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Cameo Clone App Development Services

Connecting to one’s favorite entertainers was a far-off concept just a few years ago. Now with the advent of mobile application technology, people around the world are closer than ever before. Cameo, the popular video messaging app, took an innovative approach to connect users with popular entertainment personalities, sports stars, and more.

With the frenzy that Cameo created, video messaging apps like Cameo are quickly becoming a hot topic among today’s users. Capitalize on this trend by getting into the market with the best Cameo clone app in the market.

INORU’s Cameo Clone comes with an array of features designed to ‘wow’ your users. It makes the process of connecting with their favorite celebrities quick and seamless.

What is the Cameo Clone?

Cameo clone is a recreation of the popular video messaging platform Cameo, designed to connect users with celebrities and famous personalities. From musicians to authors, filmstars, reality TV stars, and more are present on Cameo.

INORU’s Cameo Clone is an affordable rendition of this video messaging platform that similarly lets your users enjoy the same capabilities. The market for such an enterprise is certainly robust at the moment. With everyone having access to a smartphone, the world has never seemed smaller in many aspects.

Both users and celebrities can make use of the Cameo Clone to their advantage. Celebrities can earn a side income by being on the platform and users get the ability to connect with their favorite celebrities.

Now, you can benefit from being the one to make this happen by investing in our Cameo Clone app development services.

Stand Out Features of the Cameo Clone


Personalized Celebrity Profiles

Users on the Came clone can search and find the celebrity they’re looking for. Celebrities can personalize their profiles in any way they want.


Video Calls

Apart from messages, users can also get in touch with the celebrities via live calls, should they offer such a service.

Add Comments

Users can comment on live streaming broadcast and on celebrity profiles. This will further the discussion and entertainment factor in the app.

Filters and editing options

Users can alter the video sent by the celebrity should they choose to, with the help of filters and other editing tools.

Direct Messaging

Users can send a direct message to any celebrity. Celebrities have the ability to accept or decline any incoming message

Shared Feed

Users on the platform can share the messages sent by their favorite Celebrities on their Live Feed.

SuperFan Badge

Ardent fans of a particular celebrity can be recognized with the ‘SuperFan’ Badge.

Location-Based Experience

Users can find celebrities in their locality through the use of live location service.

What Drives The Popularity Of Video Messaging Platforms Like Cameo?

The major reason video messaging apps like Cameo are popular is for the simple fact that they give average people the chance to interact with their favorite celebrities. Whether it be the most popular rappers, directors, or football players, fans meet their idols in a way that has never been possible before.

Another key reason why video messaging apps like Cameo are so popular at the moment is due to the situation with the COVID-19 pandemic. With people stuck at home, they are looking for alternative sources of entertainment, and our Cameo clone provides exactly that. For celebrities too, this is another way to earn an extra source of income and also boost their visibility among their fans with a quick interaction.

For fans and celebrities alike, video messaging platforms like our Cameo Clone is a welcome sight. The market for such solutions is only set to get bigger and bigger, so get in touch with our team and capitalize by launching your very own Cameo Clone app solution!

How does the Cameo Clone Work?

The Cameo Clone developed by INORU provides a streamlined way for fans to get in touch with their favorite celebrities. The process of registering in the app and connecting with their idols is made simple and easy.

  • Users register in the app with the necessary details.

  • Users can browse through a list of available celebrities or search for a celebrity.

  • Users can view the list of services the celebrity provides.

  • Users can choose the service they would like (live call, video shoutout, birthday message, etc.)

  • Users are prompted to pay for the service chosen. Pricings are set by the celebrity.

  • Once payment has been made, they will then receive the service they paid for.

  • Users can share the message or video shout-out with their friends using social media.

Extensive Features List For The Cameo Clone App

RegistrationNew users can onboard with the app by providing the necessary information.

Celebrity SearchUsers can look for a specific celebrity by typing their name into the search bar.

Choose a service optionUsers can pick and choose from the list of available services the celebrity has listed.

CategoriesUsers can assort the list of celebrities using the types of services they provide.

