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Foundation Clone- A New Medium To Buy, Sell, And Trade Limited-Edition Goods

Web 3.0 is here, and the protagonist of this show is blockchain technology and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). NFTs have been widely acclaimed by art collectors and artists for their non-fungible nature. To put it in simple words, NFTs are unique digital assets minted to a blockchain. They represent the ownership of unique items. It can be digital art, collectible, virtual land, an event ticket, or anything unique that cannot be interchanged or divided. Also, In any case, the proof of ownership cannot be modified. Now, you probably got the idea why the digital world calls it the “NFT mania.”

Foundation clone is an NFT marketplace where users or collectors stop by to buy, sell or trade NFTs. An artist or a creator can list their artwork on the marketplace for sale. They can either opt for a fixed-price sale or go for an auction. The collectors can place their bids on the assets, and the highest bidder at the end of the auction sale gets to own the digital collectible. The best part here is that the creators get a royalty percent from the sale on perpetuity.

With the NFT market ballooning, it will be a wise choice to develop and launch an NFT trading platform like Foundation now. Connect with our NFT experts right away!

Key Features Of Our Foundation Clone

Captivating StoreFront

Create a storefront that doesn’t simply list myriads of artworks created by artists but is also equally attractive and spellbinding in nature.

Advanced Search Filters

Make the process of searching for an artwork facile by encrypting advanced search filter options. The users can apply those filters and land on the exact type of artwork they want to buy.


This feature helps artists turn their digital artwork into non-fungible tokens by storing them on a digital ledger.

Asset Categorization

Categorize all the different kinds of digital works minted on your platform. This makes it more convenient for the users to surf through countless NFT arts.

Multi-Wallet Integration

Fabricate your NFT platform in a way that it supports multiple digital wallets like MetaMask, MyEtherWallet, TrustWallet, CoinBase Wallet, etc.

Creator Profile

Provide a spotlight for the creators in your platform by listing their profiles along with their creations. Also, allow users to follow creators to get notified of their new releases.

Why Choose INORU For Foundation Clone Development?

  • Multi-Chain PlatformIt is a well-known fact that building an NFT platform on a multi-chain enhances the speed of transactions and also lowers the gas fees. INORU can help you with multi-chain NFT platform development.

  • NFT ExpertiseWe have created a team that has spent a lot of time studying and working on diverse NFT projects. This experience has turned them into NFT experts. Get in touch with them and gather insights for your project.

  • Post-Launch SupportAt INORU, we tend to provide support to our clients even after the successful launch of their product. You will never have to worry about being stranded with queries with no one to ask for.

  • Stringent Testing We make sure your NFT marketplace is free of bugs and will bestow your users a never-seen-before experience. And for that, we run hundreds of tests on every stage of the NFT marketplace development process.

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