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Careem Clone
Launch A Robust Taxi-Hailing App Like Careem

Taxi is our go to when we need a ride. But how do we find a taxi? Walking to a taxi stand or screaming at taxis passing by asking for a ride doesn’t it feel like a burden? Let’s put off all these screaming, walking, and burdens with a single solution. Yes, Careem clone is the solution you can put on the plates of your users.

An on-demand taxi app script like Careem clone is ready for an instant launch and can be customized to any extent. These are the reasons why entrepreneurs always look out for a clone app, it gives them a head start earlier than they are usually supposed to. Give us a call and go home in a Taxi delivery app.

Careem Clone App

What is a Careem Clone?

Careem clone is an on-demand taxi app solution that bestows users to book their ride from anywhere in a few taps. It is a solution similar to the globally acclaimed taxi app Careem. It is 100% customizable, which means any kind of changes from the integration of plug-ins to the design can be done. It is your shortcut to enter the on-demand taxi market in a very short span of time.

Facile WorkFlow Of Careem Clone

Careem clone comes with a very convenient workflow that everyone, irrespective of their age, can use.

  • User gets on board in seconds with the social login feature.
  • The location of the user is geo-tagged.
  • The user enters their pickup and drop location.
  • They are presented with a number of taxis in their nearby region.
  • The type of taxi like mini, micro, SUV is selected.
  • The Driver gets notified of the user’s location
  • The driver either accepts or rejects the ride
  • Once he has accepted the ride, he heads to the user’s location
  • The driver picks up the user and drops them at their destination.
Work Flow of Careem Clone

Pertinent Features Of Careem Clone

Sign Up The user signs up to the app in less than a minute with our social login feature.

Geo-tag Location The user’s location is tagged accurately to find the taxis nearest to them and get them picked up in a short time.

Taxi Types Everyone books a taxi for a different purpose; some may need it to travel alone, while some may need it for their family or friends. We offer them different types of taxis, mini, micro, prime, and SUVs.

Share A Ride More than one user may need a ride in the same route; in this case, the users can share the ride with other users allowing them to take a ride at a better price.

Book A Ride The main feature of a taxi booking app. The user books the type of ride they require and their pick up and drops off location.

Multiple Payment Options Always offer the user more than one option, so they get to choose at their convenience. Offer them a debit or credit card payment option, net banking, e-wallet, and more.

Chat With Driver Once the user has booked a taxi, they can chat with the driver and assist the driver in reaching their place sooner.

Schedule A Ride Some rides are pre-planned; scheduling a ride is exclusively for those users who have planned it all in the past.

Fare Prediction The user can check the fare for the ride he/she is about to take in beforehand, so they find the app more credible.

Review and Rating The user can write reviews on the driver and their experience with your services.

Registration For a driver to register with the app, they will be required to submit specific details about them, and on verification of it, they are brought on board.

Availability Toggle The driver can toggle between online and offline in a tap making their work more flexible and convenient.

Navigation It is not possible to be aware of all the routes in a city. The driver app has google map integrated with it, so they can navigate anywhere in the city without any confusion.

Accept/Reject A Ride The driver has the privilege to accept or reject a ride assigned to them in respect to their convenience.

Booking History The driver can keep track of all the rides they have accomplished in their driver app.

Payment History The amount to be credited to the driver for the rides they have accomplished is displayed here. This motivates them to take more rides.

In-App Call In case of any direct assistance or any other query, the driver can use the in-app call feature to contact the user and get it clarified.

Review The driver also gets to write reviews on the users’ attitude towards the driver.

User Management A complete database of the users in the app can be previewed and managed by the admin using the admin panel.

Driver Management The admin keeps an eye on all the reviews written by the users on the drivers. If a driver keeps getting bad reviews, the admin can warn them using the admin panel.

Payment Management The admin keeps track of all the payments made by the users and the payouts for the drivers using the admin panel.

Track Drivers The real-time location of the drivers can be tracked by the admin. This helps avoid a threat to the driver and the user.

Ride Management All the rides can be tracked by the admin efficiently. In case of any shortcomings, the admin can instantly resolve the issue with the admin panel.

Analytics Dashboard An all-in-one dashboard that presents the data on the business proceedings, strategies to scale up, and predictions on the future performance.

Multiple Revenue Streams Of Careem Clone

Careem clone offers a multitude of options to generate revenue.

Ride Commission

A percentage of commission is deducted from the payment made by the user on every ride. This is the major stream of revenue.

Premium Subscription

Offer the users zero-peak time charges, few free rides for a month and more other lucrative options with a premium subscription.

Transaction Commission

On every transaction made by the user using the third-party payment gateway, a transaction commission is charged.

In-App Ads

Allow third party businesses to post ads in your app considering the user base and charge them.

What Do We Offer With A Careem Clone?

Careem Clone App Development

User Android App

User iOS App

Driver Android App

Driver iOS App

Admin Panel

Our Careem Clone App Development Process

Requirement Analysis

As a first step of the development process, your business needs are studied, and the requirements to build a robust app is analysed.


A road map is structured to build the app and deploy it on Android and iOS platforms at the promised time.

UI/UX Design

A lucrative design that would be a treat to your user’s eye and your branding tool is designed by our design team.

Back-End Development

A robust app with seamless performance is built with exemplary features that make your app stand out from the crowd.


A series of tests are run on all stages of development to ensure the development of a bug-free app.


As the app is all set for deployment, the working model is presented to you, and to your satisfaction, it is deployed in the Android and iOS platforms.

Why Choose Inoru For A Taxi-Booking App Development?

Taxi Booking App Development

Free Server Installation

We deploy the fully-developed robust app in the server of your choice for free.

Free Deployment

We deploy your robust readymade taxi app on the Android, and iOS platforms free of charges.

Free Support

You are susceptible to free support throughout the development process and also for a specific period of time after the deployment of the app.

Native Apps

We develop your apps using native technologies, making them compatible with all devices.

Round The Clock Support

Our support team resolves all your queries instantly, irrespective of the time.

White-Label Apps

You get an app that resonates your brand vision with your logo in every tap the user makes.

Careem Clone App Screens


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