, delivery personnel enrolled on the Amazon clone app are advised to go through temperature checks periodically throughout the day. These readings are made available to users at the time of delivery to keep them informed and ease their minds.

Face Mask Verification

Health officials around the world are encouraging people to wear masks at all times whenever they step outside their homes. We encourage the same to all the people associated with our Flipkart clone app and ensure transparency by having them upload selfies with masks at the beginning of their shift.

Daily Newsletters/Bulletins

To keep the delivery personnel and users informed about the latest guidelines and safety measures to be taken against the virus, we send daily bulletins and newsletters to all. Spreading information can stop the spread of the virus.

Hotspot on GPS Navigation

Working closely with the local authorities, the GPS navigation system on the Amazon and Flipkart app clones will indicate the delivery personnel of the hotspots in their vicinity to help them steer clear and take the necessary precautions.

Amazon Clone and Flipkart Clone App Features

Our Amazon and Flipkart app clones come with every feature you need to run a successful e-commerce platform.

Amazon Clone App
  • Register/Login

    Users can get on board with the Amazon/Flipkart clone in a matter of minutes with a quick sign-up process.

  • OTP Login

    Users can log in using the OTP details provided to their phones should they forget their login credentials.

  • Browse Products

    Users can look at the list of available products which are categorized into the type they belong to.

  • Search Products

    Users can search for any specific product that they are interested in purchasing.

  • Filter Products

    Users can narrow their search using highly specialized search filters.

  • Save Product

    Users can save any product to be viewed at a later time.

  • Add to Cart

    Users can add the items they wish to purchase to the cart to be tallied.

  • Wishlist

    Users can add any item to their wishlist, which can be viewed by friends and family.

  • Share Product

    Users can share any product or list to their friends and family via social media sharing option.

  • Payment

    Users can pay for the items in their cart through a multitude of ways including debit and credit cards, online payment, and cash on delivery (when available).

  • Track Order

    Users can track the placed order using the live tracking option.

  • Cancel Order

    Users can cancel any order before it is dispatched by the vendor.

  • Return Order

    Users can return or replace the order when the option is applicable.

  • Ratings and Feedback

    Users can rate and provide their feedback on any product that they have purchased.

  • Register

    Vendors who wish to enroll with the platform can do so by providing the necessary information.

  • Upload Product

    Vendors can upload a product to the Amazon clone and can begin fulfilling sales.

  • Add Photo/Videos

    Vendors can add photos and videos of the product they wish to sell.

  • Add Description

    Vendors can add a short description of the product and provide information about it.

  • Profile Page

    Vendors can customize their vendor profile page which hosts all their products in one place.

  • Store Address

    Vendors who have a physical store can upload the address details on the Flipkart clone.

  • Offers and Discounts

    Vendors can provide their customers with attractive offers and discounts to boost sales.

  • Customer Queries

    Vendors can answer directly to customer queries that are posted on the product page.

  • View Stock

    Vendors can view the list of available products at their disposal.

  • View Sales History

    Vendors can view an extensive list of the products they’ve sold on the Amazon/Flipkart clone.

  • Help

    Vendors can get in touch with the customer care representatives for concerns or help.

  • Register

    Delivery Personnel can register with the Amazon or Flipkart clone with the required credentials.

  • Set Timings

    Delivery Personnel can set the timings in which they are available for delivery.

  • Profile Settings

    Delivery Personnel can set up their profiles and customize it.

  • Delivery Schedule

    Delivery Personnel can view the list of scheduled deliveries for the day.

  • GPS Navigation

    Delivery Personnel is guided to the customer’s address via GPS navigation.

  • Confirm Delivery

    Delivery Personnel confirm the successful delivery by asking for the user’s signature.

  • View Delivery History

    Delivery Personnel can view an extensive history of the deliveries they’ve carried out.

  • Revenue Tracker

    Delivery Personnel can view the details regarding the revenue they’ve generated on the app.

  • Customer Care

    Delivery Personnel can get in touch with a customer care representative for any issues they’re facing.

  • View Sales History

    Vendors can view an extensive list of the products they’ve sold on the Amazon/Flipkart clone.

  • View Requests

    Admins can view the pending requests from vendors and delivery personnel.

  • Admin Dashboard

    Admins can navigate the app easily with the intuitive dashboard provided.

  • Manage Products

    Admins can view and manage the list of products on the platform.

  • Manage Vendors

    Admins can view and manage all the vendors registered on the platform.

  • Manage Delivery People

    Admins can view and manage all the delivery people on the platform.