View Celebrity ProfilesUsers can look through the list of available celebrities profiles in the app, displayed according to the genre.

Screen Capture VideoUsers can record the video call session with the celebrity using the screen capture function.

Social Media SharingUsers can share the message, recording, or any other service availed through their social media profiles.

Editing OptionsUsers can edit the messages and videos they get from celebrities before sharing it on their social media profiles.

Ongoing SupportUsers can quickly get in touch with our customer care representatives for any issues they face in the app.

Real-time NotificationsUsers can stay up-to-date with the help of push notifications regarding the requests, incoming messages, posts from their favorite celebrities, and more.

Follow CelebrityUsers can follow any celebrity on the app by clicking on the ‘follow’ button. This will enable them to receive notifications about any activity from the celebrity.

Sign-upWhen a celebrity wants to onboard with the app, they can quickly do so by doing the necessary process of verification.

List ServicesCelebrities can choose the kind of interactions they wish to have with their fans. The interactions range from messages to live calls.

Set RateCelebrities can set the commission rate for the different services they wish to provide. For example, a text message will cost less than a video message.

Account ManagementCelebrities can manage their accounts any way they see fit using the ‘account management’ tool in the Cameo Clone.

Privacy SettingsCelebrities can choose their level of privacy with options like who can view their content, whether users can send them direct messages, etc.

Analytical ReportsCelebrities can receive detailed reports generated on a periodic basis with all the relevant information.

Social Media IntegrationMany celebrities are very active on numerous social media platforms. They can expand their reach by integrating their social media handles with the Cameo clone.

Admin PanelAdmins can quickly get information regarding the operations on the Cameo Clone via the Admin App.

User ManagementAdmins can effectively view and manage all the users registered in the Cameo Clone.

Offers and PromotionsAdmins can offer offers and promotions on the app and manage the same.

Celebrity Profile ManagementAdmins can view, verify, and accept any new celebrity on the app as well as manage their accounts.

Account VerificationAdmins can verify the identity of new celebrities and prove their authenticity by awarding them with a ‘Verified’ badge.

View Detailed ReportsThe Cameo Clone automatically sends admins periodically generated reports that they can view to glean valuable information.

Multi-languageThe Cameo Clone can be customized to be used in different languages should the admin want to function in a non-english speaking country.

Filter OptionsUsers can search for their favorite celebrities using an extensive list of filtering options available on the Cameo Clone.

Featured ListAdmins can charge an extra fee to list celebrities under the ‘Featured List’ which will give them more visibility.

Scheduled Live StreamsCelebrities can schedule a live stream at any time they choose and set a designated price. Fans who wish to join can pay the amount and take part in the stream.

Cameo Clone Revenue Model - How can you make money with the Cameo Clone?

The Cameo Clone comes with a list of options for you to make money on the platform. The revenue generation is only limited by your creativity.

Subscriptions Based

You can incentivize users to become paid members of the Cameo Clone by allowing them to sign-up on a monthly or yearly basis and providing them with a list of amenities like 3 free shoutouts per month etc.


In-app advertising is where the bulk of the revenue comes in from the Cameo Clone. You can charge a rate for third party advertisements within the app. The pricing can be based on the duration of the app, location of ads, frequency, and more.


Another method of revenue generation can be from the commission set on the payment given to celebrities. Every time a service is paid for, the admin gets a percentage as commission.

Why Choose INORU as Your Came Clone App Developer?

  • Industry Experience

    We have been a reputed developer in the field for over 14+ years and have extensive experience across many business verticals.

  • Qualified Personnel

    Our team consists of highly qualified developers, marketing professionals, content creators, and more who are all well versed in their field.

  • End-to-end Development

    We take care of everything from start to finish. You don’t need the service of anybody else.

  • Quality Assurance

    We offer world-quality services that are tried and tested for quality.

  • Affordable Pricing

    All our products and services are priced at a cost-effective price to benefit our customers.

  • Expert Guidance and Support

    We offer robust on-going support services to help you out any time you need.


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