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Etrix MLM Clone Script Development

The Etrix MLM clone is a cutting-edge solution for the modern day MLM business looking to take the big leap in their business journey. With an intuitively designed front end and a feature filled back end combined with our expertise and knowledge built over the years, you’ll be ensured of the success that’s been avoiding you so far.

Sounds good, doesn’t it? Take the leap with our Etrix MLM clone app. Get in touch with our experts for an unbelievable product at an unbelievable price.

What is the Etrix Smart Contract MLM Clone Script?

The Etrix clone script is an all-in-one MLM clone script that offers users a leg up over the tough competition they face in the industry. Built by experts with an in-depth knowledge of the business space and aided by the latest technology in the market, this completely customizable software solution is a must have for any MLM business owner looking to bring success as part of the equation. Inspired by the, the clone script variant built by our experts boasts of all the functionality of the original while taking things even further with our own modifications and additions.

Different Structure Types of The Etrix Clone App Script

This innovative P2P MLM clone offers a diverse range of functionalities with its many different matrix structures.

Forced MatrixFollowing a binary tree structure, the forced matrix structure utilizes existing users to attract new users into the foray with a self-carried out registration process. Existing users are awarded their first level commission upon successful referrals.

Team MatrixLike the name indicates, the team matrix involves the joining of new members into the same team as the existing members. The team matrix can be activated by unlocking two successful referrals. Existing members are required to stay ahead of the new members for a guarantee on their commissions.

Hybrid MatrixThe Hybrid matrix is one which is an amalgamation of the two aforementioned matrices with some minor differences. The hybrid matrix is a great option for MLM businesses looking for variety and diversification.

Integrated Wallets on the Etrix Clone Script

There are two main wallets that we recommend for integration into the ecosystem.


perfect for PC and laptop users.

Trust Wallet

seamless functionality on smartphones.

Ready to launch your own Smart contract MLM like Etrix.Io? Shoot us a message and let’s get started!

Launch Ready MLM like With White-label Customization

At INORU, we understand that each business is unique in its own right. Although the overarching principles of MLM businesses are seemingly etched in stone and common throughout, the subtle nuances of each venture is what set it apart. At INORU, we are big believers in crafting solutions with the business owner in mind.

Our white-label Etrix Smart Contract offers you the ability to craft a tailor made software that delivers precisely what you are looking for. We will learn your requirements intimately and implement them in a highly streamlined and effective fashion to give you a Etrix clone app that is unlike any other in the market space.

Is launching an MLM business powered by the Etrix clone a good idea?

Multi-level marketing (MLML) businesses are one of the most sought after business ideas in the last decade. Although they have been around for years and years, in recent years, they have seen a remarkable boost in growth. This can only be explained by the increasing prevalence of application technology in every corner of our lives. Whether it be making a payment online or ordering food to one’s home, people use apps for everything. The MLM business is no different, with the options available in the market at the moment, people can readily become a part of MLM business like no other point in time.

This accessibility goes both ways. MLM business owners too, have the unprecedented opportunity to connect directly with potential users, market their app with ease and get new users onboard. For this very reason, MLMs have enjoyed great success over the last decade, even reaching upwards of $150 billion in revenue annually. But the growth doesn’t end there!

This field still holds an untapped potential that we can help you uncover. There has never been a better time to be an MLM business owner. Don’t wait any longer, the opportunity of a lifetime awaits you!

How does a Smart Contract based MLM like Etrix work?

The step by step workings of the Etrix clone is pretty straightforward. Let’s take a look!

Registration Process

New users on the Etrix clone sign-up with a referral code provided by existing members for a certain amount of Eth determined by the app owner. This is sent up the line to each member in the concerned matrix.

Logging In

Users can log in to the Etrix clone with the appropriate credentials. The smart contract embedded into the platform automatically verifies the user’s identity and does not require any manual intervention.



The way users earn money on the Etrix clone app platform is by referring other members to the business. The revenue stream will be unlocked after two successful referrals are made. The revenue generated is sent up the line to the appropriate users.


Once the user registers successfully with the platform, they are placed in the right position in the matrix by the smart contract. Further matrices can be unlocked by hitting the predetermined referral numbers.


