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Why Fantasy MMA

Once thought of to be as nothing more than glorified brawls, Mixed Martial Arts has become the fastest growing sport in the world. Largely due to the success of UFC, the sport has seen a meteoric rise in recent years with its stars gaining major notoriety. Combining tradition with innovation, MMA offers fans excitement like no other with its varied fighting techniques.

INORU offers you a Fantasy MMA App that stays true to the sport and offers the same level of excitement to the users. Give your customers the most fluid and intuitive app in the Fantasy MMA App market by partnering up with INORU, today!


We cover the premier Kabaddi tournaments around the world.

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC)

The number one MMA organization in the world, UFC, has been instrumental in bringing the sport to a larger audience. Join in on the excitement of the UFC with our robust Fantasy MMA Application.

One Championship

Based out of Singapore, this MMA organization is known for its varied forms of martial arts. Founded in 2011, it has grown to great heights since its inception. Be a part of the “one of a kind” One Championship with our Fantasy MMA Application.

Bellator MMA

Bellator MMA is an American mixed martial arts promotion based in Santa Monica, California that is owned and operated as a subsidiary of Viacom. It is one of the largest MMA promotions in the world and features many of the upper echelon athletes in combat sports. Get close to the action that Bellator MMA brings with our Fantasy MMA Application.

Cage Warriors

Founded in London in 2001, this European MMA organization has been a huge hit among the locals with its gritty nature and never-say-die attitude. Join this exciting matchup with our intuitive Fantasy MMA Application.

Super Fight League

A relatively newer phenomenon, this India based MMA organization has been growing rapidly in the subcontinent as a result of the popularity of the sport. Invest in a country of over a billion people with our innovative Fantasy MMA Software Solution.

Innovative features that make our Fantasy MMA Software stand out

Allow users to draft the fighters of their choice and compete in both public and private leagues.

Points are earned based on factors such as your fighter’s technique, dominance, duration of the fight, etc.

Spice up the affair by allowing users to earn more points by being a part of championship fights with more on the line.

Users can improve their methods overtime with expert post-match analysis and statistics.

Enable users to build custom tournaments of their choice.

Social Media Integration allows users to connect and compete with friends and family like never before.

Our Payment Gateway Integration

why INORU for fantasy MMA development?

We specialize in building fantasy sports applications for customers all around the globe.

Our intuitive fantasy MMA app provides year-long entertainment across various organizations to your users.

We provide the best white-label and custom made solutions in the market.

Our fantasy MMA application is feature-rich and comes loaded with all the tools you need.

An engaging UI that is perfect for both seasoned users and new ones alike.

Get access to a large database of stats and other useful metrics via our tie-ups with leading data providers.

Fantasy MMA software solutions

Our innovative Fantasy MMA software solution includes an intuitive application as well as a dedicated website.

Fantasy MMA App

Get closer to the action than ever before with our robust Fantasy Application that brings all the excitement of Mixed Martial Arts straight to your mobile screen.

With an intuitive Admin Panel and easy-to-use User Panel, MMA has never been more accessible to entrepreneurs and users alike.

Fantasy App Webpage

Get your very own corner of the internet with our dedicated Fantasy App Web Development. With a domain name of your choosing, this is a great way to spread your brand and what it stands for.

Built to your specific demands, it comes with all the features that you will need to survive in a competitive digital turf.


Barring specific countries, Fantasy MMA (like all other fantasy sports) is completely legal in most areas of the world. So unless your country is one of those unlucky few, you are completely good to go!

With the explosion in popularity that MMA has seen in recent years, more and more people are getting into this action-packed sport. Coincidentally, fantasy sports have also seen a rise in use. Taking these factors into account, Fantasy MMA is definitely on the right track to being a powerhouse in the industry.

Getting started is as simple as shooting us a quick message. Tell us your idea, we will figure out the needs and requirements based on the same. Once we have a true understanding of your vision and the scale of your app, our team of expert developers and designers will work around the clock to deliver a product that you’re proud of.

Our Fantasy Sports App Solutions

Whitelabel Solution

Launching your white-label fantasy sports app has become a reality because of its cost-effective nature and shorter time to market. Due to these factors, fantasy sports betting app is growing faster than ever before.

Turnkey Solution

The turnkey solution is the complete package for your gaming software needs, perfect for developing a spectacular, robust and seamless sports betting platform. In this segment, you also get services like Guidance on running online sports betting platform.

Bitcoin Solution

Bitcoin solutions is a distinct product for all the gaming development aspects in the gaming arena. Bitcoin solutions also offer a highly secure cryptocurrency payment processing integration, total authority over funds and a sentinel like protection from all fraudulent activities.

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