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Cloud Based Lending Software

With changes being brought on by technological advancements in every sector, it is vital that we adapt our existing models to keep with this movement. A Cloud-based lending software provides an avenue for growth in a changing demographic that is desperate for innovation. Get a leg up in this competitive market with our fully automated, robust cloud lending software solution.

A Fully Automated Cloud Lending Software

Streamlined Workflow Let our developers optimize your lending business with our streamlined approach to organizing workflows. A great way to yield results and promote the optimal loaning experience.

Detailed Credit ScoringA credit scoring model based on machine learning that continuously updates itself to improve your lending business and make informed decisions.

Advanced Credit AnalysisWith our detailed analytical tool, you’ll be able to learn from past decisions and figure out what works for your business and what doesn’t.

Our Range of Innovative Cloud Lending Software Solutions

Cloud Lending Portal A portal dedicated to making the borrower experience seamless and aimed at a high rate of conversion for your cloud lending software.

Cloud Lending OriginateA feature that lets you effectively write up contracts with the details provided regarding loans, credit and their management.

Cloud Lending LoanAn end-to-end software solution that lets you manage loans, lines of credit and other financial details all under one roof.

Cloud Lending Lease A fully functional application that lets you manage and watch over your leases in a succinct manner. Whether it be assets, contracts or customer information, keep a track of all your leases with this robust application.

Cloud Lending MarketplaceUsed for hybrid loans or peer-to-peer loans, this solution manages complete loan cycles from start to finish — enabling you to automate the entire process, thus making it more efficient and streamlined.

Cloud Lending CollectionsAn advanced solution for collections that allows lenders to automate their collection processes, streamline customer interaction, and reduce technical, operational and service costs.

An Advanced Cloud Lending Software System

Technology plays a massive role in today’s digital ecosphere. The marketplace is decided by these technological innovations. To not adapt to a changing environment can spell disaster for any enterprise. The lending business is no different. With businesses continually moving towards software solutions as a way of conducting commerce, it is vital that you’re at the forefront of this change.

INORU brings you a cloud lender application that has all the tools you need to survive in a competitive marketplace. With standalone applications dedicated to all the different aspects of the lending business, it provides a wonderful opportunity for you to distance yourself from your competition and stake your claim as the leading name in cloud lending software solutions.

What Makes Our Cloud Lending Software Stand Out From The Rest?

A Robust Online PortalWith a dedicated online webpage, eliminate the need for installing bulky software. Work from anywhere, anytime.

Boost Your EfficiencyWith support from a capable artificial intelligence software that eliminates the need for manual checks, you’ll see a big step up in your operational efficiency.

Complete CompatibilityFrom payday loans to student loans, auto loans to peer-to-peer loans, our lending software is compatible to support all types of loans, giving you a software experience that can handle whatever you throw at it.

Dedicated Customer ServiceHave any queries or concerns? We provide you with an around the clock technical support that is on standby to help you in real-time.

Step Up Your PortfolioWith advanced analytics that helps you identify the most profitable customers, you can use your time and resources effectively and boost up your portfolio.

Scalable Solutions At Affordable PricesAt INORU, we focus on providing cloud lending software solutions at all price points. Our range of software allows you to invest smartly and add more as your business grows with specifications built with the future in mind.

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