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We help you launch a robust SuperRare like NFT marketplace for tokenizing and trading unique digital work of artists earning more money for them. With no further delay, rush to us and personalize your own SuperRare clone to make your launch in the NFT marketplace.

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What is a SuperRare Clone?

SuperRare clone is a decentralized NFT based marketplace created for selling unique digital artwork. It is built on the Ethereum Blockchain network withholding the strength and security of Ethereum while enabling peer-to-peer transactions. The transactions here mostly happen through the exchange of ERC-721 NFT tokens. In short, it is a marketplace holding a collection of digital arts connecting the artists with the digital art collectors directly.

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Be A Prominent Player In The NFT Industry By Launching A SuperRare Like NFT Marketplace

NFTs are growing popular with all the rage in current times. With that, digital assets have become as significant as real-world assets. It is evident from the numbers that show a 97% increase in NFT transactions in 2021. But how do buyers and sellers connect with each other for NFT trading? It is, for this reason, there is a need for a secured NFT marketplace.

NFT marketplaces built using blockchain technology provide a platform for the trading of NFT tokens. Various industries like art, music, agriculture, etc., tokenize their assets in the form of NFTs to earn more revenue. SuperRare clone is one such NFT marketplace exclusively designed for buying, bidding, and selling digital artworks. This is not all; there is much more to it! It extends its platform for tokenizing collectibles such as in-game accessories, attires, etc. Join the superseding NFT trend by kick-starting the process of SuperRare clone app development without any further delay.

Distinctive Classes Of A SuperRare Clone

SuperRare clone is well-known to be an NFT marketplace that functions over a decentralized network.
It possesses a simple and voguish graphical user interface with a variety of options.


Activities section displays the personalized feed of non-fungible token (NFT) artists and collectors for the users to choose and follow. Is it all that? No, furthermore, trending arts are brought to the view of investors facilitating smooth purchases.


Features section provides an exciting space for creators to showcase their talents. Each option in the feature section presents opportunities for artists to expose their creativity in the form of images, videos, text, and more.


Market is what fulfills the sole purpose of the platform. It lets users explore the various unique NFT arts. To make it easier, it is integrated with search filters to sort by categories such as creator, prices, latest arts, etc.


This section exemplifies SuperRare’s social media platforms. It also hosts Medium blogs and ‘SuperRare Editorial,’ giving timely news updates about NFT artists, all information related to art sales, and so on.

Why Develop An NFT Marketplace Using SuperRare Clone?

The SuperRare clone is a white-label solution that enables you to potently develop a Digital art NFT marketplace. Our SuperRare clone contains all the inevitable features of the original SuperRare marketplace that favor the purchasing of digital art.
Furthermore, it is exclusively built on Ethereum blockchain architecture by employing smart contracts that make the artwork of the creators rare and unique. Precisely, the SuperRare clone provides a platform for authenticated creation of digital art and promotes efficient trading of those arts to the investors.

Are You Wishing To Make An Everlasting Impression In The NFT Marketplace Sector? Do It Now By Grasping Our SuperRare Clone

SuperRare Clone For Artists

  • Provides space to exhibit creative artworks
  • Artworks can be easily tokenized
  • Enhanced user-friendliness in accessing the platform
  • Since the artwork has to meet with the set of guidelines,
    it ensures every art is unique and original

SuperRare Clone For Investors

  • Provides complete transparency on the ownership of the artwork
  • Assures uniqueness and rarity of the digital artwork
  • Commission charges can be easily viewed on a blockchain network
  • Verified and authenticated trading

What Are Mandatory Attributes To Build An NFT Marketplace Like SuperRare?

The soaring popularity of NFT marketplaces attracts many individuals to undertake SuperRare like NFT marketplace development. So, if you’re going to get on with the creation, there are certain aspects that need to be covered.

Wallet Funding options
Availability of NFT
Selecting the type of tokens
Specifications of wallet
Selection of marketplace

Working Of SuperRare Clone


User registers and creates an account on the online platform


Sets up the crypto wallet for storing or exchanging crypto assets


Then the user creates an NFT and bids a price for auction considering the worth of the art


Once after getting the approval, the tokenized arts and collectibles are exhibited on the app platform


Collectors can bid a price for the artwork they like to purchase from the sea of collections


Art creators or users go with the best offering for their art


Finally, funds are transferred to the creator’s wallet, and the investor receives the proof of ownership for the digital art NFT.

Beguile The Crypto Sphere With NFT Marketplace Development

Influential Features Of Our SuperRare Like NFT Marketplace

Stunning Storefront

Storefront is the first thing the user gets to see of the marketplace. Therefore, it should be well organized to smoothly access all the asset-related details like price, bid, etc.


Integrating with the rating option wins the loyalty of the NFT sellers. Your NFT marketplace can rate the NFT sellers on the number of successful deals, listings, etc.


For users to involve in trading, a wallet is indispensable. Provide multi-currency support in your SuperRare clone for seamless trading.

Search Filters

Don’t let your losers feel lost in the sea of arts. Smarten up your marketplace with search filters that exactly find what your user is looking for by sorting out based on the different categories such as price, popularity, tags, etc.

Creating Listings

Allow your users to put their collectibles on stage with minimal effort. All it takes is a few simple steps through this option. Submit the file, give in the title, tags, and description and set it on show.

Status of Listing

Once the tokens are listed, the users can keep a check on them, uplifting the transparency of the listing procedure.

Bidding Option

The beauty of the NFT marketplace is NFTs are sold for a fixed price or through auction models. So, the bidding option helps manage bids effectively and reveals information such as bid expiration date, current status of the NFT to the investors while making purchases, and so on.

Our Development Process

Revenue Model Of The SuperRare Clone

Marketplace Fees

Make a wholesome amount by charging a commission percentage on every dealing that happens through your SuperRare like NFT marketplace.

Sales Fees

Pep up your earnings by collecting primary sales and secondary sales fees on the collectibles sold on your platform. Mark the commission percentage wisely to make more profits.

Why Choose Us?

Our unique and dynamic expert knowledge in blockchain technology has gained us an industry-leading reputation in the market. Talking of SuperRare like NFT marketplace development, here are reasons why we are ranked the best in offering SuperRare development services.

Adept developer team with rich knowledge and experience

Dexterous development process

Global recognition

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Completely white-label SuperRare clone

End-to-End SuperRare like NFT marketplace solution

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Technology Stack

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NFT Standards


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