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Captivate digital art lovers and creators around the world by launching a marketplace like OpenSea to buy and sell digital collectibles efficiently. You are one step away from stuffing zillions of dollars into your pocket. Get in touch with us now!

Opensea Clone
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Enroute To Digital-Verse With Our Decentralized, Custom-Made OpenSea Clone

NFTs are taking an edge on users' creative aspects and ideologies to monetize and magnify global attention. Digitized assets creating new trends in their every bounce, why shan't you make a business out of this?

For any NFT in the market, an NFT marketplace plays the major role initiating traction and attention; and that is gained through an elaborative structure defining its qualities. If you could build such a highly capable NFT Marketplace like OpenSea embedded with the capabilities of multiple blockchain infrastructures, you can simplify the task and make it easy for users to breed on their inputs and creatives.

Develop your OpenSea Clone with the best abilities of INORU, constrained to no limitation but open to advanced and unbounded customization. You can take your first step into the newly evolving digitized economy.

Alluring Features of OpenSea Like NFT Marketplace Platform

Get to know more about the key features of our OpenSea clone.

Store Front

A space to enlist all the finest digital collectibles and lure every investor who steps into the NFT marketplace.

Search Filter

Your users deserve to just pop in, filter out the digital asset they came looking for, bid their price, buy it and leave. They don’t have to search for the NFT like a kid lost in a crowd.

Facile NFT Listing Process

A creator need not necessarily be tech savvy so we keep the NFT listing simple so that both a granny and kiddo can list their work as an NFT in your OpenSea clone platform.

Buy And Bid

Let the investors pool in bid the right price and purchase the digital collectibles they find interesting and believe to be an asset.


Every crypto transaction to be made needs a crypto wallet like MetaMask to support the transactions to take place seamlessly.

Search Option

Your users can type the name of the art of the artist and find the NFT they are looking for effortlessly.


We integrate the leading blockchain explorer, API, and analytics platform for Ethereum to the OpenSea clone.


Storing large files representing a non-fungible token is made easy by the integration of IPFS. The Interplanetary File Storage system is a protocol for storing data in a distributed chain.

Bundle Listing

Collectors expect artists to release a collection of works rather than single pieces, so they all could have a chance of owning them. Our bundle listing feature aids artists list countless works on a single go

Multi-Device Compatibility

Grant your users the liberty to access their collections from multiple devices. This enables them to keep track of their digital assets on the move.

The Primary Characteristics of Our White-Label OpenSea Clone

An NFT marketplace is built on a framework of certain traits like,


An NFT marketplace like OpenSea provides an efficient tradability of the digital assets listed on it. The investors can buy and sell the non-fungible tokens just like that.


With countless digital collectibles listed for sale and a large community of individual investors awaiting to make their next big purchase, liquidity is a guaranteed factor.


Each and every digital artwork listed on the marketplace is one of a kind and cannot be found anywhere else, making it a platform for rare items.


Non-fungible tokens of different standards can be minted, listed, and traded in the marketplace, making them interoperable.

Our Diverse NFT Marketplace Solutions

We can help you build NFT marketplaces like OpenSea not just for digital collectibles but for variant industries.


Bring in the finest digital arts from all over the world and present it to your passionate collectors to buy it and enjoy the sense of owning rare arts.


Turn on the volume and mine some amazing music by stellar musicians to NFTs and let only a few of the fans get their hands on it. This makes it more rock and roll.


Add a pinch of NFTs to the games and make it spicier. Let the users buy and sell unique assets in games.


Capture the best moments and mint them to NFTs to make them more special and enlist them in your marketplace for collectors to add to their collections.


Every business requires a unique domain name and that makes it more authentic. Let businesses mint their domains to NFTs and relish the taste of individuality.


Make a whistle calling all the sports fans to assemble and present them with their favourite sports personalities trump cards as NFTs.

Looking For The Best Solution To Explore The Digitized Market? Book Your Slot Now As The First Step To Start Your Digitized Business.

Workflow Of Our OpenSea Clone Script

Creating, Selling, and Buying NFTs can be fun with our OpenSea clone.

Opensea clone app
  • The user signs up to the NFT marketplace. They can either be a seller or a buyer.

  • A stringent KYC process is conducted and the user is verified.

  • A crypto wallet to undergo transactions effortlessly is set up for the user.

  • The user now mints their artwork into an NFT. This process is similar to uploading a picture in social media with some advancements.

  • The NFT created by the user is now listed for auction in the marketplace.

  • Any buyers who may be an art collector or a random NFT investor interested in the NFT place their bids.

  • Once the auction is closed. The highest bidder gets to own the NFT.

  • The ownership of the NFT is transferred from the artist to the new buyer and is recorded in the smart contracts.

