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Launch An Exhilarating Football NFT Marketplace Like Sorare!

Sorare marketplace is solely a space for all football enthusiasts across the globe. This platform allows users to trade digital collectibles in an open marketplace. As a cherry on top of the cake, the marketplace allows football lovers to select their favorite captains and earn rewards based on their on-field performance. The blend of fantasy football with real-world action is truly blithe to the users!

At Inoru, we assist you in building an all-encompassing football NFT marketplace like Sorare with cutting-edge technology and irresistible features. With that, give your users full-fledged liberty to manage digital collectibles and earn rewards on the player’s on-field performance. Seek our top-class NFT marketplace development company and gain momentum for your business in little to no time.

Have A Grasp Of Sorare Clone Software

Sorare clone software withholds all the features and functionalities to establish an NFT marketplace specifically for fantasy football gaming. Powered by the Ethereum blockchain, it offers an improved experience for the users in buying and selling digital collectibles. All the collectibles displayed here are exclusively from the football world.

What Is Sorare NFT?

Sorare NFT represents the collectibles or the soccer players in the form of unique non-fungible tokens. Users can buy their favorite players in the form of NFTs and use them to earn more rewards. Sorare platform has access to almost all the well-known football clubs across the globe.

Football NFT Collectibles Marketplace

Highlighting Features Of Sorare Clone App

  • User-friendly interface and extensive Leaderboard
  • Bonus points and reward system
  • Betting in real-time facilitated by integrated Payment System
  • High-resolution graphics
  • Highly secured transactions

Set Up A Community For Passionate Football Enthusiasts By Developing An NFT Marketplace Like Sorare!

Sorare Clone Card And Its Function

The platform divides the player cards into four tiers such as common, rare, super rare, and unique.

Except for common cards, rare, super rare, and unique cards can be sold and traded in the sorare platform. Each of these cards represents a real-world player.

For every season, 100 rare, 10 super rare, and 1 unique card are released.

With these cards, managers can build virtual teams of five players: one goalkeeper, one defender, one midfielder, one forward, one additional player.

The formed teams earn rewards by participating and winning the leagues.

The score in the player card is calculated depending on their real-world performance, along with the bonus based on captain status, season, and experience.

The final score of the team is the sum of the scores of all five cards that determines the winning and losing.

Future Prospects Of Sorare Clone

Sorare is effectively offering a next-generation gaming experience allowing leagues and clubs to expand their international brand, reaching the untapped audience base.

Sorare has partnered with Liverpool, Paris Saint-Germain, Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, and Juventus, making it the first-ever platform to offer cards from Europe's top five league champions.

Clearly, it's just the beginning of the sports NFT era holding an unlimited potential which is obvious with billions of fans watching football across the globe.

How to buy collectibles on sorare clone App?

Steps Involved In Buying Collectibles On A Football Marketplace Like Sorare


Users can bid for collectibles in the transfer market.


Once the prices are matched, sales are processed through credit card payment or ETH.


In case of an unsuccessful bid, funds are refunded.


Generally, the highest bid wins the auction, and the collectibles are listed in the winners' gallery

How To Sell Collectibles On An NFT Marketplace Like Sorare?

As we know already, three categories such as rare, super rare, and unique cards, can be put to sale by selecting the selling option. Prices can be mentioned along with it.

If a buyer purchases the card, the seller gets notified about it in the game interface and receives the funds.

Contrarily, if the card is not sold within 48 hours, it expires.

Leverage Our White-label Sorare Clone And Commence Your NFT Adventure In No Time!

How Sorare Works & How To Play It?

In Sorare, users can enter the transfer market to bid and buy players. The highest bid wins it and gets the player.

When the user signs into Sorare for the first time, they are given 10 common cards.

The user can enter the Rookie league, which is reserved for new players, also called Managers.

To build a team, the user needs to choose 5 cards: one goalkeeper, one defender, one midfielder, one forward, and one additional player.

Once the users have entered upto 4 weeks or played for a month, they get promoted to New Manager.

On winning the matches, users can either build their team or trade those cards in the transfer market.

