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Dubizzle Like Classified Marketplace App Development

Reading newspapers is a habit for most people even those who don’t read them check the classifieds page to know if there is anything they could buy, or a job they can interview, or a place to rent. The role of newspapers has been huge in the classified marketplace. Today, things have started to evolve, people no more look for everything in the newspaper like they used to. Instead, they look into their mobile devices for all their requirements. This is why digitization of the classified marketplace is necessary and not to mention the high fees for advertisements in the newspapers.

Launch a classified marketplace for users to buy, rent, or sell any of their products effortlessly. Inoru offers you a readymade Dubizzle clone app that can be launched instantly accelerating your dream of becoming an entrepreneur.

What is a Dubizzle clone?

Dubizzle clone is a classified marketplace where users are allowed to post ads of products, jobs, real estate, or anything they have to offer, sell them, and also purchase products. It is an all-in-one marketplace that comes with the exemplary features of the renowned classified marketplace Dubizzle. It can be customized as per your business requirements and renamed with your logo and act as a branding tool for your business. Our Dubizzle Clone is your gateway to the classified market which is on a surge. Give us a call! and kick-start your entrepreneurial dreams.

Dubizzle Clone App Features

Log inThe user logs in to the app using their email id, contact details or social credentials in a few seconds.

GeoTaggingThe location of the user is tagged and ads posted within a specific radius are displayed to them.

WishlistThe products the user wishes to purchase later can be added to this list and be purchased whenever the user feels convenient.

Multiple Product ImagesAllow the sellers to upload more than one image of their products so the buyers can decide if the product is in good condition.

Social Media SharingThe sellers can share the ads posted by them in the marketplace on other social media platforms.

Search FilterA classified marketplace can have a varied range of products. The users may find it difficult to find the exact product they are looking for. Search filters can narrow down their search to the exact kind of product they want to buy.

Related ProductsThe user is showcased products related to their current search. This may help them decide the right product for them.

CategoriesAll the products in the marketplace are categorized accordingly for a better user experience.

Chat OptionThe buyer and the seller can chat about the products and negotiate pricing. This allows sellers to sell products more efficiently.

Sell ProductsThe user posts ads of their product with photos, descriptions, and price. They can sell it to any user for their satisfactory price.

Buy ProductsThe users can chat with the sellers and negotiate on the price listed by them and purchase it if it is affordable by the user.

Order HistoryThe user can keep track of all the products they have sold and purchased here.

User ManagementAll the details of the users are recorded here and can be managed by the admin if necessary.

Category ManagementThe products in a classified marketplace are diverse. They can be categorized and monitored by the admin.

Manage GalleryThe admin keeps track of all the images uploaded in the marketplace by the sellers. In case of any irrelevant images, the admin can remove them.

Manage PaymentsThe admin looks over the payments made by buyers and deduct the commission before paying out to the seller.

Analytic DashboardKeep yourself updated with the performance of your business and the forecasted data on it’s proceedings.

Dubizzle Clone App Workflow

  • The user gets on board with the app by signing their email credentials, contact details, or social credentials.


  • The user selects the seller mode.
  • The category of the product they are about to list is selected.
  • The photos of the product are uploaded to the marketplace
  • A description of the details of the product is written
  • The classified ad is posted for the product.


  • The buyer searches for the product they want to purchase.
  • They get presented with numerous results.
  • The user selects the products they are interested in.
  • The user chats with the seller asking for more details about the product.
  • The user makes the payment and buys the product.

Revenue Model Of Classified Apps Like Dubizzle

How Can Dubizzle Clone App Benefit You?

Increased Accessibility

Launching a classified marketplace app means you are offering access to a diverse range of products and services to a wide audience.


Building a robust classified marketplace app like Dubizzle with your logo and a fresh design can add credibility and authenticity to your brand.

Surge In Sales

By launching an app like this, you are allowing users to buy anything they want from their locality. This results in a surge in sales.

Widening Your Brand Visibility

With an app like Dubizzle, you are putting yourself a mark on the map. It can scale up your audience from a small locality to a global level as managing is easy with a robust admin panel.

Customer Interaction

Now, you can keep a record of all your users and notify them on every new listing of products that match their search record from the past.


A classified marketplace app allows users to trade products and services efficiently and effortlessly.

Dubizzle Clone App Development Process

Requirement Analysis As a first step of the development process, your business requirements and target audience are analysed.

Planning A road map to build the app and deploy it in Android and iOS platforms at the promised time is structured.

UI/UX Design A lucrative design that would be a treat to the user’s eye and also act as a branding tool for your business is designed.

Back-End Development A robust app with seamless performance is built with exemplary features that make your app stand out from the crowd.

TestingA series of tests are run on all stages of development to ensure that the Dubizzle clone app is bug-free and glitch-free.

Deployment As the app is all set for deployment, the working model is presented to you and to your satisfaction, it is deployed in the Android and iOS platforms.

Why Should You Choose Us?

Free Server Installation

The fully-developed robust app is installed in the server of your choice for free.

Free Deployment

We deploy with your robust readymade classified marketplace app on the Android and iOS platforms, free of charges.

Free Support

You get free support throughout the development process of the app and also for a certain period of time after the deployment of the app.

Native Apps

We develop your apps using native technologies making it compatible on all devices.

Round The Clock Support

Our support team resolves all your queries instantly irrespective of the time. The sun may go down but our support team is always up for you.

White-Label Apps

You get an app that resonates your brand vision with your logo in every tap the user makes.


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