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Fantasy Cricket app like Dream11

Dream11 Clone
Launch A Fans-Friendly Fantasy
Cricket App Like Dream11 Now!

As every sports fan knows, the past few months have been dull, to say the least with the void left behind by the absence of sports. With the COVID-19 pandemic sweeping across the world, although necessary, this step was unexpected, and fans around the world were waiting with bated breath for its return.

With numbers reaching manageable levels in certain parts of the world, sports are finally making a return after many months. This is delightful not only for fans of sports but the entrepreneurs who are involved in this field as well.

Along with having their favorite sports back, fans have also started to engage in sports-related activities such as betting and taking part in fantasy sports. The Dream11 clone app developed by INORU is a great way for entrepreneurs like you to make their mark while the iron is hot.

As a renowned name in the industry with over 14+ years of experience under our belt, we can guide you on the path to success. Take the first step by getting in touch with us.

The Striking Features Of Dream11 Clone App
To Attract The Sports Fanatics

Login/Register New users can register with a quick sign-up via email, phone number, or social media credentials. Users can also save their login details for quick login in the future.

User profile Users can create a customized profile that includes all their details. Favorite team, player, constructed teams, wins-loss record, etc.

Choose Favorite Sport Users can choose their favorite sport from the list of sports available. This helps the app curate content according to their preferences.

Make My Team Players can make their own rendition of a team by selecting the sport and choosing players.

Create your Tournament Users can create their tournament with pre-defined parameters such as a number of players, type of tournament, prize amount, and more.

Join a Tournament Players can join a tournament which can be searched according to numerous filter options like prize money, maximum number of players allowed, type of tournament/match, number of winners and more.

Referrals Users can invite their friends and family by sharing their unique referral code through any of the social media platforms.

View Contests Users can view the list of contests that they have taken part in - both ongoing and past contests.

Social Media Integration Users can integrate their social media to their account and share their wins to friends and family.

Multi-payment Options Users can pay through numerous different ways to make payment super easy and accessible.

Customer Management Service Hosts all the helpful information such as tutorials as well as a way to contact customer support.

Admin Login Admins can easily login at any time with their credentials.

User Management Admin can view and manage all the user profiles registered in the application.

Tournament managementAdmin can view and manage all the activities related to tournaments. They can add, update, or delete tournaments or individual fixtures.

Revenue Management Admins can keep track of all the revenue generated and sort them any way the see fit.

Advertise Management Admins can manage all the in-app advertisements from one easy location.

Promotional Offers Admins can incentivize players to play consistently and spread the word with the help of promo codes and other offers.

Manage Reports All the reports generated within the application related to contests, users, tournaments, revenue and more can be managed.

In-App Advertising We have made the process of showing in-app advertisements and the resultant revenue much simpler to manage.

Live Score With the integration of this useful tool, players can view the live score along with important statistics without ever leaving the app.

Push Notification Users are notified of upcoming matches, tournaments, and previously set alerts with the help of Push notifications.

Multi-language The app comes with numerous languages to help you cater to a global audience.

Bird’s Eye View The admin can view the entirety of their operation from the Bird’s Eye View. It is the most efficient way to oversee the running of the application.

KYC/AML Integration As an extra layer of security to make the players feel safe with money transfers, we have included KYC/AML integration.

The Winning Business Model Of Our Dream11 Clone

Users can sign up free of charge by providing necessary details such as their name, email id, and age.The user also gets a certain bonus while signing up using a Dream11 clone referral coupon code.

The person who referred to the new user also gets a bonus or reward to incentivize this behavior. This is an excellent way for you to grow your business without further marketing.

Users create a fantasy team consisting of 11 players (for cricket and football) or the appropriate number of players for the sport. There are predefined rules on the number of players at each position that can be picked up.

In most tournament modes, the user is provided with a budget that can be spent on creating a fantasy team to add the players of his/her choice. Users should remember their credits while selecting the players as each player costs certain credits depending on their worth.

