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Dosh Clone App

Dosh Clone is a cashback app similar to the Dosh App in functionality and is set for launch. It is a white-label solution with a 100% customization service corresponding to the client's business requirements. It comes with a user app and an admin panel. The user app has alluring features for the customers; it is integrated with numerous ecommerce platforms and various products, all of them with intimidating cashback offers. The admin panel is designed to focus on making the business owner's job effortless. It gives the admin insights on the business with an analytic dashboard and other management features to manage the users and the sellers.

Dosh Clone Script

Be Bounteous and Reward your Users with Cashback for Shopping

This world and we humans have always kept evolving through these years. As a part of our evolution, we have also made numerous inventions. The digitization and the introduction of smartphones are also a fraction of it. People's lives have been made easy after smartphones. Smartphones with high-speed internet have bought every need of people knocking on their doors in just a few taps.

The role of ecommerce platforms is inconceivable in this transition of our lives. We have switched to ecommerce platforms to seek products we need to purchase instead of the stores, markets, and outlets like every new invention leads to another. The rise of ecommerce platforms has led to this new way of shopping, earning a reward for every purchase. The cashback apps are here now to trigger the shopping freak in customers by offering them cashback. Launch a cashback app and be the aggregator for businesses around the world.

The Salient Features of our Dosh Clone App

Hot DealsSurprise your users with brand new deals, coupons, promo codes, and many more offers every day. Let them make it a practice to wake up to your app looking out for new offers.

Coupon CodesGift your users with coupon codes they can use to shop on specific ecommerce platforms or products. Redeem the coupon at the time of purchase.

Push NotificationsNotifying users of the status of their cashback makes your app more authentic. And also, keep them posted with the everyday deals so they don't miss any of them.

Tracking the CashbacksLet the user be informed of the live status of the reflection of the cashback in the bank account. This allows them to plan their next purchase accordingly.

Instant CashbackThe most exclusive instant cashback. While most other cashback apps make their users wait for 2 to 3 weeks, Dosh clone pays them instantly, making it the first choice for users.

Cashback TransferThe cashback to be sent to the user is either sent directly to their bank accounts or Paypal or other P2P wallets.

Surfing to ShopThe user can search for the products they wish to purchase and also browse for similar products.

Refer a FriendBy referring a friend to register in the app, the user gets small bonus cash that can be withdrawn or used to purchase any products.

Preffered SellersThe user can create a list of their favorite or preferred ecommerce platforms to get notified of offers by those sellers.

Recommonded CouponsThe coupons that have been used by more users are ranked as the recommended coupons to the user.

Offer your customers with exciting cashbacks and be their best friend from today with our Dosh clone solution

How does Dosh Clone App work?

Dosh clone has a comprehensible workflow making it effortless for the user to experience it.


Registration or signup is the first step to cherish the cashback offers. The user gets signed up using their email address, contact number, or any social media credentials.

Profile Creation

A profile is created, and the user can upload their picture and add other details like contact number and more. The cashback redeemed, history of payments are all displayed here.

Link your Bank Account details

The user has to enter the details of their bank account, credit or debit card, or their P2P payment to receive their cashback amounts credited directly to it.

Searching for Products

The products, sellers, and offers are listed on the home page. The user can search for the product they want to purchase here.

Apply coupons

Whenever a product is enlisted to be purchased, the user is availed with an in-app coupon, or the product itself comes with a cashback offer. The user redeems the coupon at the time of making the payments.

Instant Cashback payment

As soon as the user makes a purchase, the amount to be sent back to the user is initiated, and the payment is made in a very short time.

Why is Dosh Clone Your Preferred Choice to Launch a Cashback app?

The Dosh app has been growing like a gangbuster due to the user-friendliness of it and the instant cashback offer it has been providing. Our Dosh clone is a replica of it, with customizations made based on the client's requirements. This makes it an option that guarantees instant success.

A ready-to-launch App solution Our Dosh clone is an app that can be launched in the android/iOS store instantly. You no more have to keep waiting to launch your app; instead, you just have to launch it.

A top-to-bottom customization service Our Dosh clone script can be customized based on the client's requirements without any restriction.

White Label Solution Our Dosh Clone is a white label solution. It is customized based on your company's logo and themes and makes it look like an app built from scratch.

Highly-Scalable Scalability is an important trait for any business. Our Dosh clone app comes with 100% scalability options. It can be upgraded with new features whenever the client requires it.

All-in-one Admin Panel The admin panel comes with all the necessary features required to run a cashback app business. It allows the admin to initiate transactions and also manage every user and purchases made by them.

Analytics Report The admin is updated with user behavior, their growth percentage, the predicted transactions, and more.

Fill Your Treasury with our Dosh Clone App

Dosh Clone

In-App Coupons

The Dosh clone app comes with in-app coupons that can be purchased by the user. The coupons can be redeemed by the user while shopping on other ecommerce sites.

Seller Hosting Fee

Every seller enlisted in a cashback app makes a lot of sales as the cashback acts as an aggregator. In accordance with this, the sellers are charged a fee to get on board.


The most effortless way to earn by launching an app is by allowing for in-app ads. This is more of a passive yet steady income.

Commission Charges

For every purchase made by the user, the seller or ecommerce platform has to pay a small commission fee.

Transaction charges

The cashback app charges a small fee to the user on every transaction made through the app.

Develop An Instant Cashback App With Us

Developing and launching an app needs to be planned thoroughly and executed perfectly for a timely delivery.

Client Meeting

A team of analysts, developers, and designers meet the client to study the client's business plan, the niche crowd they aim to target, and the market they plan to penetrate.

Market Analysis

After the meeting with the client, the in-house business analysts understand the market and share their insights with the developers and design team.

Requirement Analysis

A list of the customizations made in the app that assists the client's business flourish is analyzed and recorded.

Allocation of work

The work is a breakdown and allocated to different teams to make sure the product is delivered on time.

Designing your App

Our design team ventures into their creative space to make appealing designs that provide an addictive user experience.

Back-end Development

Our expert developers work on the add-on features and the customizations based on the client's requirements.

Testing and QA

The quality of an app is an integral trait for it to be embraced by the users. And to achieve that top-notch quality, numerous tests are run and made sure it is free of bugs.

Going Live

Once our team and the clients are satisfied with the product, we launch it on Android and iOS platforms.


The cost of developing an app includes various factors. It depends solely on the features you want to integrate into your App. So, make a call to us and tell us your requirements to get a clear picture of the cost.

A clone app is an app similar to an already existing app integrated with exciting features and providing an excellent user engagement.

We sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement with our clients ensuring that their business idea is safe with us.

Yes, Of course, we customize the apps based on your business requirements. We also use the color pattern of your logo throughout the App, making it unique.

Yes, we do offer free assistance for a limited period of time, and after that, we charge a minimum amount for the service.

Yes, once you feel it's time to upgrade your business, give us a call, and we will be at your service.

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