Different Non-Fungible Token Standards

Listing a few NFT standards of different blockchain networks that we can help you develop.


This is a basic standard that associates uniqueness to a digital or physical asset. It defines the non-fungibility of a token.


An extended version of the ERC-721. This standard enables the trade of two or more non-fungible tokens merged together as a single asset.


ERC-1155 is the standard a creator relies upon when he/she has to go for a bundle listing.


The non-fungible token standard of the rampant TRON blockchain. It is similar to the ERC-721 token standards of Ethereum.


This is an open standard of the EOS blockchain; it is associated with both fungible and non-fungible assets.


The Tezos blockchain network establishes its very own free protocol that authorizes all kinds of assets.

Our OpenSea Clone Development On Different Blockchain Networks

Our development supports different blockchains of individual’s choice. INORU, with a team of blockchain experts, has hands-on experience in crafting the NFT trading platform like OpenSea on the following blockchain networks.


Ethereum is a decentralized-based open-source blockchain that operates on the proof-of-work concept, making certain the NFT transactions. Ethereum has become the town’s preferred blockchain for developing a popular NFT marketplace like OpenSea. Our Proficient developers work on delivering the Ethereum-powered NFT Marketplace.


Our NFT Marketplace like OpenSea, crafted over BSC, is cross-chain compatible. BSC being the latest blockchain, overcomes the shortcomings of previous blockchain networks, holding advantages of lower gas fees, swift transactions, better liquidity, EVM compatibility, and many more to add to this list.


Polygon, an Ethereum compatible blockchain, solves some back points that have been seen on other blockchains. It has the capability to hold the benefits of low gas fees, high transaction speed, scalability, and secureness. OpenSea Like NFT Marketplace Development on Polygon blockchain adopts multiple chain interoperability, trading NFTs on numerous blockchains.


By market capitalization, Solana is the competitor to the world’s largest blockchain - Ethereum. Solana has evolved as the fastest blockchain network in this crypto world. Like other blockchains, Solana supports smart contracts. NFT Marketplace, like OpenSea, developed on Solana, makes certain rapid-fire transactions.


TRON has become an ever-longed blockchain because of the zero transaction fees as well as quick transactions. Undeniably, this blockchain has a unique place in the crypto world and so the OpenSea like NFT marketplace to be developed on TRON, operating on the Proof-of-stake.


Cardano operates on the proof-of-stake concept, ensuring secured data in the blockchain. Moreover, this blockchain has prevented the downfalls that predecessors have faced. We, being one of the pioneers, create OpenSea Clone on Cardano as you wish.

Enhancing Attributes Of An NFT marketplace like OpenSea

Undoubtedly, an NFT trading platform is one of the most lucrative businesses of today. We are well aware of the whopping trading volume and market caps of these marketplaces.

Statistical DataA clear breakdown of the stats like trading volume, bidding status, highest sale price, etc., are showcased to the users.

Bundle ListingThe artists can mint more than one copy of work as a non-fungible token using the bundle listing attribute.

BiddingThe OpenSea clone script solution bestows instant price listing, Dutch auction, and British auction methods.

FiltersThe marketplace is powered with filters for easy navigation for artists and investors to find their favorite digital asset.

NFT marketplace like OpenSea

Immuning Components Of Choosing White-Label OpenSea Clone Development

To sky up your business high, we immune your OpenSea Clone with the following abilities and functionalities that best cooperate with your ideologies, eventually pushing you towards a wider scale.

Brand IdentityOur white label solution allows you to conveniently personalize and design a unique brand identity for your business.

Versatility in Business NicheYour NFT trading platform can vest on versatile business models trading varied collections from art, music, video, real estate, and many more.

Increased ROIWith a positive welcoming for digitization in the market, the business can scale up to yield better results in terms of investments.

Transparency and SecurityWith the platform's openness, users will eventually experience better transparency and security in the platform.

Scalability on ParInstead of increasing the cost of business operation, our custom solution is easy to twist as per individuals/entrepreneurs need and facilitates scalability.

Standardized Smart Contract AuditThe platform is stabilized with smart contracts that make it resistant to bugs and third-party intervention.

Reliable InfrastructureThe robust infrastructure of the platform is in-built through strong and efficient coding, facilitating smooth functioning.

Immediate Launch This time-effective solution is quick and easy to launch in an instant.

Collective History of DataThe users shall be facilitated with open access to the data history of the assets listed and traded on the platform.

High Liquidity Instant liquidity is facilitated to the assets with the trading in the platform.

Diverse Revenue Streams Of An OpenSea Clone Software-based NFT Marketplace

Undoubtedly, an NFT trading platform is one of the most lucrative businesses of today. We are well aware of the whopping trading volume and market caps of these marketplaces.

