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Clubhouse Clone App Development Services

Social media has been evolving itself into various apps in recent years. Each social media app has found its purpose. Facebook connects with more people, Twitter for sharing short content, Instagram to share pictures, and Whatsapp for messaging. With all this in store, now we are witnessing the rise of an audio-based social media app. Clubhouse is an audio-based social media app where users create rooms to conduct meetings and discuss various topics. This is a new addition to the social media craze we’ve all been addicted to.

The Clubhouse app is now acting as an invite-only registration app for several reasons. A user can create a profile in Clubhouse only if he/she is invited by an existing user. This exclusiveness has created an expectation in people to create a profile for themselves. Also, Oprah Winfrey and Elon Musk's sign-up has made a huge buzz around this app. But unfortunately, not all people are able to create a profile for themselves.

If you are an entrepreneur alarmed by the buzz around the audio-based social media platform and looking out to create one for yourself, we can help you. INORU provides a white label Clubhouse App, the audio-based platform with rooms to host meetings and participate. Leverage the buzz around this newcomer of social media and launch an app with us right away.

The Workflow of our Clubhouse Clone Application

Our Clubhouse Clone App has a comfortable and exciting workflow exclusively for the users.

Sign up or Registration

  • The user downloads the clubhouse clone app
  • Now the user reserves his name but cannot sign-up
  • The user must wait to get an invitation now
  • The existing users will be displayed with the new reserved names
  • If a current user finds someone he/she is familiar with he invites them
  • Once a current user invites the user can sign up with his necessary details

Start a Room

  • The user taps the start a room feature and enters the topic of the meeting and the time of the meeting.
  • A notification is sent to the connections of the user regarding the meeting
  • The speaker of the room appoints the moderators for the meeting
  • The speaker hosts the meeting on time.
  • The speaker and the audience discuss various details related to the topic.

Join a Room

  • The user scrolls through the hallway, checking the rooms
  • The user is notified of the meetings he set reminders for in the calendar.
  • He joins the meeting and listens to the speakers
  • Suppose the user wishes to speak, he notifies the moderator to promote him to the stage
  • Once the user is done speaking, he is sent back to the audience and continues to listen.

Clubhouse Clone App- The next-gen social media app

Clubhouse Clone App stands out from the crowded social media apps by giving its users an interactive audio experience.

In all other social media apps, the user shares a photo or video content on the app, and the other users comment their views on it later. Whereas in our Clubhouse clone app, the users participating in a room converse their opinions in real-time. This makes the users more engaged as they can’t save their views to post as a comment another day.

Every common person can just download a social media app and sign up with his/her contact details. But in the Clubhouse clone app, the user is allowed to download the app and reserve the name but to sign up, he/she needs to get invited by a current user. This makes our Clubhouse Clone more exclusive than the other social media apps.

Features of our Clubhouse Clone App

The Clubhouse Clone App is configured with exciting features to keep your users engaged and insightful.

Sign Up

The Clubhouse Clone App is an invite-only platform, which means everyone cannot sign up unless they get an invite from the current user. But the user can download the app and reserve his username. Once he gets an invite he can sign-up with the details like contact number and email address.

Profile Management

The profile of the user has a profile picture, a bio, the joining date, the nominated person, and other social media handles. These can be edited by the user whenever he wants to.



The users can create or join a room. The participants in the room are classified as Moderator, Speaker, and Listener. Discussions on various topics are held in rooms with decorum.


The users can either create or join a club he/she is interested in. A user can either simply follow a club or send a request to be a member of the club. A club can host meetings privately only for its members and a public one where everyone can join. A club has a Founder, Admin, Members, and Followers.



The user is notified when someone has followed them or if any of the connections of the user gets on stage and speaks in any of the meetings. Then the user can enter the room and listen to the speech of his connection.


The user can set reminders for the upcoming events he is interested in participating in the calendar.


Browse for Friends and Clubs

The user can scroll to see other profiles and clubs. The user may follow the users or the clubs if he is interested.



Every user is credited with an invitation on signing up using which they can invite a friend of theirs to the app. The user also gets invitations considering his activities and the number of meetings hosted by him.

Analytic Dashboard

Analyze your users’ behavior and target them with meetings and clubs they would be interested in joining and participating.


Manage Users and Clubs

Manage all the users and the clubs in a single app and try building a good relationship with them in any possible way.


Category Management

Manage all the different categories of content by users in your custom made audio-based social media app.


The user can be in a room listening to a speech and scrolling through the hallway looking out for other interesting rooms simultaneously.

Raise a Hand

Suppose a user is in a room as a listener and wishes to speak, the user uses the ‘raise a hand’ feature to show his interest. The moderator then brings the listener up to the stage and allows him to speak. This feature maintains decorum in the room.


A user has access to unmute his microphone and speak only when he is on the stage. The speaker is either the host or a listener promoted by a moderator.

Small Group Discussions

If a user feels bored he can join in these small group decisions where people speak on their stories. These stories may be insightful and inspiring.

Leave Quietly

Suppose a user wants to leave a meeting room, he can leave the room quietly without disrupting the meeting.

Monetization of Clubhouse Clone App

Clubhouse Clone App is a business-centric community building app. It aids other small and medium businesses to grow by creating rooms and making speeches on their business. This creates a following for them, potentially turning them into clients. But as a social media platform and as a business, you also have to earn money.


The most popular way to earn money by owning a social media app is by letting other businesses advertise on your platform.

Premium Subscription

Clubhouse clone is an app of exclusivity with features like invite-only registration. With the addition of exciting and compelling premium features users will pay you with no second thoughts.

Physical Merchandise

With an app like Clubhouse Clone, the number of followers will be enormous. This crowd can be sold merchandise with the logos of the app. This can earn you money as well as act as a great marketing strategy.

In-App Purchases

An online marketplace can be created in the app and the users may be allowed to sell their products. A small commission can be charged for this. This is also a good revenue generation strategy.

Our Process of Clubhouse Clone development


Requirement Analysis

In INORU, our client's satisfaction is our first priority. So, we have a detailed discussion with our clients and understand their requirements and how they want their audio-based social media platform customized, and more.



Once we have a clear understanding of what our client expects from us, we start planning. Separate teams are alloted with separate works to bring our client’s dream to life.


Sound Design

Our design team works on an intuitive and engaging design, so your users feel excited every time they use it.



Our developers focus on developing an audio-based social media app with the best features to engage your users with high-speed functionality.


Quality Assurance and Testing

After the development process, various tests are undergone to make it bug-free and ready for launch.



Now that the app is developed and tested, it is all set for a launch in the platforms of our client’s interest. We ensure our clients that their audio-based social media app gets a grand reception from the users.


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