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Evolve As The Most Successful Giant In The NFT Industry
By Launching CryptoPunks Clone

NFTs are hitting the digital market, stirring the interest among people. CryptoPunks is one such primitive NFT project that has set the bar high, revolutionizing the digital collectible world. CryptoPunks are nothing but 24*24 pixel fun little creatures that are algorithmically generated and stored on the Ethereum blockchain.

Ever since the launch of CryptoPunks in 2017, the craze for the funky little creatures started spreading like wildfire. Slowly and then suddenly, the CryptoPunks platform rose to fame and started to see more than $3million in sales and attract hundreds of new collectors every day. The current market is emerging, catching the attention of NFT-fanatics to join the crypto race by launching a CryptoPunks Clone.

Are you one among those who are captivated by the eminence of virtual collectibles and want to explore what it has to offer? You’ve just got to the right place. Here we assist you in creating an NFT marketplace for efficient trading of the cute little punks and hit a lick in no time.

What Is A CryptoPunks Clone?

CryptoPunks clone is an exact replica of an NFT marketplace like CryptoPunks on Ethereum or any other blockchain. It provides space for portraying an extensive range of creative digital heads, alluring the interests of crypto fans to make profits by buying or selling them on the platform. Besides, our CryptoPunks clone is entirely customizable and can be personalized to give utmost convenience for users in trading of pixelated arts like CryptoPunks.

How To Create NFT Digital Collectibles Like CryptoPunks?

NFT digital collectibles can be created by following a few simple steps given below.

  • CryptoPunks like digital arts can be designed using a suitable image editor app with 24*24 or 32*32 canvas.
  • Users can select between the types, such as male, female, etc., and design them by adding accessories to make each of their digital art more unique.
  • After completing the image, it can be exported as PNG and installed with the desired programming language.

Looking To Get Into The Creative Arena Of CryptoPunks? Do It In A Flash By Connecting With Our NFT Pros Now!

Definitive Workflow Of CryptoPunks Clone

  • The pixelated digital assets like Punks are tokenized using the ERC-721 standard.
  • The hash image of the fictional digital art is backed up in the smart contract.
  • The authenticity of the Punks like animated character is verified using the command line, and the digital asset is listed on the NFT marketplace.
  • The creator of the pixelated digital art can choose to list the NFT for auction or sell it for a fixed price.
  • The highest bid in the auction wins the digital art. Followed by which the bid amount is then transferred to the creator wallet, and the ownership of the virtual asset goes to the highest bidder in the auction.

Varied Classes Of CryptoPunks You Can Provide In Your Marketplace

Fundamentally, there are five different categories or classes, choosing which pixelated arts can be created.






Depending on the rarity and uniqueness of the digital arts, its value can be stated. It is to be noted that, lesser the number of animated arts released in a specific category, the more worth it holds.

The Lesser The Count Of The Pixelated Creation, The Scarcer They Are!

The original CryptoPunks platform has published the following number of digital heads that determine its worth.

  • 9 Alien Punks
  • 24 Ape Punks
  • 88 Zombie Punks
  • 6, 039 Male Punks
  • 3, 840 Female Punks
  • 696 Punks wear lipstick
  • 303 have muttonchops
  • 286 with 3-D glasses
  • 128 rosy-cheeked Punks
  • 94 Punks with pigtails
  • 78 Punks with buck teeth
  • 44 beanie-wearing punks

We offer endless services in creating and tokenizing animated arts as per the preferences thereby ensuring its uniqueness is retained

Distinguishable Traits Of CryptoPunks Clone

  • Characters can be customized or built from scratch
  • Exhibits complete transparency
  • Non-interchangeable transactions
  • Complete ownership
  • Rare and scarce collection of accessories
  • Authorized digital collectibles
  • Solidity capabilities
  • Native source code

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Have A Look At The Flamboyant Market Stats Of CryptoPunks!

CryptoPunks is one of the earliest NFTs that came into existence since its launch in 2017. It consists of 10,000 uniquely created CryptoPunks launched on the Ethereum blockchain. It is currently making rounds across the global ranking in the top position.

According to DappRadar, CryptoPunks have had top sales marking its hit with $1.095 billion.

CryptoPunk #8888 sold for 888.8 ether, and CryptoPunk #9373 sold for 499.99 ether is noted to be the highest sales.

This billion-dollar worth NFT CryptoPunks market is attracting a huge number of investors offering a wide space for entrepreneurs to explore and excel.

Steps Involved In Buying/Selling In An NFT Marketplace Like Cryptopunks

Essential Elements To Be Considered While Creating CryptoPunks Clone

Supply and demand

Make sure to maintain the demand-supply chain of the artworks. The lesser the number of collectibles, the more demand for it. Therefore, this ensures that the uniqueness and scarcity of the tokens are conserved.


