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Order a flavorful Gloriafood clone app served with appetizing features and a ravishing design that helps manage restaurant business. Book a free demo.

What is GloriaFood Clone?

Gloriafood clone is a smart solution that optimizes the online food ordering process of a restaurant. A commission-free solution that ignites the business of a restaurant and also makes management easy for them. Considering the fact that users prefer to place orders directly to the restaurants rather than using third-party apps and also the crisis averted by overcharging of commissions by third-party apps on restaurants has raised the need for an app like GloriaFood clone.

Also, the features that support businesses to receive orders via Facebook page ignite the limelight over restaurants enabling them to reach out to a wide range of audiences.

We at INORU have a team of food delivery app developers who have developed a user interactive GoriaFood clone script that can be launched any minute. It is susceptible to personalization requirements for your business. Your unique ideas are welcomed, appreciated, and integrated into the script to create a unique food delivery app exclusively for your business.

Why Choose To Build An Alternative GloriaFood?

By developing an alternative to the GloriaFood app, you are signing up yourself for the same kind of app hoarded with advanced features and an attractive design that is unique. It can help you build a highly promising revenue stream.

What makes GloriaFood one of the Best Online Restaurant Food Ordering Systems?

Today we call this world a digital world. The reason for it is the digitization of all businesses. When it comes to the restaurant industry, the growth of food delivery apps is explicit. The pandemic has added fuel to this by demanding people to stay indoors. Also, the desire to taste luscious food from the comfort of the home has grown deeply in the customers. Today, they can place an order for their favorite dish from their favorite restaurant in just a few taps. The better words to put than to term it as the rise of business would be a cultural shift. Ordering foods and getting them delivered at home is now a lifestyle for a lot of people. All these simply state that apps like GloriaFood are here to stay.

What makes GloriaFood one of the Best Online Restaurant Food Ordering Systems?

What Are The Factors That Make The GloriaFood Clone Stand Out?

The habit of ordering food is now common. But the question today is, are the restaurants truly benefitting from these third-party apps? This is where GloriaFood clone comes in with a whole lot of features exclusively to benefit the restaurant industry.

Enhanced Customer Experience

As the compulsion to make an inviting online presence has been put on the restaurants. It is mandatory for the restaurants to offer a dynamic experience to the customers. By using an app like GloriaFood, the restaurants can now manage the customer's orders more efficiently as they get notified about the order to their mobile device and can accept the order in a single tap. A customer no longer has to wait to get their order confirmed.

Elevated Productivity

The restaurant owners do not have to attend to hundreds of calls to receive orders anymore. Nor do they have to note down each order in which their chances of committing errors are high. Instead, they have all the information they need to know about the order on their mobile device. This optimization of data helps to enhance their productivity as they can process more orders at the same time.


The GloriaFood clone app comes with an analytics dashboard that provides the restaurant and your helpful business statistics on where the business performs great and where it lacks. This can help both you and the restaurants partnered with you to find strategies to enhance your business.

Farther Reach

By launching an app like GloriaFood, you are making yourself known to a wider audience. Also, the restaurants partnered with you need not depend on only the customers who walk in their restaurants; instead, they get to receive orders from a wide range of customers.

Increased Sales In Restaurants

When a restaurant partners up with your app, they are instantly introducing themselves to a wide range of new audiences. Also, the social sharing features altogether put a limelight on the restaurants, which in turn increases their sales instantly.

Launch An Optimized Food Ordering App Like GloriaFood Today

Key Features Of GloriaFood Alternative App

  • Easy Login

    The customers get to log in with the app in a few taps by feeding their contact information, email address, or social media credentials.

  • Push Notifications

    Send unique push notifications that grab the attention of the customers. Sending such appealing notifications can aid you in getting ahead of your competitors.

  • Explore Page

    Partner up with a significantly huge number of restaurants and enlist them with respect to the location of the customer.

  • Payment Gateways

    Incorporate productive payment gateways that can bestow a seamless payment experience to your customers.

  • Easy Re-Ordering

    The customers need not undergo a redundant selection process; instead, they can simply reorder their previous orders from the order history in the GloriaFood clone app.

  • Wallet Integration

    Enhance the payment process for customers by integrating a wallet with the app. This allows them to deposit amounts in the app and make instant payments for their purchases irrespective of the status of the bank server.

  • Location Pin

    The customers can now feed the location for the delivery of their order easily by pinning their location on the map.

