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Why a fantasy golf application for your business?

In 2018, the average TV viewership (in the US alone) of major golf tournaments such as The Masters, PGA Championship, Open Championship, and the US Open rounded to 33.1 million. Notice how we have not included the viewership of other significant markets, including Russia, Europe, and the middle east. With leading stats projecting an 18% jump in viewership, its a clear indication of the popularity of the sport among the masses.

As the leading fantasy golf software solutions provider, INORU develops and delivers high-end platforms for businesses to thrive seamlessly. Powered with creatively-crafted techs that are on-par with the latest industry trends, rest assured, your offering will stand out from the competitors hassle-free — looking to get your hands on the best fantasy golf app in the online ecosystem? Partner with us today and never look back.

We cover popular golf tours

PGA tour

Our fantasy golf software offers a remarkable platform for golf admirers to select famous players and engage in endless tours. Powered with top-of-the-line features, the platform soaks in the format’s popularity with ease.

LGPA tour

With smart codings infused by leading fantasy golf app developers, rest assured, your fantasy app for golf will entertain Ladies Professional Golf Assossicaton (LGPA) fans with ease.

European tour

Capitalize on the globally popular tour by allowing users to show off their skills by picking a winning team for the elite European tour. Dominate the fantasy golf market smoothly.

The US Open

The elite tour attracts golf lovers from across the planet. Cater to the lucrative fantasy golf market with the cutting-edge platform offering natural formation and commencement of tournaments.

Other successful tours

PGA Tour Champions

Asian Tour

Japan Golf Tour

Irish Open

State-of-the-art features turbocharging the Fantasy golf app

Players stats

The smart app gets auto-updated with golf players real-time performance on the field. The intelligent feature assists users in making data-driven decisions.

Predictive analysis

We integrate the application with next-generation AI for advanced predictive analysis. The platform ensures engaging and bias-free performance at all levels.

Achievement badges

Fantasy golf players get awarded numerous achievement badges based on their performance. Users carrying the most badges get listed on “Top-players.”

Blockchain Integration

We integrate the advanced and highly-secure blockchain technology into your custom fantasy golf application for unforgettable user experience.

Form/Join leagues

Users via the platform can create new golf leagues or even join existing ones formed by their friends or other players.

AR gameplay

For fantastic gameplay, the game is integrated with AR tech. Users will be provided with end to end guidelines for smooth gameplay.

Our Payment Gateway Integration

Why INORU for fantasy golf development?

Our fantasy golf app development armed with a powerful backend for smooth management of the entire fantasy golf business.

Our fantasy sports solutions tailored for global customers as per their business requirements.

The advanced white label fantasy golf software allows businesses to enter the lucrative market instantaneously.

We power the fantasy golf app with rich and completely customizable features to make your offering stand out.

By tieing up with major golf live-match data providers, we ensure you acquire real-time fantasy golf data feed for all events effortlessly.

We build a high-performing fantasy golf android app, fantasy golf iOS app, and fantasy golf web app.

How we get started with building your fantasy golf application

Discuss your project

The initial step in our fantasy Golf app development service involves a comprehensive discussion of your idea.

Collaborate on UI/UX

Our dedicated designers produce exceptional UI/UX layout of your mobile & web application for your final approval.

Developing the fantasy golf app

We begin with the critical development process. This involves integrating disruptive-tech into your fantasy golf platform.

Comprehensive testing

Yes, you’ve heard it right — the platform goe through end-to-end QA and testing stages to ensure flawless performance after launch.

Hole in one launch

The yippie stage involves launching the creatively-crafted fantasy golf app on leading mobile (iOS and Android) and web platforms.

Our Fantasy Sports App Solutions

Whitelabel Solution

Launching your white-label fantasy sports app has become a reality because of its cost-effective nature and shorter time to market. Due to these factors, fantasy sports betting app is growing faster than ever before.

Turnkey Solution

The turnkey solution is the complete package for your gaming software needs, perfect for developing a spectacular, robust and seamless sports betting platform. In this segment, you also get services like Guidance on running online sports betting platform.

Bitcoin Solution

Bitcoin solutions is a distinct product for all the gaming development aspects in the gaming arena. Bitcoin solutions also offer a highly secure cryptocurrency payment processing integration, total authority over funds and a sentinel like protection from all fraudulent activities.

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