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A ESports Solution For Today’s Digital World

In the past few years, ESports have managed to shrug off “not a real sport” tag they’ve been inundated with since their inception. With a changing demographic brought on by the younger generation, ESports have claimed their spot among all the other sporting experiences the world has to offer. The industry is growing rapidly year to year, with revenue coming in by the billions.

Naturally, the success of this phenomenon has brought on new opportunities that boost further growth. One such innovation is the idea of betting on ESports.

ESports betting software development is now a robust industry in its own right. With a large fanbase full of avid followers, ESports betting software provides a great opportunity for budding entrepreneurs to cash in on the opportunity of a lifetime.

An Array Of Leagues & Series

What You Get By Partnering With Us

  • Quick

    This turnkey ESports betting software is built to launch in the quickest time possible, allowing you enter the market at lightning speed.

  • User Friendly

    Our Esports betting software development process ensures that we create a user friendly app that is easy to use while providing all the functionalities.

  • High

    INORU’s ESports betting software development is predicated on the concept of compatibility. We ensure that the application can be accessed by users through a variety of devices and platforms.

  • Risk

    Our well thought out approach to ESports betting software development goes the extra mile to ensure the highest quality of risk management in the market. Gift your users a highly secure and efficient solution.

  • Cutting Edge

    Staying at the forefront of technological improvements is a major part of continued success. Our ESport betting platform development is complete with the latest technologies in the market, giving you an app that will stand the test of time.

Highlights Of Our ESports Betting Software

  • Artificial intelligence integration

  • Blockchain Integration

  • Risk Management Tools

  • Useful Analytics Data

  • Robust Technical Support

  • AI Backed Predictive Analytics

  • Personalized Frontend

  • Push Notifications Providing Real Time Updates

What To Do You Get From Our ESports Betting Software Development?

User App

A robust ESports betting platform

Access to multiple leagues and games

Multi Language support

Multi currency compatibility

Real-time updates such as scores and more

Admin App

Multiple sport leagues and series

Intuitive reports

Player limit settings

Player management

A leading ESports betting platform with numerous features

Features You’ll Get As Part of Our ESports Betting Software Development

  • Live Streaming
  • AI integration
  • Informative Dashboard
  • Integrated Blockchain Technology
  • Augmented Reality for Immersive Gaming
  • Advanced Risk Management
  • Customized User Interface
  • Push Notifications
  • Extensive Support Management
  • AI for Predictive Analytics
  • Detailed Reports

How Our ESports Betting App Software Development Works

  • Pre-Development Analysis

    We take the time to sit down with our customers and learn about their needs and requirements.

  • Careful Planning

    Once we have a clear understanding of what you expect, our team will put together an action plan that realizes your perfect app in the best way possible.

  • Developing the Perfect Solution

    Our expert developers then put the plan into action in a streamline manner, crafting the product one step at a time. Form an attractive front-end user interface to robust, functional back-end prowess, everything is taken care of.

  • Quality Analysis

    Our extensive testing process ensures that your dream ESports betting application is free of all bugs, performs well under pressure and passes all regulatory requirements.

  • Launch

    Once we’ve got the customer’s stamp of approval, it is time for the big launch! With an experience of over a decade in the business, our marketing team will tailor make the perfect roll-out plan for your app.

Why Choose INORU As Your ESports Betting Software Provider?

  • We tailor solutions that meet your requirements in the best possible way.

  • We have a deep understanding of the market space.

  • Our designers specialize in creating visually attractive designs.

  • We have robust development capabilities, ensuring a product that is highly functional.

Cricket Betting Software
  • With a fast turnaround time, you’ll be able to join the marketplace in no time!

  • We build customized products that are in line with your brand.

  • We provide access to exclusive data via tie-ups with leading data providers.

  • We have over 14+ years of experience in development and marketing.

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Similar to traditional sports, ESports are organized, competitive competitions consisting of professional players.

ESports betting is the phenomenon of placing bets on the outcomes of Esports competitions. This could be on an individual player’s performance or the outcome of the sport as a whole.

The price of ESports betting software development is dependent on the features you want, the type of app you would like to avail, and time it takes for development. To get an accurate estimate, get in touch with our team!

The time of development can vary depending on factors such as the features to be included, how extensive the app is, etc. Get in touch with our team to get an estimate of the timeframe.

We have multiple supplementary services such as marketing, post-development maintenance and customer service. These can be all availed at an affordable price.

Yes! All our offerings are built on the idea of scalability, ensuring your app is robust for years to come and allowing you to adapt it as you grow.

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