The users can avail their commissions at any time using the integrated wallet. The revenue on the platform is generated based on successful referrals of new users at every level. Existing users can upgrade to the next level by bringing in more users into the platform under them.

Features of the Etrix MLM Clone Script

Integrated E-wallets

With the integrated e-wallets on the platform, users can seamlessly transact with digital and fiat currencies. The unique wallet address and the smart contract verification preserves the integrity of their fund transfers.

Crypto wallets

Likewise, there is a dedicated crypto wallet which enables users to store their cryptocurrencies like Ethereum on the platform with complete security and peace of mind.

Multi-payment Options

As a way to maximize the revenue generated on the platform, we have built the Etrix clone to seamlessly integrate numerous types of payment options. Let users pay any way that they choose to.

Easy payout

Getting paid on the Etrix clone app is a breeze. Users can withdraw the funds in their wallets in any currency type that they want with relative ease and simplicity.


As a globally focused brand, we enable our clients to transcend borders and work with people around the world. With numerous language options, you can take a truly global approach to your business.

Robust Immutability

All the data, funds any other critical information on the Etrix clone is completely immutable. Every transaction is set in stone and cannot be altered in any way.

Automation via Smart Contract

The integrated smart contract brings a world of convenience to both the users and the app owner. Cumbersome manual processes and oversight is completely removed.

High Usage Rate

With the ability to handle millions of users at a time, the admin never has to worry about crashes due to high usage or traffic.

Tamper proof Security

With a litany of security features built into the platform, the possibility of external threats like hacks, phishing, etc, are completely eliminated.

Seamless Platform Compatibility

No matter what the device of choice is - laptop, PC, tablet, smartphone - the Etrix clone offers seamless compatibility. Users can login and transact from anywhere and at any time.

Advantages Provided By Our Clone Script

Want to know why our Etrix clone is the preferred one among users and business owners alike?

  • 100% Customizable
  • Extremely Affordable
  • Numerous matrix structures
  • Complete decentralization.
  • Automation enabled by smart contract
  • Third party API integrations.
  • Completely Immutable
  • Multi-tiered security features
Get in touch with us to find out why we are the #1 Etrix clone app script developer in the market!

Why Choose INORU for your Smart Contract based MLM Clone app development?


We have over 14+ years of experience as a leading name in the industry.

End-to-End development

We do everything completely in-house. No third party involvement.

Affordable pricing

Get world quality services at a fraction of the price.

Dedicated Team

Our team works around the clock to ensure a high level of quality.

Timely Development

We never miss a deadline. Get the product delivered in the stipulated time, every time.


Get a product built specifically with you and your business in mind.

Our Etrix Clone App Development Process

  • Requirement Analysis

    As part of our consultation meeting, we will identify the demand of the consumers. We collect every information necessary for a successful process of development.

  • Planning To Perfection

    We carefully prepare every stage of the project to ensure that the production is rolled out in the most successful ways imaginable.

  • Developing The Front and Back end

    A very critical phase that includes equipping the software with extremely appealing front-end design features and elegant, stable back-end features. To provide just what you are searching for, our design and engineering team will work in collaboration with you.

  • Quality Assurance

    We test the product time and time again before even thinking about launching it. You will get a product that meets the highest standards imaginable.

  • Result-driven Launch

    The most important step. Our team will launch the app in the appropriate platforms following a carefully designed roll out plan.


The Etrix MLM clone is a white-label MLM business platform that allows you to seamlessly carry out your business needs with complete efficiency.

Very much so. We offer 100% customization for the Etrix clone app.

Yes it is! The MLM industry is set to grow by leaps and bounds in the upcoming years. Launching a cutting edge digital solution like this can be the most prudent move you can make for your business.

Yes you can. The Etrix clone app is completely scalable, meaning you can modify and upgrade it any time in the future.

Just launching a software solution like the Etrix MLM clone can do wonders for your business prospects. On top of which, our marketing activities can really give you the edge over your competition. Get in touch with us to find out how the right marketing tactics can make the difference for your organization.

The exact pricing of the Etrix app clone or any product for the matter can only be decided based on the project’s requirements. Get in touch with our team to get a quote based on your requirements.

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