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Education mobility solutions

The educational market is witnessing a tremendous shift from the traditional practice to online e-learning platforms. Universities, schools, institutes, colleges, entrepreneurs, startups, and others will benefit considerably by adapting education mobility solutions. Help improve & personalize the learning experience for students across the globe and simultaneously optimize institutional technology infrastructure. Our veteran educational app developers harness the power of technology coupled with in-depth analytics to design, develop, and deliver the most robust, creative, and scalable learning educational software in the market. Have an interesting idea? Let’s get started right away.

education app development company

What we offer

To make e-learning & education more fun and noticeable, our experts deliver user-friendly and customized solutions.

educational app development

Comprehend the system

By analyzing the needs of the business, our specialists investigate the core educational area functions and deliver the best solutions seamlessly.

Integrating innovative technology

To make e-learning more engaging among global users and students, we customize the educational app with creative graphics and learning materials.

Smart cloud solutions

By integrating smart cloud solutions, we ensure your educational app is developed for all leading mobile & web platform. The solutions are delivered on-time, always!

Revenue building

To ensure your revenue remains unaffected, we integrate the educational platform with numerous payment gateways and methods for secured transactions.

Enhance academic learning with advanced education mobility solutions

Boost learner engagement

Innovative student management for better engagement

With highly engaging educational apps, indulge students with interactive memory training, brainteasers, games, language coaching, and other educative models that contribute to enhanced learning. Bring excitement in bestowing knowledge to preschoolers, kids, and college students with an intelligent platform.

  • System for tracking assignments
  • Access to digital library
  • Mechanism to assess students
  • E-books
  • Digital bookmarking
educational app development
educational app development
educational app development

Teaching improvement

Next-generation teaching solution for effective results

With intelligent mobility solutions for learning, teachers can remain worry-free. Students will be welcomed with an appealing UI designed to interact with smart devices efficiently. Teachers can ensure timely completion of syllabus,.and witness improved students results. The joy of teaching enhanced, always!

  • Create custom contents
  • Efficient evaluation process
  • Student management system
  • Update e-books
  • Connect with students

Infrastructure enhancement

Employ mobility solutions for improving institutional functionality

Ensure smooth functioning of the education institutes by implementing numerous online learning programs, backend systems, secure fee management, e-library, and much more. With next-generation educational mobility services, help students, researchers, and global learners encounter & scale-up with extraordinary learning solutions.

  • Secured fees collection
  • Effective campus management
  • Boost operation activities
  • Monitor and manage institute resources
  • Process driven approach


  • Student app
  • Tutor app
  • Admin panel

Easy sign-up

Students can sign-up with requested credentials, including email, phone number, student ID, or others as per admins discretion.


Students can subscribe to the specialized services by paying via the app. The app integrated with multiple payment gateways and methods for secured transactions.

Subject list

The app lets students view the list of subjects with details including the topic title, chapters, descriptions for each section, and others.

educational app development

Search & filter

Students via the app can search for ebooks, subjects, teachers, or even topics with ease. Learners can activate filters to enhance results.

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In-app communication

Students can directly contact teachers via in-app video chat or text chat and clarify questions.

Post questions

The apps question board lets students post questions. The concerned teachers or other students will answer as per their discretion.


Students notified of new updates or alerts with regards to their subscription, answers to their questions, new e-book, and others.

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Register account

Tutors can register on the app with the necessary credentials, including email, phone number, teacher ID, or others as per admins discretion.

Manage profile

Teachers can update their profile with information such as name, display image, age, subject experience, and others.


Tutors will be notified of the latest alerts for new questions, in-app texts, video calls, and others via push notifications & email.

Review questions

The advanced feature lets tutors review the questions posted/sent by students and respond accordingly.

Upload documents

Teachers can upload subject-related documents on the app for students to review and download.

Upload video/audio

The app feature lets instructors upload new study video or audio on the app for students to view, listen, and download.

Manage students & tutors

Admins via the powerful panel can manage and monitor the students and teachers registered in the app.

Manage subscriptions

View and manage students' subscription via the robust admin panel. View payment details and send payment confirmations automatically or manually.

Manage notifications

Admins can manage and observe the notifications being sent to students and teachers from the panel seamlessly.

Manage questions

The admin will review the questions posted by students before making it live on the app dashboard.

Manage subjects

Admins can manage the subjects listed on the app. The topics and concerned study materials will be uploaded post admins approval.

