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Metamask Clone
Dynamic Diversion To Adapt Web3-Based Transactions

The global business market is slowly moving towards complete digitalization, wherein multiple new-age business types are creating reliable revenue streams. To be specific, blockchain-based business models are claiming supremacy in recent times. One such element in the blockchain realm is cryptocurrency. This dynamic business model has scaled enormous heights with multiple revenue opportunities.

While many components make sure for a better business venue, with cryptocurrencies, the wallet holds prominence. These crypto wallets provide an encrypted space to store and save the assets for the users, making it an elite storage platform along with other uses. Crypto wallets ensure credible and reliable transactions accounted for with top-end security. INORU, the ideal crypto wallet development company, put forth the development of MetaMask clone, the dynamic crypto wallet filled in with feasible features. Connect with INORU and have a hands-on exponential crypto wallet like MetaMask.

MetaMask like wallet

When we speak about cryptocurrency wallets, many individuals describe their eminence in delivering impressive transaction nuances. In contrast, a specific wallet has been showing gradual growth since its inception by providing options to send, store and receive cryptocurrencies within secured boundaries. MetaMask is the ideal crypto wallet we are speaking about. This eminent component has been consistently scaling numbers like 21 million active users, which is comparatively higher compared to 2019.

MetaMask Clone, the ideal wallet that resembles MetaMask in all its nuances, brings incredible transaction options to the users. This pre-engineered solution drives less time and thereby saves the cost to make it affordable for many.

The transaction features highlight the reason to hold this wallet when an individual enters the crypto business. INORU is aware of the instinct, and we propose an ideal opportunity for you to own the crypto wallet. Our experienced and well-versed developers put forth the development of a MetaMask-like wallet that adds value to multiple entrepreneurs' crypto desires. If you are one among them, you are at the right place; connect with INORU sooner.

Eminent features of MetaMask Clone

MetaMask clone, the moral crypto wallet, exhibits a dynamic feature that brings feasibility with each transaction.

Cross-chain Compatibility

Our MetaMask clone design is compatible with diverse blockchain, making way to compensate for your desires. Thus it can work on certain leading blockchains wherein it yields multiple benefits according to the base blockchain.

Multi-crypto Compatibility

MetaMask clone is developed with a note to allow multiple coin transactions without hindering any specific domain. This solution enables various coin standards and other emerging cryptocurrencies.

Multi-factor Authentication

Our solution has critical eyes on security; thereby, the MetaMask clone renders multi-factor authentication along with KYC verification for users to avoid phishing attacks on the wallets or any loss.

Wallet Backup

One important feature of the MetaMask clone that highlights the importance of owning this wallet is the backup feature which paves the way for users to back up wallet data in case of hacking or internal theft.

dApp Compatibility

MetaMask wallets support various Decentralized apps without any hindrances.

Cryptos supported by MetaMask like wallet

Our crypto wallet, like MetaMask, supports multiple currencies, which can pave the way for users to use their desirable currencies. To enlighten you, we list the cryptocurrencies that our MetaMask clone solution supports.





Badger DAO





A highly sophisticated MetaMask wallet can be yours! Connect with us now!

Comprehensive Steps of MetaMask Clone Development

  • 01
    Concept Concentration

    MetaMask clone can be designed as a website and an application, so it is highly recommended to add importance to the concept. Before initiating the program and development, it is necessary to create the concept and add value to it so that it replaces the thoughts and gathers them to reach out to the MetaMask clone.

  • 02
    Architecture Development

    Architecture denotes the structure of the wallet. After deciding on the concept, this architecture development enhances the better understanding of the wallet development that includes all the interfaces and components of the wallet, like MetaMask.

  • 03
    UX/UI Development

    One platform can be called intriguing and proactive when it renders feasible user experience to wider audiences. MetaMask wallet development is well-versed in this element; our eminent developers and designers frame intriguing user interface prototypes. These prototypes are based on the project’s niche and analytics. Thereby developers frame low and high-fidelity prototypes to propose the ideology of the development.

    Low-fidelity prototypes reveal the tabs and other properties of the wallet, after which our developers initiate the high-fidelity prototypes. When all this comes to an end, the target audience or the customers can find animations and feasible features in the wallet without the wallet functionality.

