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Build A virtual World Like Decentraland Now

Imagination has no limit, and so is creativity. But there are limits to things you can do in the real world. That’s where the need for a virtual world comes. Also, as a part of Web 3.0 and the NFT revolution comes the Metaverse. Decentraland is a metaverse where users can create avatars of their own, buy parcels of land, build structures on it, host events and parties in it, and literally create anything they want in the virtual space. Believe it or not, Metaverse is the future. Get into this three-dimensional world by creating one at the earliest.

Our Decentraland clone is a three-dimensional metaverse that is pre-built and ready for launch. Once you are aboard, you can shoot your ideas to our expert NFT team and personalize them as per your vision and ideas. Don’t wait too long; just give us a call and talk to our NFT experts to get insights about the metaverse, Decentraland clone, the future of these three-dimensional virtual worlds, and more.

Key Features Of Our Decentraland Clone


Like in real-world users need an avatar or a digital body to represent themselves and to explore the virtual world. They can personalize the looks of the avatar as per their interests. The avatar is an NFT.

Parcels Of Land

The virtual world is partitioned into blocks of land termed parcels. The users can buy these parcels of virtual land like in the real-world and erect structures on it. The LAND is a non-fungible token.


If a user buys two or more adjacent parcels of land, then they can mint it into an estate. To put it in simple words, a bigger piece of land. The ESTATE is a non-fungible token.

Native Token

A native token like MANA of Decentraland can be used as the primary token for transactions within the digital world.

Builder Tool

Enable the creatives in your virtual world to create scenes, artworks, challenges, social games, and applications too.


The players can not just explore the virtual world but also buy, sell, and trade their virtual lands, wearables, and other assets.

Why Choose INORU For Decentrland Clone Development?

  • INORU is a team of creatives, gaming freaks, techies, and blockchain nerds. Everyone's an expert in their domain and has countless established projects to their name. Do you want anything more than expertise and experience? We have many more on our list.

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