It directly relates to the demand-supply factor. The rarer the digital art, thus there is more anticipation for owning it. So creating tokens in limited numbers increases the value of an asset.


Liquidity is one of the most substantive factors when it comes to investments. Using this, investors can easily turn their digital assets into cash.

Value Estimators

While building a digital collectible marketplace like CryptoPunks, it is an integral part of having a value estimator. These inbuilt value estimators give the estimated value of the assets outright for the investors.

Launch A Phenomenal NFT Marketplace For Pixelated Digital Arts Now With Us!

Impressive Features Of CryptoPunks Clone

Innumerable listing of items

Cut some slack for the creators by letting them list items in bundles instead of having the burden to list them one by one.

Smart search

Empower your users to rightly find the NFT they are searching for by integrating with the advanced search tab. It enables users to find their desirable digital art piece from the plethora of arts in the marketplace.

Store Display

Keep the users glued to your platform with an alluring storefront that exhibits varied pieces of art along with easy-to-use options like buy, sell, preview, etc.


IPFS stands for Interplanetary File System that enables storing data on a decentralized cloud system.

Varied token support

We build solutions that support multiple token standards that allow artists/creators to choose between different ERC tokens.

Wallet integration for seamless transaction

Imparting the wallet option facilitates the smooth flow of transactions. And our solution never fails to amaze you in that way.

Bidding Option

Let your users compete to win. Give them a chance by infusing the bidding option. However, the highest bid in the auction wins the digital art.

Buying/Selling options

Creators can also put their art in the marketplace for a fixed price. Anyone interested can make a swift purchase using the instant buying option.

Bidding History

All of the bids placed by the interested users are recorded on the blockchain network and display the list along with the art.

Multi-device compatibility

Bestows the convenience to the NFT traders to indulge in purchasing or selling of NFT digital assets from any device. Be it laptop or mobile; the users can enjoy seamless trading with anything.

Mortgage feature

NFT owners can now exchange the NFTs they own with money. The NFTs are locked in the smart contracts and are released once the NFT holder pays back.

Included Benefits of launching an NFT marketplace like CryptoPunks

Conserved Ownership rights

Authenticity of each of the NFTs is restored, ensuring each one is unique and immutable.

High ROI

With the craze for NFTs growing day by day, the market is ripe and highly stable to invest in the crypto space and yield high profits.


The creator of the digital art and collectibles retains their ownership and receives royalties successively.

Facile trading process

NFT marketplaces like CryptoPunks make the trading process simple and effortless for the users.

Enhanced transparency

As all the records of payments and transactions are recorded in the blockchain network, it is completely open to everyone showcasing a high level of transparency.

Gain Knowledge Of Our Agile Development Process

Requirement Analysis

Our team of NFT specialists understands your requirements and scrutinizes a plan by analyzing all the details you want to have in your NFT marketplace.

Market Study

Knowing the market conditions before developing the solution helps us come up with the most advanced solutions meeting the expectations of the target audience.

Preference of blockchain platform

When it comes to blockchain projects, it is a dire necessity to decide on which platform you want to build your solution.

Designing and development

Our well-versed team, with the aid of the latest tools and technologies, start to build the marketplace with utmost detailing.

Testing and Launch

Once crossing the development stage, the project undergoes a rigorous testing process before it is finally deployed on the blockchain network.

Partner With Our Dedicated Blockchain Team To Create A CryptoPunks Clone

We at INORU have tech strategists whose adept knowledge in blockchain technology has helped thousands of clients from diverse industries to benefit from our solution. We equip you with a cutting-edge solution that stands on par with industry standards. Read on to discover why we can be your ideal partner for CryptoPunks clone development.

Technically unmatchable solutions

Completely tried and tested error-free software

Dedicated support team to offer round the clock assistance

Years of experience

Broad subject knowledge

Affordable price range

White-label solutions

Technology Stack

Blockchain Network

Front-end Frameworks

NFT Standards


CryptoPunks are pixelated artwork that is tokenized as NFTs using ERC20 and ERC721 standards. The collection of all these tokens are stored on the Ethereum blockchain.

CryptoPunks is one of the most popular NFT arts that features a total sales volume of $39.04 million, with 894 CryptoPunks NFTs sold in the last 30 days. Therefore, this is the perfect time to capitalize on all the rage for CryptoPunks and earn soaring profits.

Our solution helps you launch a platform for buying and selling digital collectibles. But we also assist in developing your own digital collectibles like Cryptokitties, Bored Apes, CryptoPunks, etc.

The fact that CryptoPunks has got a lot of attention among investors in today’s world has raised its market standard. The main reason for this is the scarcity and rarity of these digital arts that have captured the media attention and celebrity endorsement.

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