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iOS App Development Solutions

App development specialists for new generation iPhones and iPads.

Got the next billion-dollar mobile app idea? We’ll make that happen. Partner with us today and witness the most phenomenal solutions for designing, developing, and delivering creatively-crafted and scalable iOS apps.

Ios App Development Company

We build advanced iOS apps for numerous devices

Our cutting-edge and custom iOS application development services for small, medium and large businesses are applauded globally — Witness high-performance on leading smart devices with tailored solutions for each App.



Apple TV



Wearable / IoT

Apple watch

How we do it

With fewer development stages, we ensure timely integration of advanced technologies and perform rigorous testing for meeting unmatched quality. By following primary development methodologies like a symphony, our maestro programmers build and deliver iOS apps that best suit your business requirements, always!

Understanding the project concept

Analyzing Requirements | Wireframing | Prototyping

As the leading iOS app development company, we begin the process of connecting our experts with business representatives. Our team absorbs the concept of the app post numerous discussions and ensure client requirements are understood and analyzed in detail. Post the first phase; we begin building multiple wireframes. The concerned mockup structure of the app will be shared with the client’s team on a timely basis. Post mockup approvals, we deliver the most suitable prototype and begin the development phase following the client’s go-ahead.

Developing the iOS app

Endless Coding | Third-party Interfacing | Program Debugging

Coding essentially takes countless hours, and our expert coders do what they do best, code. Ensuring the expectations are met, we interface with third-party services & multiple hardware components for quality output. To cross-check the perfection of each piece of program, we perform numerous debugging functions. After fording all the stages, we proceed with integrating the blocks of programs into the product source code.

Deploying on dedicated App store

App Testing | Final Delivery | Post-launch support

Part of the custom iOS app development services, we add features that match the client's business needs. Our dedicated testers analyze and test the quality of the application against numerous stringent parameters. After clearing the testing phase; we deliver tailored demos to clients and receive their feedback. Post receiving the approval, we launch your remarkable app on the App Store. Furthermore, to ensure that the application's performance outmatches business expectations, we provide amazing post-launch maintenance support.

What kind of apps we provide

With iOS platform rapidly expanding across the globe, INORU builds and delivers robust and scalable applications for Apple devices. To improve enterprise mobility, enhance management operations, or simplify daily activities, we offer smart solutions for all needs. Partner with us today and empower your business with stellar mobile applications.

Enterprise apps

With smart mobile solutions securely integrated with the companies IT infrastructure, witness improved work flexibility and productivity at all levels. Our devoted iOS developers help enhance business offerings and extend the digital experience to smart devices like the iPad and iPhone.

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Consumer apps

Catch the attention of global users with sophisticated iOS apps designed to promote premier functionality and convenience. INORU builds and delivers custom applications for leading Apple smart devices such as iPhone, iPad, and others (wearables) to help engage with consumers seamlessly.

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IoT apps

Access and manage data from IoT systems in real-time via INORU’s smart app development solutions. With embedded sensors in smart devices such as wearables and others, help simplify complex mechanisms and provide users with accurate information via well-crafted iOS applications.

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Robust, interactive, scalable and tailored iOS apps for diverse business verticals

As the leading iOS application development company, our solutions are designed to cater to multiple segments across all industry verticals.

  • Education
  • Gaming
  • Finance
  • Healthcare
  • Wellness & fitness
  • Logistics
  • Travel
  • Social network
  • Music
  • Oil & gas
  • E-commerce
  • Transportation
  • Entertainment

Technologies we use for iOS app development

Solutions and tools

  • AppCode
  • Xcode 8

Development languages

  • Swift
  • Objective-C, C, C++


  • SSL
  • MTPrto


  • Core Data
  • SQLite, Realm

Design patterns

  • MVC
  • MVVM
  • MVP
  • Dependency Injection


  • SwiftyJSON, RNCryptor
  • CocoaLumberjack
  • Crashlytics Analytics
  • Swinject, SwiftyStoreKit
  • Alamofire, RXSwift
  • RealmSwift, Fabric

Components and frameworks

  • Fabric
  • Spritekit
  • CocoaPods
  • Crashlytics
  • Fastlane
  • Cartage, AppSee

Why choose our app development services?

With 12+ years of delivering high-performance iOS apps to industries worldwide - we share our Good Luck with everyone.

Expert iOS app developers

Our dedicated iOS veteran developers passionately develop and deliver innovative solutions for business needs.

On-time delivery

We ensure the project is built within the agreed timeline - though 98% of the time we deliver it before the deadline.

Cost-efficient solutions

As your technology partner, we are driven by 'customer approach' and ensure our solutions don't burn a hole in your pocket.

Project confidentiality

From consultation to app launch, we maintain a 100% confidentiality. The project details remain guarded for a lifetime.

Tailored development

We design, develop, test, and deliver products per the business needs. With end-to-end customization flexibility, we meet project requirements, spot on.

Latest tech

By adopting the latest versions, releases, and updates by Apple Inc, we ensure the app performs flawlessly.

USP's of our iOS apps

App Scalability

As the leading iOS development company, we recognize your needs and build apps that evolve with your business. With minimum efforts, the smart iOS app can be upgraded with numerous features as per enterprise requirements.

Complete reliability

Our advanced coding and end-to-end testing phase ensure the dedicated iOS apps for business performs all the time smoothly. By periodic code updates and modifications, you witness superior functionality.

Interactive UI/UX

Improve retention rate effectively with remarkable iOS apps. From the look including layout, colors, shapes, and typefaces to the feel, including buttons, boxes, and menu, users will be charmed with perfection, always.


Our coding maestros help enhance the iOS app trust factor by ensuring complete fortification of the users’ sensitive information. With the integration of numerous security parameters, rest assured, hackers are kept at bay.

Quick load time

Users will be amazed by the super-fast performance the iOS app offers. With the right blocks of coding and accurate testing, the app would never freeze or crash, literally! So yes, your users would never stop admiring.

Our proud customers

Lillian Kurtz
Co-founder - Fast food chain

INORU went beyond the call of duty and delivered a novel app for my business. With just a simple outline, the team developed an impeccably creative iOS app.

Nathanial Porter
Owner - Software house

Dedication and transparency reflect on INORU’s work. The team is incredibly friendly to work with. Thanks a ton, team.

Mary Gilmour
Creative head - Ad Agency

With well-structured, user-friendly, and sophisticated iOS app, things just kept getting better. INORU’s brilliance has left me awestruck.

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