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White Label Crypto Wallet - What is it all about?

The crypto realm has seen a surge in early 2023, which is a good sign of enhancement to the business associated with it. Impeccable opportunities are the backbone of this realm, making each desired entrepreneur quench their thirst for an intriguing entrepreneurial vertical. Crypto wallets are one such solution that is meant to store cryptocurrencies safely. Since cryptos are the magnum in the near future, developing the crypto wallet that becomes inevitable for the business has more consideration.

To those who desire, we at INORU present you with customizable white-label crypto wallet development. Tailored to your needs, this solution paves an encrypted route for storage and transactions with multi-coin and currency support. Make your developed solution hit on various enterprises, doing more for growing web3 demand.

Ideal Features That Comes With Our White-Label Crypto Wallet

Intriguing features in our white-label crypto wallet make it the most sought-after for diverse use cases.

Extensive Coins Have Space Here
The white-label crypto wallet solution we develop is compatible with a wide range of cryptocurrencies, making the solution universal. Users with diverse coins can utilize the solution for better usage.
Multiple Payment Gateways
While we say the solution is universal, we make sure to integrate multiple payment methods, including credit/debit cards and other possible methods. This actively increases the user base for the white-label crypto wallet.
Encrypted Security
Our white-label crypto wallet solution is integrated with top-layer security that ensures the enclosed workflow of the wallet without the fear of losing any assets or coins from the solution.
Multiple Device Compatibility
Our crypto wallet solution is designed and developed to be compatible with various mediums, sufficing the needs of every business perspective. We develop web wallets, mobile wallets, and desktop wallets, and this is according to business requirements.
Intriguing UI/UX
We at INORU make sure to develop the solution hassle-free and intriguing simultaneously. The white-label crypto wallets from us are integrated with a comforting user interface that generates a high-end user experience for diverse communities.
Admin Dashboard
Ideal crypto wallets from us have an admin dashboard that is centralized and maintained by the user to check the workflow of their wallets.
Automatic Conversion Rates
This automatic conversion rate integration to the wallet eases the user experience by providing the detail of the crypto’s equivalent value in fiat currencies.

Uncompromised Security Features With Our White Label Crypto Wallet

Our white-label crypto wallet solutions have significant security features that guard the solution against unexpected threats.

Two-factor Authentication

Our wallet solution demands 2F authentication at the entry point, ensuring the elimination of any unauthorized entries to the solution.

Multiple Signature

To make privacy superficial in the wallet solution, we integrate multiple signature options where the users have to sign in multiple times apart from giving their private keys.

Automatic Session Logout

If the user is idle for more than the specified time, the wallet solution pulls them and logouts automatically. This saves the solution from unnecessary user invasion.

PIN Protection

To keep the wallet even more secure, we implement the password/ PIN options. The user can either create their own PIN or can fix the same private keys as the PIN of the wallet.

Discover the Benefits of Choosing a White Label Cryptocurrency Wallet

Our white-label crypto wallet reveals astonishing benefits that make the solution most reliable and credible at the same time.

Security First Users with the white-label crypto wallet can have an enclosed experience as the solution offers encrypted security. Assets and coins stored in the wallet are secured from being stolen or hacked.

Seamless Usage The crypto wallet user interface is developed to be very simple. This facilitates amateur crypto enthusiasts to have an easy user experience in the crypto wallet.

Crypto Stakings With a crypto wallet from INORU, users can stake their coins. This adds a passive revenue option for the masses.

Diverse Crypto Access Our white-label crypto wallet is developed to be compatible with multiple cryptocurrencies. Thus the user communities can access various cryptos across the market and store them in the wallet.

Faster TransactionOur crypto wallet offers instant transactions from one wallet to another. The speed remains the same for both cryptos and NFTs.

Lesser Transaction FeesEven though the solution delivers instant transaction options, it demands lesser transaction fees from the users. This eventually results in more users choosing the white-label crypto wallet.

Our Extensive White label Cryptocurrency wallet Development Process

Comprehensive Analysis

Before developing your white label crypto wallet, we conduct extensive research and analyze the market. This enhances our understanding of your project’s role in the booming web3 market.

Initiate the strategy

Upon analysis, we initiate the plans to develop your credible wallet solution. The plans and strategies we frame assist us with crafting a prototype of your white-label crypto wallet.

White-label crypto wallet development

Our adept professionals integrate an impressive user interface into the prototype, yielding an impeccable crypto wallet solution.

Testing and Debugging

Once we develop the ideal crypto wallet, the testing team runs the solution for multiple test runs to detect any bugs and malfunctions. Eliminates all of them to reveal an astonishing solution.

Crypto Wallet Launch

The last step is where we deploy the ideal crypto wallet solution in the market after consecutive test runs. Now, the solution is ready to use and enhance various businesses.

Platform Support

Blockchain Support


A white-label crypto wallet is a storage solution developed from pre-engineered solutions that saves time and cost on development from scratch.

A crypto wallet is meant to store and transact the users' assets and coins. With private and public keys, the wallet functions in the storage and transactions of vital crypto coins.

Yes, it is. Our crypto wallet from us is developed to suit the trade and storage of various prevailing and future cryptocurrencies that make the solution reliable to everyone.

Since we develop the crypto wallet with white-label solutions, it does not take much time in contrast to scratch-to-solution development.

Of course, yes! Crypto wallets have more capabilities than primitive transaction methods. Since the web3 realm is moving further, developing the associated solution can do more for entrepreneurs.

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