Manage videos/audio

Videos and audios uploaded by teachers will be reviewed by admin to ensure it complies with service policy.


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Advantages of adopting mobility solutions for education

Boosting institutional operation efficiency ten-fold.

Efficient management of educational documents.

Maximizing innovation and research proficiencies.

Proper integration of numerous backend system for improved decision making.

Audio and video learning system integrated with cloud-based technology

Education App Clone Solution

On-demand and virtual learning are more viable than ever before. This new-age of learning is opening up a lot of doors for kids around the world and is primed for a big take-off. Capitalize on this profitable industry with our range of Education Apps.

Udemy Clone

Launch a course provider education app like Udemy with extensive features and functionality. Our Udemy Clone is the preferred clone app in the market for those looking to take the course plan route.

Lynda Clone

Lynda or LinkedIn Learning as it is called now is another great platform for you to model your business after. Launch a Lynda clone in the quickest time and captivate your users with informative videos.

Quora Clone

Give your users the best of the questions and answer platforms with our Quora clone. Enable the spread of knowledge with this educational offering.

My CBSE Guide Clone

Aid the education of CBSE students around the world with our My CBSE guide clone. With courses for students of all ages, it is a comprehensive app for CBSE students.


Looking to launch a free to learn coding site like SoloLearn? Our SoloLearn clone is your best option. Become a part of the coding race with our SoloLearn clone.

Meritnation Clone

Focusing on an education app that targets classes 1-12 is a great way to maximize your chance of success. The Meritnation clone lets you do just that! Get in touch with our team to get started on production today.

Byju’s Clone

Byju’s is one of the most popular educational platforms in India at the moment. If you’re looking to capitalize on the boom of education apps, Byju’s clone is a great way to go! Schedule a call with our team to find out why this app is the right choice for you.

Vedantu Clone

Focusing on the 6-12 class-segment, the Vedantu clone is a great option for those looking to plunge into the educational app industry. Launch a Vedantu clone in just a few days with our development services.

Vidyakul Clone

Enable students to carry out seamless at-home classes with our Vidyakul clone. Home learning is more popular than ever before, so now is a great time to launch a Vidyakul clone.

Toppr Clone

The Toppr clone focuses on classes 5-12 with creative lesson plans and e-learning facilities. Launch a Toppr clone today with this launch-ready offering. Get in touch with our team to get started.

Doubtnut Clone

Launch an interactive educational app like Doubtnut with our development services. INORU’s Doubtnut clone is the #1 choice among students, teachers, and entrepreneurs alike!

Unacademy Clone

Unacademy Clone is a cost-effective solution to get into the industry at the quickest time possible. Schedule a call with our team to discuss your very own white-label Unacademy Clone.

KhanAcademy Clone

If you’re trying to create a non-profit organization like KhanAcademy, you’ve come to the right place. INORU’s KhanAcadmey clone is a feature-filled offering that makes learning easy and fun.

CodingNinjas Clone

The CodingNinjas clone makes the process of learning to code not only easier but fun! Bolster the success of students around the world with our CodingNinjas clone.

Coursera Clone

Launch an open-source Coursera clone that provides useful courses to millions of users around the world. Step into the profitable education industry with your very own Coursera clone app.

Technology Stack

For Web

  • Laravel (PHP Framework) 5.7
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript As Frontend
  • Passport & JWT For Authentication Package
  • Mailgun For Mail Config
  • Google Map Places API
  • Google Static Map API
  • Stripe Payment Gateway
  • Twillio/Facebook Account Kit For OTP Verification
  • Hosting Can Be Any Dedicated Ubuntu Servers
  • Paid/Letsencrypt Free SSL

For Android

  • MVP Code Pattern
  • JAVA
  • Retorfit Network Library
  • Google Map SDK For Android
  • FCM Push Notification
  • Firebase Realtime DB For Chat
  • Android Studio 3.3

For iOS

  • VIPER Code Pattern
  • Swift 4.2
  • Alamofire Network Library
  • Google Map SDK For IOS
  • APNS Push Notification
  • Firebase Realtime DB For Chat
  • Xcode 10.1




Yes, the educational app can be customized to meet the requirements of any dedicated learning institute.
Yes, the app can be integrated with numerous features that best meet your business needs. Talk to our experts today!
Yes, the app is designed to help students connect with teachers and discuss topics post-school hours.
No, the app is designed to cater to infinite users and ensure glitch-free performance always.
You can drop a mail at [email protected] or message us in Live chat. Our developers will get in touch with you ASAP.

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