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Dive deep into the cryptoverse by subscribing to our white-label OpenSea clone App development service and explore the treasures hidden in this world.

Opensea Clone

OpenSea Clone- Your Route To The Cryptoverse

Non-fungible tokens or NFTs are two words that have made headlines often in the recent past. Wondering why? That is a long story. The prominent reason is the price at which NFTs are sold in recent days. Digital arts, tweets, and other digital collectibles minted to NFTs are being sold for monumental prices. Something that hasn’t happened in history. Paving its own way into the future. Although the prices can be the reason for the buzz on peeping deeper we can understand that it is the unmatchable features of NFTs that make it so special. They are unique, indivisible, secure, and cannot be duplicated. What more can an investor ask for right?

Are you an adventurous entrepreneur all set for a roller coaster ride but waiting for the right ride. Launch an NFT marketplace now! It will be an unforgettable ride with numerous collectibles, assets, and monumental revenue. It is always advised to build a gigantic wardrobe to store all your revenue before launching an NFT marketplace.

Inoru has crafted a ready to launch OpenSea clone to get you into the NFT market instantly with no further delay. Now, it's your call, yes, give us a call and you are in.

White-label NFT Marketplace

What is an Open Sea clone?

OpenSea clone is an NFT marketplace where creators can enlist their digital collectibles as NFTs and investors can buy and sell digital collectibles. It is a 100% customizable white-label solution of the OpenSea platform, one of the most renowned NFT marketplaces that witnessed the highest record of price for an NFT.

Partner up with us to customize the OpenSea clone App with respect to your business needs and go fishing in the cryptoverse.

Trailblazing Features Of OpenSea Clone You Should Know

Get to know more about the key features of our OpenSea clone.

Store Front

A space to enlist all the finest digital collectibles and lure every investor who steps into the NFT marketplace.

Search Filter

Your users deserve to just pop in, filter out the digital asset they came looking for, bid their price, buy it and leave. They don’t have to search for the NFT like a kid lost in a crowd.

Facile NFT Listing Process

A creator need not necessarily be tech savvy so we keep the NFT listing simple so that both a granny and kiddo can list their work as an NFT in your OpenSea clone platform.

Buy And Bid

Let the investors pool in bid the right price and purchase the digital collectibles they find interesting and believe to be an asset.


Every crypto transaction to be made needs a crypto wallet like MetaMask to support the transactions to take place seamlessly.

Search Option

Your users can type the name of the art of the artist and find the NFT they are looking for effortlessly.

Our Diverse NFT Marketplace Solutions

We can help you build NFT marketplaces like OpenSea not just for digital collectibles but for variant industries.


Bring in the finest digital arts from all over the world and present it to your passionate collectors to buy it and enjoy the sense of owning rare arts.


Turn on the volume and mine some amazing music by stellar musicians to NFTs and let only a few of the fans get their hands on it. This makes it more rock and roll.


Add a pinch of NFTs to the games and make it spicier. Let the users buy and sell unique assets in games.


Capture the best moments and mint them to NFTs to make them more special and enlist them in your marketplace for collectors to add to their collections.


Every business requires a unique domain name and that makes it more authentic. Let businesses mint their domains to NFTs and relish the taste of individuality.


Make a whistle calling all the sports fans to assemble and present them with their favourite sports personalities trump cards as NFTs.

Workflow Of Our OpenSea Clone App

Creating, Selling, and Buying NFTs can be fun with our OpenSea clone.

White-label NFT Marketplace Development
  • The user signs up to the NFT marketplace. They can either be a seller or a buyer.

  • A stringent KYC process is conducted and the user is verified.

  • A crypto wallet to undergo transactions effortlessly is set up for the user.

  • The user now mints their artwork into an NFT. This process is similar to uploading a picture in social media with some advancements.

  • The NFT created by the user is now listed for auction in the marketplace.

  • Any buyers who may be an art collector or a random NFT investor interested in the NFT place their bids.

  • Once the auction is closed. The highest bidder gets to own the NFT.

  • The ownership of the NFT is transferred from the artist to the new buyer and is recorded in the smart contracts.

Our Development Process

Requirement Analysis

As a first step of the development process, your business requirements and target audience are analysed.


A road map to build an unique NFT marketplace that sounds astoundingly amazing.

UI/UX Design

A lucrative design that would be a treat to the user’s eye and also act as a branding tool for your NFT marketplace.

Back-End Development

A robust app with seamless performance is built with exemplary features that make your app stand out from the crowd. Blockchain technology has got it all.


A series of tests are run on all stages of development to ensure that the OpenSea clone is bug-free and glitch-free.


The fully-developed NFT marketplace is deployed in platforms as per your requirements.

Why Choose Us For Your OpenSea Clone Development?

Free Server Installation

We get your fully-developed robust OpenSea clone app installed in the server of your choice for free.

Free Deployment

We deploy with your robust readymade NFT marketplace app on the Android and iOS platforms, free of charge.

Free Support

You get free support throughout the development process of the NFT marketplace app and also for a certain period of time after the deployment of the app.

State-Of-Art Technology

We develop your apps using avant garde technologies making it compatible on all devices.

Round The Clock Support

Our support team resolves all your queries instantly irrespective of the time. They are always open for you.

White-Label Apps

You get an app that reiterates your brand vision designed in the color pallets of your logo.

Technology Stack

Blockchain Network

Front-end Frameworks

NFT Standards


Yes, We do develop our OpenSea clone using ERC-1155 standards. Although it totally depends on the client’s requirements.

Yes, the Rarible clone comes along with a utility token similar to that of Rarible’s RARI at the client’s request.

No, we are always open to options. If your business plan requires other forms of digital assets, too then, we customize it for you.

A fungible token can be divided and exchanged for another of equal value. In contrast, a non-fungible token is unique and can neither be divided nor exchanged with another token.

We offer variant NFT marketplaces similar to OpenSea like Rarible, Axie Infinity, CryptoKitties, Decentraland, Solible, and more.

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