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Community Owned IDO Launchpad Development Services

Innovations cannot and should not be stopped at any cost. Blockchain technology is supposedly one of the most recent innovations that have been receiving an overwhelming response among entrepreneurs. The reason for all this buzz is its lucrative nature and the countless benefits it brings along. This has also resulted in the launch of a multitude of projects. Every project needs support in terms of capital to hit its mark. That’s why we need a BSCStarter clone.

BSCStarter clone is an Initial DEX Offerings (IDO) launchpad in the Binance SmartChain. Innovative bootstrap projects are handpicked, verified, and listed on the platform for investors to learn about them and purchase their tokens. Our solution is pre-engineered; personalize it as per your needs and launch it immediately in the market. IDOs are the most efficient method of fundraising in the crypto world. Capitalize on this maturing market by deploying an IDO platform of your vision. Join hands with us for BSCStarter like IDO launchpad development.

BSCStarter - A Brief Introduction

BSCStarter is a community-oriented decentralized fundraising platform that will aid project holders or startups in bringing their crypto-related projects to the spotlight. Thereby, they can create brand visibility and awareness among potential investors and eventually raise capital. It is one of the well-known launchpads to be operated on the Binance Smart Chain.

Unlike other fundraising platforms, BSCStarter does not require KYC compliance to be done. Moreover, there will be no bureaucratic hurdles and no manual selection process. Instead of the vetting process, the BSCStarter community will determine which projects to be listed on the platform for fundraising. It is on the basis of due diligence and DYOR skills for polling with either “Yes” or “No” on upcoming projects.

Does a community-oriented platform inspire you to launch a similar one to get into the crypto space? Picking the BSCStarter Clone, a pre-fabricated solution that is capable of customizations for varying exact individual needs. Get in touch with us for BSCStarter Clone development.

How Does The White-Label BSCStarter Clone Function?

The white-label BSCStarter Clone sticks with the concept of decentralization as there will be no involvement of a centralized person. Let’s here look at the following steps in order to have a clear understanding of how a decentralized platform like BSCStarter will function.

Generating Presales Smart Contract

The project holders who want to list their projects have to submit the application process, which requires some necessary information. After then, the presales smart contract will be generated accordingly.

Votes Casting

Those with a hold of 1000 START will have a chance to participate in the due diligence process and vote “Yes” or “No” on projects which are submitted for acceptance. Notably, the casted vote cannot be changed at any cost.

Projects Listing

After undergoing due diligence, the projects with a majority number of Yes than No will only be listed on the platform. Considerably, projects have to receive 10% of the total supply of START tokens as Yes.

Projects Are For A Sale

Once done, community users could send BNB at a specified price for the investment. In the case of the soft cap being attained, the project is said to be successful and there will be no refunds. Suppose the presale is canceled, a refund can be claimed.

End Of The Sale

When a hard cap is reached at the end of the sale, the investors would claim the tokens. If the sale ends due to the time expiration, the liquidity will be added automatically. Finally, the BNB will be sent to the project holders.

Salient Features Of BSCStarter Clone

Multiple-Wallet Integration

Enable the transaction process more efficient for your users by allowing them to integrate the wallet of their choice. Keep the choices open to them.

Vetting Process

Every member of the community verifies the projects applied for a listing. The new project gets to list their tokens only if the maximum number of members vote for the project.

Open-Door Policy

BSCStarter clone bestows an open-door policy enabling investors from all walks of life to invest in projects they are interested in.

Token Lock

After a successful IDO, the tokens purchased by the investors can be locked for a specific period of time before listing them on other exchanges like PancakeSwap. This stabilizes the value of the token.

Incubation Programs

Provide incubation programs to startup projects and support them to scale up by issuing grants and rewards for every milestone they reach.

Cross-Chain Swap

Empower your IDO token launchpad with a cross-chain swap feature allowing investors to trade on tokens across different blockchains.

Benefits Of Developing The Decentralized Fundraising Platform On BSC

A decentralized fundraising platform like BSCStarter built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) comes with the following perks.

No Potential Threats

The security of the data is so crucial, which is a major concern for launchpad users. However, the infusion of security features will considerably ensure that there will be no chance of potential risks.

Wallet Integration

Integrating wallets would make certain that the project holders, as well as investors, can store their funds in a secure manner. Furthermore, ensuring smooth and faster transactions on the decentralized platform.

Flawless User Experience

With the incorporation of relevant features and built using up-to-date technologies, the functionality of the platform will be seamless. This is certain to say that the users will have flawless execution of transactions.

Why Choose INORU To Develop A LaunchPad Like BSCStarter?

  • Native Token

    Our development process for an IDO token launchpad also includes creating a native token that will act as a source for liquidity creation.

  • Quicker To Market

    Our BSCStarter clone is a ready-made solution, with a few tweaks to it, and it is all set to be launched in the market.

  • Post-Launch Support

    Our support team comes for your aid even after the launch of your DEX fundraising platform. However, after a specific period, our support services may be chargeable.

  • Expert Consultation

    Before getting with IDO launchpad development on BSC, you can ask our blockchain experts your queries on IDO and the future of it as a market and make your decisions accordingly. Call us now.

  • Multiple Blockchain

    It is evident that BSCStarter is built on the Binance SmartChain network. However, if your business requires other blockchains like Solana, Ethereum, Cardano, TRON, EOS, Tezos, etc., we will get it done for you.

  • Testing

    The testing process is run in a stringent fashion to make sure that the users have a delightful experience using your launchpad.


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