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Launch An NBA Top Shot Like Sports NFT Marketplace

The craze of adding digital assets to personal collections like any real-world asset has taken over the minds of collectors. Sports being a source of entertainment that has a vast fanbase spread across the world is one potential sector that can contribute a huge revenue and collections. Wondering how and what? NBA Top Shot is a sports NFT marketplace in which best moments from the history of the NBA league are listed as non-fungible tokens for the fans to collect. In addition to this, there are also other collectibles like digital player cards and more.

Our NBA Top Shot Clone is your solution to launch an NFT trading platform for sports. It can be any sport: cricket, football, kabaddi, hockey, etc. Create an ecosystem for sports fans and NFT enthusiasts to buy, sell, and trade their favorite sports collectibles. Get in touch with us now and start crafting a unique NFT marketplace like NBA Top Shot Clone.

Key Features Of NBA Top Shot Clone

Store Front

Welcome your users with amazing goosebumps moments from different sports and leagues listed as NFTs.

Advanced Search Filter

Let the sports enthusiasts navigate through your platform effortlessly to the exact type of collectibles they are looking for by applying the right filters.


Organize your sports collectible NFT marketplace by categorizing the different types of collectibles. Let’s say player cards, moments, player jerseys, etc.

Digital Wallet Integration

Provide your users with various options when it comes to integrating their crypto wallet, so they don’t have to create a new wallet just for your platform.


The owners of collectibles can list their digital assets for auction. The interested collectors can place their bid, and the highest bidder at the end of the auction gets to own the digital item.


Drop a new collection of NFTs every now and then. Ensure to keep your users intrigued about the upcoming drops.

Benefits Of NBA Top Shot Clone

Stable Revenue Stream
Marketplaces such as NBA Top Shot will provide a stable revenue stream due to their magnanimous audience traffic and their might to buy NFTs. The NFT creation charges and gas fees alone will fetch you substantial revenue from your market. If not enough, you can also cash on promotions and ads.
Distinguished sports collectibles
The uniqueness of an NFT determines its value. The sports video clips and collectibles offered in our NBA Top Shot Clone will be quite unique to the eye of the beholder. Crypto collectors look for the profitability factor of an asset that generates intrinsic value.
New and improved investment opportunities
The world of blockchain technology combined with games has brought on new digital investment opportunities. The uniqueness brought on by these game collectibles, AKA NFTs, has made them a far superior digital asset when compared to the other crypto assets.
Inborn Asset Value
The scarcity and demand for the NFTs sold in our Marketplace will generate intrinsic value. These NFTs will get purchased for a huge sum of money.
NFTs are trending all over the world with no border or language restrictions. Due to the flamboyant nature of these NFTs, they become viral easily, and this promotes new business opportunities and provides visibility to the creator’s business.
Immediate Liquidity
NFTs can be exchanged immediately for fiat currency. The amount of the fiat currency will depend on the market trends and asset value. This grants immediate liquidity to the owners of our Marketplace’s NFTs.

Assets That Can Be Traded In Your NBA Top Shot Clone

  • Trading Cards
    Trading cards generate traffic for all NFT Marketplaces. Our Marketplace will rig out Trading Cards of famous NBA players. These cards usually hold an intrinsic value that can be traded up for a huge margin. Pride comes to those owning these trading cards, and the more reputable the player on the card, the harder it is to buy or find.
  • Accessories
    Game Accessories possess huge market value. Just ask any video gamer about his game accessories. They take pride in owning the most exquisite ones. These accessories have a trendsetting nature, and the latest usually fetches the highest price.
  • Memorabilia
    Sports collectibles or memorabilia such as trophies, awards, sports equipment, and autographs of exclusive players that, when turned into NFTs, fetch a larger sum as they are in demand and rare commodities.
  • Video Clips
    Minting exclusive sports videos into NFTs attracts a large amount of audience to our NBA Top Shot Clone as collectors would love to collect these videos of their beloved players. These video clips come with high value and a huge reputation.

Workflow Chart to develop an NFT Marketplace like NBA Top Shot

Figure it out!

It is important to conduct market research on how your Marketplace will survive in the crypto industry. Pick sports that do not already have a huge marketplace. Do not go for the major sports out there, such as Soccer, Cricket, or Hockey. Tap into the fanbase of the other sports as well.


Connect with our team of experts to air out your queries and start the NBA Top Shot like NFT platform development process. Our team will put together the perfect roadmap to lead your endeavor into a major successful platform for NFT trading.


We first get to know your requirements and preferences. We then will create an NFT Marketplace like NBA Top Shot that is bound to stand out from your competitors and excel far beyond your expectations.


We have an army of experts who will weaponize your platform with the latest technology and superpowers that blockchain technology has enabled so far.


Our team will run countless tests to enable the smooth functioning of your platform. We will ensure that your Marketplace is flawless. Glitches and bugs can drive away users.

Marketing Services

We will not abandon you once the launch is over. We also offer NFT Marketplace Marketing Services, which will bring visibility and popularity to your venture. We provide you in the best possible way with our marketing services such as Discord Marketing, Influencer Marketing, promotion through blogs and videos, paids ads, etc.

Why Choose INORU For Your Sports Collectibles Marketplace?

  • INORU is a team passionate about everything that spells blockchain and NFTs.We have been working and studying this space in a holistic way. Our experience in building NFT and blockchain projects and our extensive knowledge is one solid reason why you should join hands with us. In addition to this, we also have some more reasons under our sleeves.

    • Non-disclosure agreement

    • Prolonged support

    • On-time delivery

    • Quicker to market

    • NFT expert consultation

    • 100% customization

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