Every contest has a winning amount set by the creator and restriction on how many teams can join. Users can view a list of available tournaments or contests from a list and choose that they wish to join. The enrollment fee will be deducted from the user.

Users have a deadline for registering, which is usually set a few minutes before the commencement of the match.

Once the match is over, the winner of the contests will be automatically chosen by the platform according to the points accumulated.

The prize pool will be shared according to the contest specifics.

Users can view the relevant information regarding contests at any time by clicking on their user profile.

Dream11 App Clone

Revenue Model Of the Dream11 Fantasy Clone App

Entrepreneurs who are investing in the Dream11 clone can earn unbelievable amounts of revenue, mainly in two ways.


For every contest that takes place within the Dream11 clone, the app owner will release a certain amount of revenue in the form of a commission. The commission can be set by the admin of the app, and it acts as the main source of revenue. The more users you can attract to your app and the more number of contests that take place, the more you stand to earn.

In-app Advertising

The next best way to earn revenue is through the use of in-app advertising. As the popularity of your Dream11 like app increases, companies will be interested in advertising on your platform. These advertisements can be in the form of banners, images, or videos and can be priced accordingly. The more popular you are, the more you can charge for advertising.

Unique Benefits Of Our Dream11 Clone App Solution

Our fantasy platform is built with innovative technology that makes life easier for both the app owners and users. Enjoy a host of benefits you can’t find anywhere else.

  • Turnkey Model

    This ‘Turnkey solution’ allows you to enter the market in the quickest time possible. It is readily integrated with your existing solution and a perfect choice for those under a time crunch.

    • Admin Dashboard

      As a tool that gives the admins of the app the maximum control possible, the admin dashboard makes it easy to navigate and manage all their business at one convenient place.

      • 100% Scalability

        Keeping the concept of scalability in mind, we have made it easy to modify and grow the app as your progress in your business journey.

        • Whitelabel Solution

          We will put your brand in the spotlight with our Whitelabel Dream11 Clone. Your logo, color scheme, and branding will be featured prominently in all the areas of the app.

          • Native Mobile Apps

            Our iOS and Android apps are built natively to offer a seamless user experience unrivaled by your competitors.

Development Process For the
Perfect Dream11 Clone
  • 1

    Requirement AnalysisWe provide a free consulting service for prospective customers, through which we collect the requisite details and aspirations for the project at hand.

  • 2

    Drafting A PlanWhen we grasp our customers ' needs, we'll devise a strategy that strives to meet what they want in the most efficient way possible.

  • 3

    Design and DevelopmentThe project moves forward into the stage of design and development. The UI's front end architecture guarantees its usability and uses while the backend implementation takes control of the app's usability and integrates the features demanded.

  • 4

    Quality AssuranceOur test team evaluates the Dream11 app for any errors or abnormalities from head to toe and prepares it for release.

  • 5

    LaunchWhen we have the customer's approval, the Dream11 clone is effectively released on all top platforms

  • 6

    Support and MaintenanceOur support team will perform periodic maintenance, and is on standby for assistance, depending on the services rendered.

Why Choose INORU for Dream11 Clone App Development?

14+ Years of Industry Experience

As a forerunner in the industry, we have over a decade’s worth of knowledge and experience to call upon.

Cutting-Edge Technologies

We constantly aim to keep up with the latest technologies in the market, allowing us to offer our customers world-class solutions.

Global Centric Approach

We have partnered with customers in various sectors from all around the globe. It offers us a deeper view of the business demands that prevail.

Complete Customization

All our applications are tailored to the unique needs of our clients. Let your individuality shine with our services.


To enable our clients to grow continuously and break new barriers, we ensure all our solutions are entirely scalable at any point in time.

Free App Submission

Post-development, your Dream11 clone will be deployed in both the App Store and the Play Store, completely free of cost.

End-to-end development

There is nothing in the development field we cannot do. From design to development, testing and launch, we can handle it all.


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