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Deliveroo Clone- Time To Deliver Some Foods!

Yes, We are in the middle of a pandemic, things are not the way they used to be. We all cannot be roaming around the food streets finding the right food truck or restaurant that can fulfill our cravings. So now what? Yes, we all already know the answer, food delivery apps. Just sign-up and search for the Italian, Mexican, Chinese, Indian or American restaurant you were looking for to place your order, and the food will be knocking at your door sometime. This is the new normal. The global food delivery projected value for 2021 is $120 billion, and it is expected to rise to a whopping $300 billion by 2027. The numbers you see are the rage of this market.

The food delivery market is such a vast spread with high potential. Leveraging it would probably be a safe as well as smart idea. Squeeze in, scoop your share of the market and then stay comfortable in it. Give us a call to tell us your idea; we build you a Deliveroo clone app and launch it on both Android and iOS platforms. Now it is the team you satisfy your customer's food cravings and earn substantially.

How Does Deliveroo Clone Work?

Our Deliveroo clone comes with a simple workflow so that even a toddler can place an order without their mommy’s knowledge.

  • The user gets on board with the app by signing up using any of their social credentials.
  • The user is asked for their location, and on detecting it, the user’s eye is served with a banquet of dishes from numerous restaurants.
  • The restaurant, and the dish is picked and the order is placed.
  • Payment to the order is made either by online transactions or cash on delivery
  • The restaurant is notified of the order placed by the user
  • The restaurant accepts the order and starts preparing the food
  • A delivery person is assigned for the specific order, and the delivery person heads to the restaurant
  • Once the food is prepared and is ready for delivery, the delivery person picks it and heads to the user’s location
  • Oh! Yes, the door bell of the user rings, and the user rushes towards the door and finds their delicious food waiting for them.

Exemplary Features Of Deliveroo Clone

Sign Up Get your foodies on board by signing up using any of their social credentials.

Search Tab Hop in, type the delicacy in the search, place the order; this is far easier than scrolling through the app to find a perfect restaurant with a menu suitable for the craving.

Explore Feed The fun part is here; users get to scroll through numerous menus that literally water their mouths and kindle them to be hungry, and lure them into placing an order.

Place Order The main event of a food delivery app placing orders in just a few taps is definitely cozy and comfy for your users.

Track Orders Keep your users aware of the status of the order time, so they don’t feel lost in their hungry world.

Multiple Payment Options Serve your customers with a platter of options to pay, net banking, credit/debit card, e-wallet, P2P transactions, and more.

Takeaway Feature No more waiting in a restaurant; place the order via the app and get it picked up on your way.

Review And Rating Let the user rave about the delicacies they have just witnessed by writing reviews and rating the restaurants and the dishes.

Order Dashboard A dashboard to manage all the orders received by the restaurant through the app.

Manage Menu The restaurant gets to update its menu every single day so they could lure more customers.

Manage Restaurant Details The restaurant owner can manage the details of the restaurant like location, photos, menu, and more.

Payment Tracking This feature helps the restaurant keep track of all the payments received from the app.

Manage Reviews As a part of the trust-building activity, the restaurant gets an opportunity to reply to the reviews posted by users.

Manage Banner Ads The restaurants have the opportunity to aggregate their business by posting banner ads on their offers and more in the app.

Manage Profile The delivery personnel manage their profile data using this feature.

Real-Time Requests The orders near the location of the delivery person are assigned to them.

Accept/Reject Orders The delivery person has the liberty to either accept or reject the order in case of any emergencies.

Order Details A detailed data of the order is transcribed to the delivery person so that they don’t miss anything from the order.

Availability Status The delivery person can toggle their availability status. This allows them to work more flexibly.

Payments Tracking The amount earned by the delivery person on every order they accomplish can be tracked here.

Restaurant Management Have a lookout for new restaurants; meanwhile, keep an eye on the reviews of the existing restaurants via a single feature.

User Management The admin can manage the user data of their previous orders, the status of their current order, and more using this feature.

Order Management A detailed list of all the pending orders, accomplished orders, and canceled orders can be viewed here.

Offer Management Keep your users thrilled all day by offering them various discounts, thereby luring them into placing more orders.

Notifications Management Keep your users, restaurants, and delivery persons informed about all new updates.

Analytic Dashboard Keep yourself informed about the growth rate of your business, strategies that could lead to more businesses, and more here.

Features That Ensure The Safety Of Your Users Pandemic is on our door, and it is time we stay responsible and follow safety precautions to safeguard the delivery personnel and the users.

Contactless Delivery Payments are made online, and food is waiting at the door while the delivery person follows social distancing.

Takeaway Restaurants Your user makes the order at a restaurant on the way to their work and collects the food themself.

Disable Cash On Delivery No more cash on delivery; offer your users a platter of online transaction services like net banking, credit/debit cards, P2P transactions, wallets, and more.

Temperature Check For Delivery Personnel The temperature of the delivery personnel is checked and intimated to the user as a preventive measure.

Safety Badges Offer safety badges to restaurants that follow all the safety guidelines.

Awareness Banners Present videos and infographics to the users, making them aware of all the health safety conditions.

Deliveroo Clone Revenue Model

A food delivery app fetches you revenue in diverse ways, like fetching food from different restaurants.

Commission Fee

Every order a restaurant gets through your platform; they are susceptible to pay you a commission.

Delivery Charges

Food knocking on doors is luxury, and luxury comes with a cost. So your users pay for it.

Surge Pricing

Peak times and unconditional weather are susceptible to a surge price as these services are more elite.

In-App Advertising

Let other fellow businesses post ads in your app considering your user base and charge them for it.

Paid Promos

Add up some spice to your app by allowing restaurants to run paid promos in the app for a charge.

Why Choose Inoru For Your Deliveroo Clone?

Partnering up with us comes with a lot of perks.

Free Server Installation

You get the fully-developed app installed on the server of your choice for free.

Free Deployment

The robust Deliveroo clone app is deployed in both Android and iOS platforms for free.

Free Support

You get access to free support throughout the development process and later on.

100% Customization

No compromise in customization; you get the app the way you dreamt it to be.

Native Android and iOS Apps

Your app is built using native languages, making them more compatible and seamless performance.

24*7 Assistance

You got a query when the sun is resting, call us because our support team is not resting unless your query is resolved.

Inoru’s Definitive Development ProcessGet to know more about our development process

Requirement Study

Our team studies your business plan and analyses the requirements to build an app that resonates with your idea.


The main event takes place in detailed planning of a road map to deliver your deliveroo clone on time.

UI/UX Design

Time for creativity to blend with your business idea to finally create a mouthwatering design.

Back-End Development

Building a food delivery app with exemplary features to make users fall in love with it.


The testing team is strict; they follow a strenuous procedure to find all bugs and glitches and get them resolved.


Your Deliveroo clone is prepared and ready for delivery; on your confirmation, it gets dispatched and delivered on the Android and iOS platforms.

What Is The Cost Of Developing A Deliveroo Clone?

Every entrepreneur’s first question can be what it would cost to launch an app. Although it may look easy to give a definite number, sadly, it is not. The cost of building an app depends on numerous factors, the kind of design you are looking for, the features you plan to integrate, the platforms you plan to list your app, and the customizations you require, and the list goes on. We’ll make it simple for you, get yourself sure about all your requirements and just give us a call and let us know your requirements. Once the call gets disconnected in barely a few minutes, a detailed quote on the pricing of your app is sent to your mail.

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