  • Delivery Radius

    The restaurants can set a location radius within which they can deliver orders. The restaurant won't be visible to the customers out of the set radius.

  • Navigation

    The navigation feature is pertinent for the delivery workers. They get en route to the restaurant and the user's location by following the navigation displayed on the map.

  • Discounts And Cashbacks

    What is a better way to attract customers than by offering them attractive discounts and cashback offers?

  • Social Media Integration

    Elicit user interactivity by integrating social media into the app. This can also improve the visibility of the app in the digital world.

  • Real-Time Tracking Of Order

    The customers can track the orders placed by them in real-time. The GPS of the delivery worker is integrated with the app allowing the users to track it.

  • Refer And Earn

    Expand your customer base by rewarding your customers with attractive offers for referring new customers.

  • Review

    Ignite the user interactivity by letting the users write reviews on orders placed by them.

Premium Add-On Features Of GloriaFood Clone App

Safety Advisory

Add knowledge banners that showcase safety guidelines to be followed in order to stay healthy and safe.

Chat Bot Support

Embed chatbot support in your app and help your customers get rid of long waits to get their queries resolved.

Safety Badges

Reward restaurants that follow all the safety guidelines with a safety badge. This enables the customer to feel safe while placing orders.

Splash Screens

Gift yourself a premium look reiterating your brand and its logo every time a customer opens the app with a lucrative splash screen.

Why Benefits Of GloriaFood Alternative App

Secure Payment Gateway

The GloriaFood clone app ensures a secured payment to the customers as it is integrated with renowned payment gateways that perform seamlessly.


Both the restaurant and the admin are provided with a dashboard. This promotes the efficient management of business operations.

Multi-Platform Compatibility

The GloriaFood clone app is built using native technologies. Thus it supports multi-platform compatibility. The customers can place orders via smartphones, tablets, and PC.

Instant Support

Provide your customers with instant support for every query raised by them using the admin panel.

Launch A Robust App That Enhances The Online Ordering Experience Of Restaurants

Diverse Revenue Generation Streams Of GloriaFood Clone

Delivery Charges

By delivering foods at the doorstep of your customers, you are offering them a luxury, and no luxury comes for free.

Peak Hour Delivery

Chart out the locations and times with high demand for orders. The delivery workers may find it hectic to accomplish all the orders at these times. Thereby add peak hour charges to the delivery charges.

Advertising In The Millenials

Know your audience and target them with ads of restaurants in your app with glamorous pictures. This, in turn, can increase their sales. An advertising fee can be charged from the restaurants for this.

A Food Ordering Solution For All Types Of Businesses


Are you an entrepreneur with an idea for a unique food ordering service? Give us a call and tell us your requirements so we can build a robust app that suffices your expectations.

Restaurant Chains

Are you a visionary who has already built a chain of restaurants and has plans to scale up your business into the digital world? We will help you by building an app that elicits your business as well as enhances your business operations management.

Single Restaurant

Create an online presence for your restaurant and widen your customer base instantly by launching a robust app that can also act as your branding tool.

Why Choose INORU For GloriaFood Clone App?

Incorporation Of Features

You got a unique idea for a feature other than the key features we have for you. Tell us, and we will get it incorporated for you.

Scale With Ease

The chances of your app being the next unicorn is high in this digital world. We build your app with scalability options so that your app works fine in any case.

Dedicated Support

We have a team of dedicated support associates who are always available for you, irrespective of the time of the day. You get your queries resolved in a short time.

Multiple Business Models

We build a GloriaFood clone app for multiple business models. It can be an app for a single restaurant, a marketplace, or a chain of restaurants.

Customization And Branding

We customize the app the way you want it to be without any compromise. We design your app with the colors in your logo, so it projects uniqueness right from the first look.


You are susceptible to a sustainable revenue stream by launching a GloriaFood clone app. Also, it guarantees efficient management.

Simple. Give us a call and tell us your requirements. We send you a quote and also present you with a demo version. To your satisfaction, the development process begins.

The cost of developing a GloriaFood clone app depends on the customizations your business requires. So, don't wait but give us a call and get a quote.

Yes, the GloriaFood clone app has all the features similar to the GloriaFood app. Also, add-on features you believe can enhance user experience.

With us, you don't have to worry about security issues wondering why. because we sign an NDA with you. Your ideas are never leaving anywhere but turned into an amazing app.

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