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BRC-20 Tokens- A Glimpse Into It

The crypto realm is an open space for evolution and innovation! Each time a specific genre gets released and raises expectations high, dragging the attention of aspiring entrepreneurs. One such impressive evolution that is growing big now is the BRC-20 tokens. The ideal Bitcoin-based tokens are creating magic with numbers now, pulling the optimal rate beyond speculations. These tokens are similar to Ethereum-based ERC-20 tokens but are totally in contrast to the working nature as they are not EVM compatible, not following smart contracts but working with optimal protocols and PoW mechanisms with metadata inscriptions. The numbers that the BRC-20 standard MEME and PEPE coins made have poked the whole globe, tilting their attention towards it, and guess what? Premium assistance with eminence from INORU will drive this process seamlessly and enhance opportunities.

Nature Of BRC-20 Tokens

How do BRC-20 tokens work in contrast to ERC-20 tokens? Having mentioned the overview of it, we desire to add more to this. ERC-20 tokens are tokens with Fungible nature. These tokens are minted on the Ethereum blockchain network, embracing the perks and features of the same. The minted NFTs expose rarity and uniqueness, eventually boosting the tokens' sales volume and value.

In contrast, the BRC-20 tokens are minted on the Bitcoin network. Now a question might arise, how would fungible tokens be Non-fungible? As mentioned already, the ordinal protocol, metadata inscription, and PoW make the tokens acquire a Non-Fungible nature where they represent the equally eminent Bitcoin NFTs. The Bitcoin NFTs are given a unique identity with the protocols, making one token stand distinctive from another, raising the rarity and value of the tokens.

Notable Features Of The Ideal BRC-20 Tokens From Us

BRC-20 tokens expose crucial features that build reasons for an individual to own this type. We reveal those features that boost the credibility of the tokens.

Stimulated Security
Bitcoin is well known for its security features that have been maintained for years. Similarly, the Bitcoin-based BRC-20 tokens expose high-end security with the Proof of Work mechanism.
Transfer Compatibility
Similar to the diverse standard tokens, the BRC-20 tokens support versatile token transfers in many decentralized exchanges. Also, the unique standard tokens are applicable for a peer-to-peer transaction.
The BRC-20 token standards are minted to serve various utilities such as Initial Coin Offerings and other fundraising scenarios and are also open to being traded.
Rapid Transactions
On a note to catalyze the user experience with the tokens, the Bitcoin blockchain-based tokens support rapid transactions, making the users have more transactions faster.

BRC-20 Token Development

Now, upon mentioning the BRC-20 tokens and their features, we know we have tickled the desire in you to develop these standard tokens. We don't stop here, wherein we offer the ideal BRC-20 token development services, and we are well-versed in it.

BRC-20 tokens are still in the experimental phase, and it needs extensive attention when it comes to developing them. Therefore a crucial expertise service becomes inevitable, and INORU provides it for you. We develop the tokens to serve all the said utilities, including fundraising, trading, and payments.

Extensive Process Of BRC-20 Token Development

We desire to infuse eminence into your business and ensure that we take proper development steps. That said, our BRC-20 token development happens with a strategy formed by our experts. We reveal it for you!

Analysis And Planning

Each project is unique, and so do the tokens that are developed for it. We at the development agency analyze the project's nature and connection with the BRC-20 tokens. This gives us a proper structure to develop the BRC-20 tokens for diverse use cases.

Labelling the tokens with unique identities

We make the tokens more unique by adding certain labels to them, like token symbols, user-specified names, and functionalities.

Token Launch

We distribute the tokens and launch them for various use cases. Now the token owners can list them on various decentralized exchanges and diverse platforms.

White-paper Drafting

We develop the whitepaper that includes all the steps we carry out for BRC-20 token development. We reveal the whitepaper to your recognition, with which you can acknowledge the process that we take up to elevate your unique business ecosystem.

Token development

Now we initiate the main part of the scenario with the BRC-20 token development. Our eminent professional developers ideate the process with the latest technologies and develop the tokens as per the business requirement.

Why Choose INORU for BRC-20 Token Development?

As we mentioned already, BRC-20 tokens are new to the market and need effective knowledge for development. INORU provides it. Eminent experts in-house elevate the BRC-20 token development infusing all the essential perks into the solution. We at INORU ideate the BRC-20 standard token development, making it compatible with the chosen business niche. This eventually makes the token the most sought-after by the business enthusiast under the specific business slab.

Our transparent services prevail as our backbone, letting us drop you at the essential point of the crypto market and make your BRC-20 tokens acquire the desired eminence. What else? The most awaited moment for you to enlarge the perspective of your entrepreneurship is right here. Our BRC-20 token development brings you unprecedented glory. Connect with INORU to have a seamless BRC-20 token development.


BRC-20 tokens are the newest addition to the crypto realm that are developed on the Bitcoin network. These tokens express the fungible nature and have shown clear eminence with numbers in the market.

The major difference between the BRC-20 and ERC-20 is the blockchain solution where the tokens are developed. ERC-20 is developed on the Ethereum network, whereas BRC-20 is developed on the Bitcoin network. While we all know ERC-20 tokens work with smart contracts, the BRC-20 tokens work according to the ordinal protocol and meta data inscription.

The BRC-20 tokens don't abide by smart contracts wherein the ordinal protocols determine their workflow, and the Proof of Work mechanism ensures enhanced security for the tokens.

You can perform various actions with the BRC-20 tokens as you do with ERC-20 tokens. You can trade the tokens on the decentralized exchanges and also use them for fundraising.

No, BRC-20 tokens are not EVM compatible. They work under different canopies of the Bitcoin network and follow the limitations of the mother network.

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