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Looking to hire the best full-stack web development company? Welcome to INORU

We focus on providing quality software solutions across the full spectrum of software development. From a visually appealing front-end to a highly functional back-end that’s built for speed and efficiency. Our team of seasoned professionals, which includes software engineers, backend engineers, and database engineers, work around the clock to ensure a product that you’re proud of. Let’s build an intuitive web portal for your business loaded with all the features you will need to enable your customers with a simple and effective experience.

Intuitive Front End Development

Our team of Full-Stack Web developers has extensive knowledge of the latest front-end technologies such as React 16.6.3, Angular 7, CSS 3, and more. When it comes to developing a website, if you can imagine it, we can build it. Get in touch with our experts to get started on a web portal that’s right for you. From a suitable framework to the corresponding language and library, we equip you with the tools that you need to succeed.

Highly Functional Back End Development

Our back-end team consists of seasoned experts fully equipped with the necessary knowledge and expertise to bring your dream web application to fruition. Keen on expanding our skillset and developing state-of-the-art software solutions that blow the competition out of the water, our decade-long experience keeps us ahead of the curve. We strive to stay on the cutting edge of new technological developments, so you’ll never feel out of place in a competitive marketplace.

Working with the latest in back-end technology such as RESTful API, microservices-based architecture, etc. allows us to deliver clear results in a short amount of time. Whether it be cloud-based or standard hardware hosting, we can work with your specific needs and requirements to deliver a product that’s right for you.

Complete Compatibility & Integration Tools

Implement completely integrated systems for payment, social media interactions, GEO services, marketing, and other business tools with the help of our own, unique API that is highly compatible with other third-party applications. Get all the benefits of third-party applications without any of the associated risks.


Our robust frameworks enable us to provide quality software solutions for our customers around the globe.

React.js A robust JavaScript library that is highly efficient in building effective user interfaces. Acts as a base to create web applications.

LaravelA free, open-source PHP web framework used for development of web applications with reliable architectural patterns.

DjangoA Python-powered, high-level framework that is designed to ease the creation of complex, data-driven websites.

AngularJSA reliant JavaScript-based, open-source, front-end web framework. It is very helpful in addressing challenges associated with developing applications.

Node.jsA useful, open-source, cross-platform compatible framework built with JavaScript that is used to execute JS outside of a browser.

HTML 5The latest offering of HTML is widely used worldwide. It is specifically designed for the properties and behaviors of web page content.

Innovative Cloud Tools & Technologies

Our extensive range of cloud platforms enables you to run your enterprise in the most secure and efficient way possible. Here are some of our offerings.

AWSAn on-demand cloud hosting service built on a scalable, pay-as-you-go model that is perfect for a growing business.

Microsoft AzureA robust cloud computing service designed to build, test, deploy and manage applications and services.

Google CloudThe leading suite of cloud computing services built with the end-user in mind, a perfect choice for any venture.

AkamaiA reliable content delivery network that excels as a cybersecurity and cloud service provider.

DatabasesBuilding upon the existing model of solutions that are usually focused on MEAN stack (a free, open-source JavaScript software), we take it a step further by integrating the cutting-edge database technology that’s taking over the field as of late. Our Full-Stack Web development service comprises innovative technology such as Java, Python, CSS, HTML 5, Ruby On Rails, along with the standard MEAN stack to give you a software solution experience that you won’t find anywhere else.

At INORU, we focus on providing a complete front-end and back-end solution that takes care of the entirety of the development process. Let us help you optimize your business venture and take it to the next level.

Our Extensive Quality Analysis and Control Process

Ensuring a reliable and efficient service is important to us. Our QA process is designed with the utmost adherence to regulations and follows the highest quality standards.

  • Smoke TestingPreliminary tests that ensure that the most vital functions are ready to go.

  • API TestingThe interface is tested to check for integration with proper functionality, reliability, and performance.

  • Functional TestingFunctions are tested by feeding input and reviewing the corresponding output.

  • Compatibility TestingA non-functional testing process that ensures the compatibility of the software with external environments.

  • Load & Personality TestingChecks the behaviour of the software under both expected and peak loads.

  • Security TestingEnsures that there are no flaws in the security mechanisms of the software.

Technologies that Enable Our Full-Stack Web Development
Service to Work Proficiently

INORU’S competence as a Full Stack Web development company is unmatched. Our Full-Stack Web developers are powered by the latest in Full-Stack Web development.

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