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The main concept of IDO

IDO or Initial DEX Offering is nothing but a new and innovative crowdfunding method for Crypto and NFT projects. Entrepreneurs and startup companies generally utilize it. Tokens are created as an exchangeable material for the investments once IDO is launched on the platform. These tokens come with a specific set of advantages for the investors. This crowdfunding model is preferred by many due to the high liquidity of tokens in the decentralized environment.

The crypto world has been witnessing unprecedented growth. The 21st century has brought about new opportunities ever since Blockchain technology came into existence. One such amazing option is to partner with INORU to launch your own IDO Launchpad on Polkadot.

IDO Launchpad

An IDO Launchpad is a decentralized platform for budding businesses to seek funds. Investors tend to invest due to the trustworthiness of the Launchpad. They support buying the tokens of the sprouting companies. IDO Launchpads on Polkadot are preferred due to the liquidity pool's high liquidity of tokens. The liquidity pool also enables the investors to exchange tokens for coins and cryptocurrencies. Traction is increased by this nature of IDO Launchpads, making it ideal to launch your own IDO Launchpad on Polkadot.

PolkaPad/ IDO Launchpad on Polkadot

IDO Launchpad on Polkadot is built on the Polkadot Blockchain. It is a thorough and decentralized Launchpad for crypto and NFT based projects. It grants access to talented entrepreneurs to shoot their ideas to reality through sophisticated crowdfunding.

The Polkadot Blockchain is constantly renovating and reinventing itself. It enables us to develop your Launchpad so aesthetically pleasing and sleek that it might just beat anyone who dares to compete. Polkadot functions in such a way that it is interoperable, i.e., compatible across other Blockchains. So you can bet that you will receive cutting-edge technology at the brink of evolution.

Steps to Develop your IDO Launchpad on Polkadot

  • Know your priorities First and foremost, we will get together our team of specialists to delve into the details of how you picture your Launchpad to be and map out the development procedure according to your requirements. This includes the listing process.

  • Developing various components Developing and putting together different components of the Pad and synchronizing them like yin and yang is the next crucial step. This includes tokens, wallet integration, layered security protocols, live dashboards, and much more.

  • Let's plate it up!Once we have successfully procured and developed all the necessary ingredients for a smooth IDO Launchpad, we shall integrate it all. We will infuse all the carefully picked ingredients into the perfect DIsh. We bestow extra attention towards safety protocols during this stage of development.

  • Bug Test We will put our expert team of testers to check every nook and corner of your IDO Launchpad on Polkadot. The series of testings that we conduct will pluck out all the fleece and give your user a flawless experience.

Highlights of using Polkadot to develop an IDO Launchpad


Although technically, Polkadot is a Blockchain network on its own, it is also compatible with various major blockchain networks out there. We can call it a blockchain connector as it connects other blockchains.


Polkadot serves as a link between multiple Blockchain networks. When you isolate one Blockchain, you also restrict the functions and traffic. This largely increases the scalability and prospects of our IDO Launchpad.


Polkadot lets us create a web across other Blockchain networks, thus enabling smooth communication and transactions among Blockchains. Relay chains allow internal mobility. External connections are maintained by parachains called bridges.

Forkless Upgrades

On Polkadot, you have access to forkless upgrades. The proposal is written in the meta-protocol language. If the vote count is positive, then the upgrade is formatted; if not, nothing comes out of it. It is as simple as that!

Noted Features of IDO Launchpad on Polkadot

Choice of wallet

An investor, for safety reasons, seldom keeps all their digital currencies in one wallet. Your users can access different wallets across various blockchains for ease of access.

KYC Mandatory

This increases the safety of your platform as users will be granted access to your platform only after they finish the KYC procedure by offering valid information and going through an extensive verification process.

Investment System

Your users can use Decentralised Finance as an investment portfolio. This system ensures that a large number of people trade and invest in your platform.


Stacking reduces the hassles of investment by enabling administrators to stack multiple layers.

Upgraded Business Module

Polkadot allows us to gain visibility due to multi-chain accessibility. Each chain serves a different function enabling us to be efficient.

Perks of IDO Launchpad development of Polkadot

Easy Liquidity

We can offer immediate liquidity unlike any other Launchpad due interoperability of Polkadot.

Well structured Listing

IDO Launchpad on Polkadot is highly efficient. It has a good structure effective method of Listing

On-Chain Fundraising

Traders can trade with full transparency without any hindrances on the Launchpad.

Why choose INORU?

INORU has set its main goal to watch your business venture succeed. We will weaponize you with a team of chosen Blockchain experts to conquer the crypto battlefield. Your ideas, requirements, and properties will be well thought about and improved during implementation. The crypto world has flourished in a short span and is now cluttered with heavy competition. We will help you weed out your competitors and top everyone's minds as soon as you partner with us.


Our team of experts will get you to the launch date as soon as possible. The time taken varies with respect to your ideas and customization requirements.

We offer ready to launch IDO Launchpads as well as built from scratch. Your choice and requirements will determine the cost of your IDO Launchpad.

Our IDO Launchpad will send out push notifications for all sales before it even begins. This keeps the users alert to trade at an earlier stage.

Alert point is when the platform automatically informs a user of launch dates. It grants them the exclusivity to pick and wishlist their desired projects well in advance.

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