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What Is Zed Run Clone?

Zed Run clone is an NFT gaming platform that is embedded with the essential features and functions of an OG horse racing game powered by blockchain technology. In this NFT based virtual horse racing platform, every horse is a collectible. The players can breed, buy & sell the digital racehorses, and make them participate in the race.

So now, creating an NFT game like Zed Run is made easy and affordable with our Zed Run clone. Our solution helps you launch a virtual platform with web-based graphics in accord with your specifications, for a fresh gaming experience.

Zed Run Clone App

A broad view of the NFT based Digital horse racing game like Zed Run

For centuries there has been this craze for horse race betting among people. With many business models taking advantage of the surplus benefits of NFTs, the gaming industry is one among them that expands the popularity of NFT to manifolds. The existing enthusiast of horse racing assorted with the NFT gaming trend has attracted the fascination for an app like Zed Run.

There are many business entities that are shifting their focus towards investing in NFT game development. The most popular games, such as Cryptokittens, Gods Unchained, Decentraland, etc., have utilized the NFT ecosystem to its advantage. In the same way, for a digital horse race game development, the Zed Run clone turns out to be the perfect candidate for a business model.

Are you interested in developing your own marketplace like Zed Run? Well, we assume that’s what would have brought you up here. As a leading NFT development company, we provide you assistance in every possible way to create NFT gaming platform like Zed Run as per your business needs and requirements.

Why Zed Run Clone App?

A long run platform

List of nearly 38000 Genesis Horses

888 horses open for sale

Bundle of rewards

Compilation of Genesis horses into 4 categories

Overview Of The Working Of Zed Run Clone

The Working of Zed Run Clone

The Zed Run clone platform allows breeding, buying, and selling of digital racehorses. These horses are referred to as “breathing NFTs,” which means they have their own DNA and can procreate. Each of the digital horses is distinctive and has varied performance levels, just like the ones in the real world.

Totally there are five breeds such as Genesis, Exclusive, Pacer, Cross, and Legendary. Of all these, Genesis is the first generation horse with 38,000 releases grouped from Z1 to Z10.

In this NFT game, the horses come from four different bloodlines such as Nakamoto, Sazbo, Finny, and Buterin. A new combination of horses can be produced by breeding these bloodlines. Through breeding, the value and performance level of horses can be increased. The breeding process also increases the authenticity of ownership.

Components of Zed Run clone App


The NFT marketplace provides space to display collectibles and assets for in-app purchases.


Breeding leads to the creation of new horses from the original existing horses. Through breeding, the performance level of horses can be improved to win the horse race.


The horses created by breeding are made to participate in the race with other horses. All the data regarding the race and the horse are stored in the racing component.


Attribute feature covers all the details about the availability and rarity of horses, bloodline scarcity, etc.

Race Updates

It provides information on all the upcoming events, including horse races.

Build your Own NFT Marketplace Like Zed Run

We at Inoru aim at building an NFT game marketplace in accordance with blockchain and development protocols. We are involved in the development of marketplaces that suit the business model’s requirements of the clients.

White-label Zed Run Clone

White-label Zed Run Clone

Our white-label solutions contain all the similar features and benefits of the original Zed Run NFT game. Using our market-ready solution, you can deploy the NFT based Zed Run game into the Crypto space immediately.

Zed Run NFT Clone

Zed Run NFT Clone

Using our Zed Run clone App, you can launch your Zed Run clone based on your specifications with much ease.

Privileges Of Zed Run Clone

Fetches plenty of rewards on return

Ideal pass-time mode

Well-structured in-game components

38,000 Genesis horse listings

1000 simulations before the race

Attractive rewards offered to top spot holders

Nearly 888 horses are put for sale in the market

Enables odd creation before the commencement of games

A long run platform

Launch NFT Games Like Zed Run

Do You Desire To Be The Leading Champ In The NFT Gaming Marketplace? Seek Our Development Company To Launch NFT Games Like Zed Run In No Time!

What Is Zed Run Clone Wallet?

Zed Run clone wallet is used on racing events to buy and breed Zed Run racehorses without gas or transaction fees. It uses wallets like Metamask, email wallet, etc.

In order to enter the free or paid race events, you can transfer funds from the ETH balance into the ZED balance. The ETH balance is directly synced with Metamask or email wallet.

Likewise, to withdraw funds from Zed balance, you can select the withdraw option and enter the amount to be withdrawn. The corresponding ETH value is credited into the Metamask wallet.

Zed Run Clone Wallet

What wallet do you need for Zed run?

The Zed Run wallet is a gateway through which funds are transferred from ETH balance to Zed balance. It uses wallets such as,

Metamask Wallet

Metamask wallet is integrated with the web browser that functions using blockchain. This digital wallet can be used to create Zed Run stable.

Email Wallet

If the Metamask wallet is not installed in the web browser, Zed Run Stable can be directly created using the email address, which acts as a digital wallet.

How to Develop a Zed Run like Marketplace?

Build an NFT game like Zed Run by partnering with our team, who has developed many successful projects on different Blockchain networks. As the craze for NFT games is growing higher and higher, it's a good time to get your hands on creating an app like Zed Run. You can create NFT games like Zed Run in any of the following ways:

Start from scratch

You can build an NFT gaming platform right from the ground. It requires a lot of effort and time to develop an end-to-end NFT gaming service if you start from scratch.

White-label Zed Run Clone App

On the other hand, you can make use of our white-label App that we can customize as per your needs. While retaining the original features of Zed Run, your Zed Run clone can also include features and specifications that you expect to have.

Develop a Zed Run Like Marketplace

Our Digital Horse Racing Game Development Process


We pay keen attention to the details and requirements of clients. All of the suggestions are taken into account before designing the app. The collection of these ideas is what makes the Zed Run clone different from the original.


We create your product with a striking design and ultra-fine interface such that it blends well with the current market trends.


Then comes the developer team who are well proficient in handling the latest tools. They work meticulously to deliver the back-end structure with utmost precision.

Testing and Deployment

After running through rigorous testing and inspection for errors, the application becomes good to go on all app platforms.

Why choose us?

We are a prominent NFT marketplace development company that has proficient developers in handling blockchain and NFTs. Our dedicated team keeps track of ongoing market trends, which helps us build products that exhibit par excellence and stand advanced in the market.

Some of the highlighting benefits of our solution include,

Pre-tested deployment Products

Our Zed Run clone is structurally deployed in the market only after passing sequential tests. It is to ensure the smooth performance of the product.

Market Compliant Solutions

Our motive is to create an NFT game like Zed Run that complies with all the market requirements.


We offer completely customizable products that always hold room for new ideas and innovations. Convey your requirements, and we make it all set for you.

Technology Stack

Blockchain Network

Front-end Frameworks

NFT Standards


Yes! Zed Run wallet smoothens the transaction process, thereby eliminating the transaction costs associated with racing.

It is entirely secure as Zed Run uses smart contracts that store all the racehorse details such as gender, genotype, race statistics, etc. And it is tracked via the use of Ethereum blockchain and ZT ERC 721. All the Zed Run racehorses are tokens that live within the blockchain and can be sold and bought digitally, with a guarantee of ownership.

Just like real-world horses, two racehorses breed virtually and produce offspring. And that process is called breeding. The gender of the offspring generated will be random.

If you own a male horse, you can determine the breeding price you want to charge. However, Zed Run suggests a minimum price value to guide you in setting the breeding fee.

Our support team is at your disposal to brief you on the details of the development through a phone call. You can also Schedule A Meeting through Whatsapp or live chat with us. For further details, do check our website.
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