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Next-gen Discord Server Marketing Services for Generative NFTs

Discord is considered to have twenty percent more users than any other social media platform. Any project that wishes to grow at a personal level opts for Discord marketing, where the people joining the group are called community members, and the groups are called as a community.

Multiple ways to promote a project on Discord via Discord Marketing for Brands are-


Ask the community members to perform some tasks, and they will be awarded free tokens/NFTs. The task will include promoting (like, share, comment) the project on different social media platforms.


Among all the community members in total, a few lucky people will be selected to get free NFTs. This will attract multiple people to join the community and be the lucky winner.


We can organize competitions like meme competition, most active member for a day, etc., among all community, and give the person working really hard the title of the most active member of the day along with an NFT or may be any kind of benefit related to the project.

AMA Sessions

Quick Ask Me Anything would do wonders for the NFT project. It can be organized by the project, and anyone who has an intense/complete knowledge about the project can be the host or an influencer to clear the sky.

Host Voice channel

Host Voice sessions to have a conversation with the community that will help to gain the trust of the community and attract more engagement.

Benefits of using Discord Marketing for Crypto Projects

Better control

With the assistance of an invite link to the server, we will be able to convey the message of the NFT project to the real community members. The threat of spamming and attacks by fraudsters can be avoided.

Discord is fast

Official communication made through emails can sometimes be cumbersome. But, with Discord, even if a message is not delivered in a single go, you can always edit the message or send another message the next second. It's fast!

An algorithm-free media

Discord is an algorithm-free medium to convey messages directly to the community in chronological order.

Secret To Our Discord Marketing for NFT Collections

  • Servers as per the requirement of the Discord community Apart from the main project server, we also create a Discord server that acts as a social discussion platform for the community. And, also some other servers that people will be interested in having a word within the community. As the project turns out to be successful, word-of-mouth plays a vital role in it.

  • A server for entertainment We also develop a channel where the community can share memes and image-based content about the project, which will add the fun element to the promotion of the NFT/crypto project.

  • Hunt for new channels for promotionsWe try to find new channels related to NFT/games/crypto and try to promote our NFT project.

  • Very quick community serviceSince there are moderators and admins clearing all the queries and doubts the community has, there can be better customer service through any other platform.

Why Choose INORU's Discord Promotion Services?

Things change over a period of time. So do the marketing strategies. We here at Inoru have embraced the changes that have been witnessed from time to time in the market. With a motivated, creative and productive team that has helped us to offer exceptional NFT marketing services, we have achieved and celebrated different milestones, occasions, and achievements.

Our team has helped multiple entrepreneurs to become forerunners. So, here is your chance to rise and shine. Get in touch with us now!

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