Sorare Clone Functionalities

Major functionalities of the Sorare clone

Buying Collectibles
Selling Collectibles
Withdrawal Of Traded Funds From Wallets
Fantasy Football game

Sorare Like NFT Marketplace Development

The primary focus of the Football NFT collectibles marketplace might be to offer unlimited fun to crazy football fans all over the world. But it is not only that. Besides, it also allows football lovers to trade on the platform and make money. Considering its advantages, developing an NFT marketplace like Sorare can be an ideal option for entrepreneurs to succeed in the long term. Approach us and obtain the cutting-edge Sorare clone development services backed by the latest technology and captivating UI.

Give Heart And Soul To Your Entrepreneurial Vision Of Developing An NFT Marketplace Like Sorare. Our White-label Sorare Clone Makes It Possible Now!

Our NFT Development Services For Different Token Standards


It is a global token standard built on the Ethereum blockchain that represents the uniqueness and rarity of assets.


This is an improvised version of ERC721 built in compliance with ERC20 tokens for improved usability.


It is designed and developed by the Enjin network for creating both fungible and non-fungible assets on the Ethereum blockchain. Transaction bundling is a special trait of this token that considerably reduces the token creation cost.

What Values Does The Sorare Clone Offer?

NFT Marketplace like Sorare
  • Inculcates high level of trust with enhanced transparency
  • Opens up ways to earn income through ad modules
  • Functions based on zero revenue sharing system
  • User-friendly Sorare clone are easily adaptable to modifications
  • A multilingual platform that serves a global audience
  • Presents unlimited rewards and loyalty programs

Features of Sorare Clone

Handier User Features Of Sorare Clone

  • Highly reliable and transparent platform
  • Involves zero operational risks for the players
  • Safe and secured investment
  • An all-inclusive dashboard and sleek user interface
  • Earn money in real-time
  • Rewards and bonus system
  • Integrated payment method that makes betting easy
White Label Sorare Clone

Sturdy Admin Features Of Sorare Clone

Sorare Clone
  • Holistic dashboard
  • Real-time data analytics
  • Robust banking and transaction management
  • Referral programs and Ad modules
  • CMS & CRM
  • Reliable infrastructure for data feeding

Our Development Process

Our Sorare clone development service offering encompasses the latest approach to achieve more promising results. We have blockchain developers who are skilled in handling the newest tech tools for the Sorare clone development. Our process of development comprises the following steps.

Gathering requirements of the project

Business scope research and analysis

Optimizing and allocating resources

Developing prototype model and wireframing

Design and development of the NFT marketplace like Sorare

Testing and deployment of the well-built product

Interminable post-deployment support

Why Go For Sorare Clone Development?

The Sorare clone has access to nearly 130+ clubs in the current soccer world. Here's the reason why you need to go for a Sorare clone.

  • Complaint with real-world

  • Start with less investment

  • Can obtain upto 12 free common cards

  • Outright enlisting process

  • User-friendly transfer market facilities

  • Tracking options for new signings

Football NFT Marketplace like Sorare

Why Choose Us?

We, the dominant NFT marketplace development company, design and develop several products on different blockchain platforms. Our solutions are application-oriented, targeted to gain an indispensable position in the market.

Some Of The Perks Of Our Sorare Clone Development Services

Our solutions are custom-made to suit all your business needs

Conceals all the features and functionalities of the original Sorare

Extensively scalable and cost-effective

Unremitting technical support

Technology Stack

Blockchain Network

Front-end Frameworks

NFT Standards


The assortment of NFTs with games provides users with a realistic gaming experience and also rewards the players for their gameplay in the form of NFTs.

Of course, Yes. These NFTs operate in a decentralized manner, and players can trade the in-game assets as NFTs. They can see tremendous gains in exchange for these digital assets.

In-game accessories, vehicles, trading cards, weapons, characters, virtual landscapes, etc., are some of the many things that can be tokenized and sold as virtual assets.

Definitely. Our services are not just confined to a particular niche. We extend it to cater to any needs of our clients. We build NFT gaming solutions such as Sorare, Axie Infinity, Crypto kitties, etc.

The timeframe for development depends on the customizations you want to inculcate in your Sorare clone. However, we give you the time estimate after hearing your requirements and ensure to deliver the product within the mentioned deadline.

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