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A Super App Solution for Everyday Demands

The days of developing an app that offers a single service are on its end. The user's craving for a single app that can provide solutions to all their problems has grown strong. While most apps have begun to scale up by adding one or more services to their already existing businesses, a new term called "Super App" has been coined in the world of mobile apps. Most of us are familiar with Superheroes, but Super apps are new to us. Super apps are the Superheroes of the digital world. Our Grab Clone is a super app that can offer your users numerous services. It is embedded with multiple services like taxi-hailing, food delivery, grocery delivery, electronic payments, car washing, plumbing services, housekeeping, and more. Are you an entrepreneur looking out for an outbreaking business to launch or a business owner planning to scale up? Then our Grab clone solution is your perfect choice.

What is a Grab Clone Script?

The Grab clone script is a solution for an on-demand multi-service business that offers the users the required service knocking their door at a reach of just a few taps. It is a white-label solution that looks authentic while providing an app with user proficiency on par with the globally-recognized Grab app.

Quintessential Features of Grab Clone App

Onboarding The user gets on board in the app by using their contact number, email address, or any social media credentials. It is an effortless process that can be accomplished in a few seconds.

Profile Management A Profile should be created for the user. The details like the username, the name, contact number, and a profile picture are to be added. The user can edit these details whenever they wish to.

Payment Services Our Grab clone comes with various payment options. The user can make the payment for the services availed by net-banking, credit/debit card, P2P transaction apps, or cash.

Real-time Tracking The status of the service or the location of the service provider, all the details can be tracked by the user via the app.

Chat Options The chat option allows the user to chat with the service provider on the specifics of the service they require or guide the service provider to their location and more.

Bill Estimation An estimated amount for the service the user is looking for is displayed in the app. This allows the user to be aware of the charges for the service beforehand.

Place/Schedule an Order The user surfs for their required service and books an appointment from the service provider. The order can be placed instantly or scheduled later according to the user's convenience.

In-App Wallet The Grab clone app comes with an in-app wallet aiming to make payments effortless for the users. The user can top-up the wallet with an amount, and the charges for the services availed will be automatically deducted from the wallet.

Order Notifications Every time a user places an order, the service provider is notified immediately so that they can take action instantly.

Accept/Reject Orders The service provider can either accept or reject the orders placed by the customers. This gives them the freedom to reject the jobs they feel it demanding.

GPS Integration The app of the service provider is integrated with GPS to track the location of the customer and to reach their place with no confusion.

Earning History Every job is done to earn some revenue. The service providers can keep track of their earnings like their daily earnings, weekly earnings, and monthly earnings.

Order History A record of every order accepted/rejected is maintained for the service provider's information. This allows them to be aware of their acceptance and reject ratio, the total orders accomplished, and more.

Availability Toggle The availability toggle allows the user to switch offline or online in just a toggle. They are not sent any requests when they are offline.

Analytic Dashboard The admin is provided with all the data required to manage the business. It also provides predictions on future orders, the growth rate, and more.

User Management The user profiles can be managed by the admin using the admin panel. If any user account has not been live for a long time or is fake, those accounts can be dismissed by the admin.

Service Provider Management Before onboarding a service provider, the admin verifies their authenticity and approves them. Even after onboarding, if the service provider is rated bad or has repeatedly been getting bad reviews from the customers, the admin can dismiss them.

Revenue Management The revenue earned through the app is overlooked and managed by the admin using the admin panel.

Get yourself Informed on the Workflow of Grab Clone

  • Sign-Up

    The user signs up to the app effortlessly by entering their credentials.

    • Browsing for Service

      Once the user gets on board, they can start surfing for the service they require at the moment and select the service.

      • Choosing a Service Provider

        After choosing the service, the user is listed with the service providers nearby them. The user can select the service provider they prefer. Except for taxi-hailing or any delivery service, the driver is assigned automatically.

        • Order Confirmation

          Now that the user has chosen the service provider, they can place a request stating their convenient time, and once the service provider accepts the order, the booking is confirmed. If the service provider rejects the order, the order is automatically assigned to another service provider.

          • On the Doorstep

            The service provider arrives at the doorstep of the user and finishes the request made by the user.

            • Payment

              Once the job is done, the user pays the service provider using any one of the payment options.

              • Review and Rating

                The user can rate and review the service offered by the service provider.

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Why Choose Inoru for Your On-Demand Multi-purpose solution

Savvy Team

We are gifted with extremely talented team expertise in developing on-demand solutions groomed by years of experience.

Pioneering Technology

We use the most avant-garde technology solutions to develop a robust Grab clone app with seamless performance.

Free Deployment Services

You need not worry about the issues to resolve while launching the app on an Android or iOS platform because we do it for you.

100% Customization Services

We design and develop the app completely based on your business requirements and also keeping your target audience in mind.

Round the clock Support

Our support team works relentlessly to resolve your queries. You can fall back on them whenever you require any support with no restrictions in time.

Our Work Process to develop an On-Demand Multi-Services App

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  • Project Plan

    We devise a plan before getting to work. We work on the business requirements of the client and document it for future reference.

    • Budget Plan

      We understand that budget can be a tiring word for new businesses. So we understand our client’s budget constraints and develop the best app for the budget.

      • Development

        We analyze the project and assign tasks to developers considering their individual expertise and a time limit for the work to be done.

        • Testing

          Our testing team runs numerous tests on the app to verify that it is bug free and is ready for launch.

          • Deployment

            The app is now set for launch and is deployed on Android and iOS platforms with the client’s approval.


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