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Be The Torchbearer Of The Stunning NFT Gaming Ideas And Ride Them High

Gaming always offers an interactive form of entertainment, never making the gamers feel short of fun and excitement. To further aggravate the adventure, the technology has brought onboard gaming into the NFT space for engrossing the gaming fans alongside filling their pockets. Let's statistically observe how far it is performing successfully.

The new type of gaming associated with NFTs creeping into the digital space is faring well, with a market value of $2.32 billion in the third quarter of 2021. And the number of wallet users related to gaming activity increased by over 2453%, adding fuel to the soaring trend. All these noteworthy numbers necessitate the need for the IGO launchpad platform for funding the gaming projects to join the bandwagon of popular NFT games.

Henceforth, be the key player of the NFT gaming space by ensuring the capital flow for gaming ideas and creativity. Get the ball rolling by contacting our adepts for IGO launchpad services.

What Is Initial Game Offering (IGO)?

Initial Game Offering is a tokenized asset of the top-tiered gaming projects. Investors can buy, sell or trade IGOs, and that earns funding for the NFT gaming project to advance its potential to greater heights. IGOs offer an exclusive means for exposing game-based ideas, drawing the attention of investors and parallelly investments too.

IGO Launchpad Solution

Hook Up With Us For IGO Launchpad Development Services

IGOs are getting familiarized as many people are aware of the bounties that NFT gaming withholds by looking at the progress it makes in the NFT space. IGOs act as a stage for buying and selling NFT gaming assets. And an IGO launchpad offers the smart option for making the trade of in-game purchases easygoing for the investors. As a super-rated development company, we offer the finest services to aid you in creating the IGO launchpad platform.

Initial Game Offering Launchpad

Tip-Offs To Attract A Throng Of Investors To Your Launchpad

You can stir up the participation of investors by rewarding special benefits for holders of native tokens.
Authenticate the project ideas and filter standard projects to list on your launchpad. Doing this improves your brand name.
Host a number of token generation events to gather the best quality project initiatives to be launched on your platform.
Focus on launching projects that hold the merit of bringing in more returns to the platform.6

Work Design Of Initial Game Offering Launchpad

  • Having a simplistic workflow ensures no investors back up from making investments because of the process. So, implementing the user-friendly feature set guides investors to reap the benefits of the gaming projects they are interested in.

    • Users on signing in to the launchpad are headed towards the main page to view a list of projects.

    • Investors can browse the details of the project before making investment decisions.

    • On the final selection of the project, by loading the amount in the wallet, they can purchase their desired tokens.

    • Furthermore, native token holders can be endowed the privilege of taking part in the governance rights and can be granted other special offerings.

Disentanglement Of The Features Set Of Our IGO Launchpad

Unobstructed trading

We build our IGO launchpad that ensures a smooth trading process without the concern about transaction time or cooling period before initiating the next transaction, etc.

Instant liquidity

We have our launchpad integrated with other reputed platforms to showcase the assets. These standards set by our platform favor the instant liquidity of assets.

Optimum efficiency

Energy consumption by the platform for running well the operations are better handled and optimized by our development experts for exhibiting improved efficiency. This implication makes you acquire the market in a little while.

Multi-chain compatibility

With the rising trend of interoperable space, why leave out cross-chain functionality? And that's why we deploy IGO launchpads that go well on all the familiar blockchain networks.

Cross-chain support

The interoperable nature of assets makes it convincingly easy to bring assets from other different blockchain networks on the IGO platform. This thereby influences your market scope and growth.

KYC Registration

KYC integration draws out the maximum security and privacy for the users of your platform. Know your customer abbreviated as KYC shields the platform against scams while guarding privacy.


Our solution is entirely decentralized, which keeps the source data open for the public's view. Revealing transparency in the services wins over more users to take part in the IGO sales on your launchpad.

Onlooking The Future Of The IGO Launchpad Platform

The global gaming market value rose significantly from $338 million in 2020 to $22 billion in 2021, which is now heading to touch the mark of $200 billion in 2023.

This play-to-earn trend has strongly made a stand that can never really fade away any time shortly. While this encourages many cryptopreneurs to probe into the gaming space, IGO launchpad creation stands out to meet the funding needs.

IGOs offer a favorable way for gamers to participate in the IGOs of the gaming projects and yield bulkier returns.

IGOs supply the required fuel for accelerating the blockchain-based gaming industry to thrive forward.

IGO Launchpad project

INORU - The Best Choice Of A Development Partner For IGO Launchpad Creation

We have our experts who have been contoured to produce influential products that create a lasting impact in the crypto world. Our efforts delivered in an innovative way characterize our services to be the best ones in the market. Yet another chance to make our brand mark is what we look upon on developing the IGO launchpad platform. And delivering them at an affordable range makes us rich in having successful clients globally. Make a decision to stay way ahead in the ever-grooming NFT gaming industry now by getting in terms with our development troop.


Launchpads provide a space for the selling and buying of NFT in-game assets. It seamlessly favors the trading process while letting users enjoy the exclusiveness that the NFT gaming space offers.

IGO is the newfound way to carry out the fundraising activity to bloom the upcoming NFT gaming projects. The project tokens are released for the investors to buy them.

To bring your IGO launchpad to the top, make sure to grant the holder benefits, maintain a profile of fundraising activity for potential projects, list notable gaming IGOs, etc.

IGO launchpad grants a decentralized venue for users to gain ownership of in-game tokens and also acts as a marketplace for purchasing various other digital collectibles.

All it takes is just a call. Wherein on the other end, our domain-specific experts are awaiting to guide you throughout the journey of attaining success. You can visit our website or reach out through mail [email protected].

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