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Launch A Community First IDO Platform Like Solstarter

Initial DEX Offering is a decentralized fundraising method by which emerging crypto projects raise the capital required to take off their business by selling their utility tokens. It is a matured version of the previous fundraising methods in the crypto world. An IDO enables investors to trust projects as each and every project is vetted and verified thoroughly before their tokens are listed for sale. Also, their decentralized nature allows new businesses to get listed easily without too much hassle. An IDO launchpad is the platform on which these fundraising campaigns run. Solstarter clone is an IDO launchpad built on the Solana blockchain network, the fastest blockchain network as of today. Develop a Solstarter clone with us and be the host to countless emerging decentralized projects. Connect with our team of blockchain experts and learn more about IDO, IDO launchpads, Solstarter clone, why you should choose Solana blockchain, and more. Call us now!

Salient Features Of Our Solstarter Clone

Intense Vetting Process

Aim to bring high-quality projects out in the spotlight by undergoing intense vetting and verification processes.

Lottery System

A simple and fair system where users who win the lottery get an equally divided allocation of tokens to buy like all.

Detailed List Of Projects

Provide the users with a detailed report on the projects listed on your platform. This helps them with the decision-making process.


Equip your IDO token launchpad with multiple wallet integration features so that all your users have a good experience with transactions.

Cross-Chain Swap

Solstarter clone is built with a cross-chain swapping feature that enables the users to trade across different blockchains.

Liquidity Programs

Aggrandize the liquidity of your IDO launchpad by encouraging new users to contribute to the liquidity pool by rewarding them for their participation.

Why Choose INORU For Solstarter Clone Development?

Technical Advice

We have a team of blockchain experts who are happy to share their knowledge on IDO and other blockchain-related queries with you.

Post-Launch Support

We offer you support not just during the development process but also after the launch of your platform. Keep your worries away; we are here to help.

Multi-Chain Compatibility

Although the Solstarter clone is built on the Solana blockchain, if your business requires any other blockchain, we will be more than happy to help with it.

Meticulous Testing

Our testing team runs a stringent testing process to ensure the IDO platform we built is free of bugs and is ready for your users.

Complete Customization

Our Solstarter clone can be customized in and out as per your business requirements. You ask for it, and we will build it for you the way you want.

Quicker To Market

Solstarter clone is a ready-made solution that means all you need is to add some tweaks as per your vision, and boom, you are in the market.

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