White-Label OpenSea clone

Listing FeeFor every digital artwork to be listed on the marketplace, the artist will have to pay a listing fee.

Commission FeeArtists get to sell their works for whopping amounts as they are minted to NFTs. Charge a commission fee for every sale made.

Bidding FeeIndividual investors interested in buying a digital collectible can bid on them. A bidding fee can be charged by the marketplace.

Gas FeeEach transaction initiated on the blockchain consumes a lot of energy. A gas fee can be charged to the users for all the transactions for the maintenance of the blockchain network.

Interpret The Process Of NFT Marketplace Like OpenSea Development

Our dedicated team gathers your requirements and delivers the OpenSea Clone as you expect. The step-by-step process we follow is mentioned below.

Comprehending Your Ideas

Our knowledgeable team hears your ideas and understands your requirements regarding how the NFT marketplace like OpenSea works, including infused features. Alongside, we would get to know your niche of crafting the platform on verticals of your choice like art, sports, music, etc.



Determine The Suitable Blockchain

Pick out the best blockchain of your interest for OpenSea like NFT marketplace development. Make certain to build the platform on the best-suited blockchains. Some well-known ones are Ethereum, Avalanche, Cardano, Solana, BSC, TRON, and many other.

UI/UX Designing

Once outlining the project, the very next step to be carried out is designing, involving and devising the UI/UX. Make certain it is intuitive and appealing to the users. Thereby, enhancing the scope of your project.



Integrating Smart Contracts

While developing the NFT trading platform, we would create smart contracts on the blockchain of your choice, adhering to the regulatory standards. Its prototype will be created in this stage.

Integration Of APIs

API integration system is much requisite. This involves integrating the NFT marketplace with a payment gateway, digital wallet, and other APIs for your requirements. Hence, it would lead the way to have an increased user base or traders.



Identify Bugs By Testing

As soon as the designing & development stage is done, we analyze the OpenSea like NFT trading platform for bugs, errors, glitches, or technical issues by undergoing multiple testing levels. This ensures smooth performance.

Launching The Full-Fledged Platform

Our expert team after clearing the loopholes that had been discovered in the previous stage, we proceeded with deploying the OpenSea Clone. We are even ready to offer post-launch services comprising technical support, maintenance, and marketing.


Choose INORU For OpenSea Clone Development

INORU is a leading NFT Marketplace development company with a team of experienced & specialized blockchain developers. Without a single bug, we focus on delivering the OpenSeal Like NFT Marketplace as you want it to be.

Blockchain Of Your Choice

Our team of blockchain developers has hands-on experience in crafting the OpenSea like NFT marketplace on various blockchains like Ethereum, Polygon, Polkadot, Binance Smart Chain, Cardano, Solana, and so many others. Make your choice of blockchain for NFT marketplace development.

Proficient Blockchain Developers

Our proficient team of blockchain developers is responsible for integrating necessary features, intuitive UI/UX design, suitable blockchains, APIs design, etc. We focus on materializing your idea as it is.

End-To-End Customization

Our pre-made OpenSea Clone Software supports end-to-end customizations, ensuring the idle solution suitable for individuals’ business needs & demands as to how you want the NFT trading platform to function.

Timely Delivery

Being a customizable solution, we would proffer the modified platform that fits your niche within the stipulated time without any lack of quality. Most probably, within a few weeks.

Round The Clock Support

Our technical support team is responsive and available 24*7 to resolve your inquiries. Moreover, our duty doesn’t end with the launch; we take care of it right from strategizing your plan to post-launch support.

NFT Marketing Services

In addition to developing & deploying the OpenSea Clone, we would promote your NFT marketplace on various marketing channels. Our marketing strategies are up-to-date, and that could be personalized for you.

Technology Stack

Blockchain Network

Front-end Frameworks

NFT Standards


An OpenSea clone is a marketplace to create, mint, buy, and sell digital collectibles seamlessly. It is a pre-engineered solution which aids you to get to market in a short time.

We have a diverse list of NFT marketplace solutions in store for you. They are Rarible clone, SuperRare clone, Foundation clone, CryptoPunks clone, NiftyGateway clone, BoredApeYacht Club clone, etc.

Yes, we do. Our NFT related services include NFT marketplace development, Fundraising support, NFT launchpad development, NFT marketing services, Digital art tokenization, Non-fungible token creation, etc.

Our team of blockchain-based developers is well-equipped to work on Ethereum, TRON, Binance SmartChain, Cardano, Polygon, PolkaDot, EOS, Tezos, etc.

INORU provides one of the most cost-effective solutions in town. However, it is implausible to give a number because it depends on countless factors like the customization requirements, the blockchain on which the marketplace is built, the APIs integrated for different needs, etc. Just give us a call and share your requirements to get a quote.

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