  • 04
    Code Framing

    One essential step that completes the MetaMask clone development is code development. With the designed prototypes, our developers start writing the code that determines the platform's actions. These codes are framed based on the platform principle and complete analysis. Our eminent developers show expertise in writing the code with cutting-edge technologies, which makes the process easier and much more compatible.

  • 05

    After all the above-mentioned steps, it is essential to test various wallet nodes, including wallet functionality, smart contracts role, transaction speed, usage, etc. Product testing helps detect bugs with the wallet and clears them before release. Q/A team is responsible for this step, wherein our testing department covers the whole structure and proposes a bug-free MetaMask clone.

  • 06

    With rigorous and multiple testing, our development team put forth the MetaMask clone for launch and proposed the ideal development according to your desires as a website or an application. Your MetaMask clone application can be downloaded from the Google play store and App store.

  • 07

    This step denotes the post-launch support where we build service assistance that can tackle any disputes with platform workings and infuses any nodes in the future.

Elite functions of our MetaMask-like Wallet

One domain can be used on a diverse gateway according to the user perspective; with that in mind, our development team has infused eminent functionalities to the MetaMask clone, making it way better.

Buy Tokens

One of the essential functions of our MetaMask like wallet is the simplified buying option. Users can make it simpler using their debit card or apple pay. Users can send their MetaMask wallet id as the QR card to the depositor to receive the amount. Our MetaMask-like wallet is compatible with transactions with ERC20, ERC721, and other tokens.

Swapping Tokens

To be specific, a MetaMask-like wallet allows around 500,000 ERC tokens, some of which are familiar, and the rest of the token’s information must be uploaded. Our MetaMask clone enables the users to swap their tokens. MetaMask clone avoids the price fluctuations of the tokens while swapping, making it legit and stable for the users.

Store Tokens

Our MetaMask clone is an ultra model that allows the users to store the tokens belonging to leading blockchain technologies. Despite the domain, this MetaMask-like wallet can fit into the platform, be it a play-to-earn NFT game, NFT marketplace, or any other blockchain-oriented platform. Our MetaMask clone prevails to be the best solution to save the in-app tokens and thereby pave the way for saving money.

Transfer Tokens

The simplest aspect of the MetaMask wallet highlights user-friendliness in this development. Users can transfer the tokens with simple steps, filling in the recipient wallet address and selecting the tokens. This eventually results in encrypted token transfers.

Do you desire to own a function-rich crypto wallet? Connect with us!

Benefits Of MetaMask Like Wallet Development

Our eminent development team drives the MetaMask clone development with amazing benefits that can intrigue many to use this wallet for their crypto businesses.

By concentrating on making things easy for the users, Metmask-like wallets can be downloaded and installed.

Users can get access to multiple decentralized apps with plugins.

Trading and coin exchange are made easy.

Famous, and all the available cryptocurrencies are listed as per price.

Secured funds storage is given more importance.

The availability of private and public keys enhances the users to have a better and more secure transaction experience.

Since it is decentralized, monitoring the transactions is eliminated, and thereby it renders top-end security with transactions and wallet actions.

Why Choose INORU For Metamask Wallet Clone Development

Extensive knowledge and experience yield betterment with the process; with that in mind and delivering with action, INORU proclaims to be the best crypto wallet development company. The top-end development team understands the project niche and proposes ideal development into action. Additionally, blockchain knowledge adds benefits while developing a crypto wallet like MetaMask. Whether a website or an application, our developers furnish and yield a credible development.

Technology Stack

Blockchain Network

Front-end Frameworks

NFT Standards


While there are two ways to develop the MetaMask-like wallet, opting for the white-lable solutions would be an ideal route as it involves lesser time and cost.

MetaMask-like wallets can be developed with white-label solutions, whereas the development time depends on the technical enhancements and customizations preferred for the development.

MetaMask clone supports multi-currency to accommodate more users and enhance multiple businesses.

The cost of development of the MetaMask clone is flexible, whereas it varies according to the additional features and enhancements you need to make with the wallet.

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