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Diet Planner App Development Company

In the realm of app development, INORU has been a leading name for over 14+ years. Over the years, we have worked with clients from around the world in crafting world quality solutions that deliver results.

When it comes to choosing a diet planner app development company that fits your needs, picking INORU can be the best choice you can make. With cutting edge technology and features that cover the entire spectrum of development, our healthy eating plan app is known for their intuitive design and easy usage.

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Why should you launch a Diet Planner App?

The fitness industry has grown by leaps and bounds over the past decade or more. With increasing awareness and knowledge regarding how important it is to stay fit and lead a healthy lifestyle, more and more people are downloading fitness related applications than ever before.

Experts say that this trend is set to continue for the foreseeable future as the younger generation are more fitness inclined than the previous generations. Among the diverse group of fitness based applications available in the market, the chief among them that grabs the most number of eyeballs is the diet planner apps.

Diet Planner App development is a fast growing niche of the fitness industry with millions of users around the world having downloaded diet planners over the past year alone.

For entrepreneurs looking to make the most of this opportunity, there is no better way to capitalize on the craze than INORU’s Diet planner app development solutions. With a tried and proven track record, we are the number one choice among entrepreneurs and users alike!

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  • Meal Planner

    Users can plan out their meals in advance with this highly helpful healthy meal plan app. Staying ahead of the schedule is key to a successful diet!

  • Calorie Counter

    When it comes to losing and gaining weight, it basically comes down to the amount of calories consumed. Our nutrition calculator app allows users to accurately count calories and reach their goals.

  • Weight Monitoring

    Staying consistent requires constant motivation and keeping in touch with your plan. The weight monitoring system of our Nutrition app development ensures that you know exactly how much you weighed today vs a few weeks ago.

  • Target Plan

    Users can plan out their fitness goals months or even years in advance with our customized target plans present in our nutrition plan app.

  • Diet Planner

    Even more important than having a plan is knowing how to achieve it. Our diet planner application allows users to plan out their own customized diets with no hassle.

  • Nutritional Advice

    The app is periodically updated with nutritional advice from the experts to give further information to users.

  • Personalized Meals

    Users can get access to personalized meal plans that are catered to their individual goals with our meal planner app development.

  • Recipe Blogs

    The app has a separate section that has blog posts with recipes, advice, and guidance from other users and fitness enthusiasts.


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App Features of Our Diet Planner/Meal Planner App Development

Our Diet planner app/Meal planner app comes with every tool one needs to successfully plan, track and carry out their diet


Easy Registration

The process of registering with the Diet planner is extremely simple. Users can get onboard and start their fitness journey in a few minutes.

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Personalized Profiles

To make the app feel as unique as possible, we have enabled complete customization of profiles.

Multiple Payment Integration

Users can pay through a variety of ways including net payments, cards, UPI. Third party payment gateways can also be integrated into the app.

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Third-party API Integration

The INORU diet planner app can be seamlessly integrated with third party APIs. This allows users to make the most of the app.


Users can locate themselves with the Geolocation feature in the meal planner app. This can be used to provide location specific information to the user.

Wearable Device Integration

Many users nowadays make the use of fitness trackers and devices like the Apple Watch and the Fitbit. Our tracker app can be integrated with all devices in a jiffy.

Forum and Blog posts

The meal planning app comes with a community section of the application that allows users to post blogs and articles and interact with the other users in the forum.


Direct Messaging

Users can get in contact with other users through the use of direct messaging feature in the application. Direct messaging is a great addition to the app.

Report Generation

The app is capable of creating daily, weekly, monthly and yearly reports that provide the users with everything they need to know regarding their fitness journey.


Admins can incentive users with offers and discounts at any time. These campaigns are easy to carry out and plan.

Medical Advice

The premium plan of the meal planner app comes with a ‘ask the doctor’ section, which can be used to consult health experts.

Event Planner

The event planner is a calendar tool that lets users plan their fitness journey by date. A must-have in any application!

Customer Support

Both users and the admin can get in touch with customer support at any time to get the help that they require.

Advertisement Management

Admins can use this tool to manage the advertising shown on the app. Advertising is a great way to increase the revenue generated by the app.

Instant Push Notifications

The admin can quickly send push notifications to the users either individually or as a bulk messaging option.

Add Photos/Videos

Users can post their fitness progress photos and videos on the app with the click of a button. This motivates them to continuously improve.

Revenue Generation in the Meal Planner App

App owners are provided with the opportunity to earn revenue from many different ways in the Diet planner/Meal planner app.

Paid Services

The Diet planner app comes with many paid services such as medical consultant, physio advice, diet planner, nutritional advice and more. When users opt for any of these services, the admin gets a cut as part of their commission.

Premium Subscriptions

Although the diet planner app is designed to be a free app, it can be given as a premium version with a periodic subscription. The premium subscription gives users access to all the paid services and some extra features too!

Advertisement Revenue

With the help of advertising revenue, app owners have another avenue for earning money. Third party advertisements can be shown for a fee. This can be based on numerous criteria such as placement of ads, the duration, and frequency.

Our Diet Planner App Development Process

Learning Requirements

As the first step of the development process, we sit down with our clients to know exactly what they are hoping to achieve. From their end goal to the path there, we figure out everything before we get started.

Coming Up With a Plan

Once we know exactly what they want, we will figure out the best possible way to achieve it. This step involves personnel allocation, setting up time frames and more.

Designing The App

The app design is carried out by our front end design team which will ensure that the app looks great and is easy to use.
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Back-end Development

Our back-end development team will take over the job to outfit the app with all the features that the client has asked for.
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Quality Analysis

The Quality Analysis process ensures that every app that we launch meets the highest of standards.

Launching The App

The app launch is carried out by our marketing team to ensure the maximum reach and impact it can create.

Why Choose INORU as your Nutrition App Development Company?

Full Customizability

Our nutrition app can be customized as per your exact needs. Build a unique app in no time!

Fully Scalable

Our app solutions offer complete scalability and allow you to grow your business.

High Security

With numerous security protocols in place, the client data is always protected from breaches or fraudulent activities.

Guidance From Experts

Our team has the knowledge and expertise to guide you through every step of the way in your app development journey.

End-to-end Development

From start to finish, we are involved in the entirety of the app development process. Let us do the job, sit back, and reap the rewards.

On-going Support

Our support team is always there to help you out with anything you might need. Just reach out and we’ll get it sorted out.

Affordable Services

We have a highly competitive pricing structure that allows us to provide affordable services without compromising on quality.


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