  • Manage Deliveries

    Admins can view the on-going deliveries at any point and time.

  • Manage Offers

    Admins can view and manage the discounts and offers they’ve made available.

  • Manage Advertisements

    Admins can view and manage the advertisements from third-parties on the app.

  • Manage Ratings

    Admins can view and manage the ratings and feedback provided by consumers.

  • Push Notifications

    Admins can send real-time notifications to customers, vendors, and delivery people.

  • Reports

    Admins can print out highly detailed reports that break down every aspect of the platform.

What do you get with our e-commerce multi-vendor platform script?

Our Amazon and Flipkart clone scripts come with every tool imaginable to run a successful multi-vendor platform.

For Web

  • Web Panel for the User
  • Web Panel for the Delivery Personnel
  • Web Panel for the Vendor
  • Web Panel for the Admin

For Android

  • Android App for the User

For iOS

  • iOS App for the User

Our Streamlined Process Of Development

Our Flipkart and Amazon clones are designed with care and expertise like no other. Over the years, we have perfected the art of e-commerce app platform development.

Requirement Analysis

All our apps are tailor-made to the exact requirements of the client. Come tell us exactly what you are looking for and we’ll bring it to life.

Resource Allocation

Once we get a clear picture of the project requirements, we will allocate the appropriate resources and put together the plan going forward.

UI/UX Design

The front end design of the UI/UX is done by our designers. Your logo, branding, and other design elements are implemented into the Amazon/Flipkart Clone.

Back-end Development

When we have a polished exterior, our expert developers will get to the nitty-gritty of the app by outfitting it with the features and functionality you asked for.

Quality Analysis

Before we prep the app for launch, our testing team will check it for any bugs or shortcomings and ensure its seamless functionality.

App Submission

When the client is happy with the finished product, it is launched in all the major platforms with a roll-out plan designed for success.

Post-launch Maintenance

Our maintenance and support staff are on standby for periodic updates and for any assistance you should require.

Why Choose INORU as Your Flipkart / Amazon Clone App Development Company?

14+ Years of experience

We have been in the business for a long time. Over the years, we have faced every challenge and overcome them. Let our extensive experience guide you to success.

Best Team Around

We hire only the best. Our team is made up of the most experienced developers, designers, marketing professionals who are managed by qualified project managers.

End-to-end Development

From design to development to marketing to launch and beyond, we are an all-in-one development company that can take care of the process in its entirety.

World-class Quality

All our products are made to the highest regulatory standards in the industry. If it’s quality you’re looking for, you’ve come to the right place.

Attractive Prices

No matter what your budget might be, we can work well within it to give you a product that you’re proud of.

Around-the-clock Support

We’re always there when you need us. Our support team is on standby to offer help around-the-clock.

All-in-one Company

There is nothing in the development field we cannot do. From design to development, to testing and launch, we can handle it all.

Revenue Model of Multi-vendor app clones like Flipkart and Amazon


Customers can sign-up for a premium subscription plan that gives them additional benefits like free delivery, offers and discounts, express delivery, and more. Price the subscriptions how you like on a monthly or yearly basis!


Allow third parties to advertise on your e-commerce platform for a fee. This same model can be applied to the vendors on your app who wish to boost their sales.


For every sale carried out on the Amazon/Flipkart clone, you will receive a predetermined percentage as a commission. More the sales, the more your profit!

Frequent Questions

The Amazon/Flipkart clone is a multi-vendor e-commerce platform that lets vendors display products that can be purchased by customers around the world. It is a clone app variant that is highly affordable and can be readily launched.
Very much so. With each passing year, more and more users are choosing to get their shopping done online. The e-commerce industry is worth trillions of dollars and is only set to grow further. With that being said, now is a great time to launch your very own app like Amazon or Flipkart.
Yes, the Amazon or Flipkart clone is completely white-label.
Yes, the Amazon or Flipkart clone can be customized to your exact preference. You can modify it anyway see fit including the logo, branding, and color scheme.
Pretty soon! INORU provides a method of lightning-quick development that gets you to the supply chain in the fastest time possible. In a couple of days, the basic version of the app will be ready for release. Come and tell us your expectations in order to get an exact estimate of the period of development.
Depending on the user's needs, the cost of the Amazon or Flipkart clone tends to change. When we learn the requirements for the project, we will be better equipped to achieve an accurate estimate.
Yes, we offer around the clock support and maintenance services for an unbelievable cost!
Yes, we do. You can avail of our marketing services at an affordable price to ensure the success of your platform.

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