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Sandbox Clone - Step Your Game Up In The NFT Space

As we are getting familiarized with the concept of NFTs, they are penetrating deep inside across mainstream industries of finance, eCommerce, entertainment, games, and what not! And talking specifically of the impact of NFTs in the gaming industry, which is soaring high to a whole new level with the onset of the P2E aka Play-To-Earn model. Since its implementation, the growth has been so fast that it has led to a market cap value of $7 billion.

And now shedding some light on Sandbox, a virtual metaverse with the inherent nature of play-to-earn feature that serves as an entry pass into the gaming verse with Sandbox clone development. And to add up to the excitement, the Sandbox clone you create can be spellbound with interesting collectibles, avatar creation, customizable virtual display for exhibiting assets, and so on. Ready to squall into the new world of fantasy which is yet a reality too? Take a single step towards us for promising gains.

Sandbox Clone - What's In It?

Sandbox clone is a virtual 3D metaverse in which each and every bit of the game comes with digital ownership rights for the users. To put it elaborately, users can buy lands, customize their avatars and at the top of everything, they can personalize and display it in the gallery. Besides this, being a play-to-earn model, it ropes in monetization benefits through rewards and selling of assets.

Elate the digital experience for your users by going with the vogue of metaverse! See your crypto preneurial aspirations taking their shape by teaming up with us for Sandbox clone development.

Sailing Deep Into The Space Of Sandbox Clone

Disseminating the feature bundle of Sandbox clone to unveil the fineness of the space.

Create heartening games

Sandbox clone tucks in software, allowing users to create games or any digital accessories without the knowledge of coding. This means when other users pay and play or buy those, the creator is credited with monetary benefits.

Play to win and win to earn

Users can access the most exhilarating games created by others through this feature. This, in turn, fetches them the rewards, lets them buy LANDS (virtual real-estate in the gaming metaverse), etc.

Wide-open marketplace purchase

You can create native tokens similar to that of $SAND tokens in the original Sandbox. Using this, the players can be accorded to make a relentless purchase of in-game NFTs that intrigue their interest while adding revenue to the creator's pockets.

Design your own avatar

Imparting this feature confers the users with the ability to fashion the looks of their avatars by altering the outfits, color, hairstyle, etc. These styled avatars can be deployed to play games or can be made to socialize with other players in the Sandbox virtual lands.

All About The Native Tokens!

Sandbox clone inspired from the Sandbox NFT game, which has its native token called $SAND. These tokens built on the Ethereum token standards provide premium advantages for the token holders. Go on to know in what way they provide an upper hand to the users.

Decision-making rights

The adoption of DAOs is becoming widely popular in the crypto space. Wherein the native token holders are given the right to take part in the governance of the platform. Their collective decision will be taken into account for making any upgrades like feature addition or any other that concerns the platform.


Staking is a common functionality wherein the users can stake their native tokens and gain yields. Furthermore, you can also encourage the players/ stakers by rewarding them with gems/catalysts that are useful while playing games.

In-game currency exchange

Every activity the user wants to perform in the gaming platform requires the need for native tokens. For example, to buy NFTs, LANDS, or to play games created by other users. Creating games or customizing LANDS also requires native tokens. But they will be paid back on the sales of their NFTs or when other players want to access the game.

Why Choose Us As Your Development Partner
To Create The Sandbox Clone?

Virtual gaming, combined with the merits of earning money, makes the NFT gaming sector an ultimate hit. Sandbox clone aligns in the domain of NFT gaming engraved with more benefits for the players as well as the creators. And, specifically, getting them developed from us benefits you in innumerable ways. Trying to put down some of them here for you to catch a glimpse.

  • End-to-end customizable solution
  • Comprehensive development services from concept thinking and formulation to post-maintenance and upgrades
  • Transparency and openness all throughout
  • Error-free solution
  • Abide by standard protocols
  • Dexterous team of experts

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