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What is a Reselling app? How does it Work?

You might be wondering how exactly resale mobile apps like Meesho work. Well here’s how!

With the Meesho clone, the main selling point for entrepreneurs is the ability to resell items that they have purchased at a lower price and create a profit. This is usually done by purchasing products from wholesalers and retailers and selling them on the Meesho clone for a marked up price that guarantees them a healthy profit margin.

INORU’s Meesho clone makes the process of reselling highly streamlined and simple for the average user. With social media integrations, sellers can get in touch with buyers using multiple social media platforms and further their business growth.

Invest in the number one Meesho clone app in the market by getting in touch with our team of experts.

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Must-have Features of the Meesho Clone App

Capitalize on the growth of reselling platforms with your very own Meesho Clone, the best e-commerce app in the market!


The main aspect of the Meesho clone is the ability to carry out a seamless resale of products. Users can upload their products, share them on social media platforms, and sell it for a healthy profit.

Multi-payment Methods

Flexibility is the key! Payment on the Meesho clone is quick and easy to do. Users can pay through numerous ways including credit and debit cards, online banking, cash-on-delivery, and more.

Browsing Products

Users can search and browse products listed on the Meesho clone with ease. Everything from product descriptions to images and more can be found for every product.

Direct Messaging

Users who are interested in a product can get in touch with the sellers via direct messaging. There is no middle man on the Meesho clone.

Curated Articles

A surefire way to increase engagement in your Meesho Clone is to build a community by allowing users to upload blogs and articles that your audience would like.


The Meesho clone continuously provides admins with detailed reports that give them useful insights into how the platform is performing.

Catalog Listing

Users can curate their products and list them any way they see fit. Product catalogs are a must in the e-commerce business.

Offers and Deals

To keep buyers interested and to incentivize sales, resellers can offer deals and discounts on a regular basis.

What can be sold on the Meesho Clone?

The Meesho Clone allows seamless first hand and re-selling options for numerous types of products and items. Here are some of the things that the Meesho clone is renowned for.

Clothing and Accessories
The bulk of the sales on the Meesho clone come from clothing and accessories. Everything from casual wear to formal wear, clothing for kids to the elderly, everything can be sold on the Meesho Clone.
Home Appliances and Essentials
Not only clothes but appliances and essential items for the household like pillows, carpets, curtains, and more can be found on the Meesho Clone.
Grooming and Personal Care
Grooming items are a hot commodity on the Meesho clone. Items such as lotions, hair products, essential oils, and more can be sold on the Meesho Clone.
Grocery and Kitchen Items
Every kitchen item including groceries can be sold on the Meesho clone. Items that are not locally available are a common thing to be sold by resellers.
Electric Appliances
Electrical appliances such as hairdryers, remotes, weighing machines, and more can be sold on the Meesho Clone.

In-app Features of the Meesho Clone

Registration Users can register on the app through a quick sign-up process.

Browse Products Users can browse Meesho Clone for products they wish to buy.

Search Products Users can specifically search for any product on the platform.

Filter Categories Users can sort the product according to the category they belong to.

Set Preferences Users can modify their preferences to get a curated list of products.

Add to Favorites Users can add any product to their favorites list.

Recommend Product Users can recommend any product to their family and friends

Wishlist Users can add any product to their wishlist which their friends can buy.

Follow Page Users can follow the seller’s page that they like.

View Product Details Users can view a complete description of the product in detail.

View Seller Users can view the profile of the seller to learn more about them.

Compare Prices Users can use this option to compare the prices of similar products.

Report Seller Users can report a seller that does not adhere to the guidelines on the platform.

Ratings and Feedback Users can provide ratings and feedback about a product or a seller.

Customer Care Users can get in touch with customer care to address their queries and concerns.

Register New sellers on the app can join the platform by furnishing the necessary information.

Customize Profile Sellers can customize their profiles to showcase their individuality.

Upload Catalog Sellers can upload the catalog of their procured products.

Upload Photos Sellers can upload photos and videos of the products they wish to sell.

Product Description Sellers can write a short description of the product.

Link Bank Account Sellers can link their bank account to the platform for seamless payment.

Message Users Sellers can get in touch with the buyer to haggle on prices and more.

Testimonials Sellers can upload user testimonials to further their credibility.

Analytics Sellers can get detailed reports on the sales carried out on the platform.

View Pending Orders Sellers can view the orders that have been placed.

Discounts and Offers Sellers can offer discounts for any product or all products on their profile

Help Sellers can get in touch with the customer care representatives for any help.

Dashboard Admins can navigate the Meesho clone platform easily from the dashboard.

Request Admins can view the pending registration requests and choose to accept or decline.

Manage Sellers Admins can view and manage the sellers on the platform.

Manage Buyers Admins can view and manage the account of users on the platform.

Manage Products Admins can view and manage the products up for sale on the platform.

Offers and Discounts Admins can promote products and increase sales through offers and discounts.

Manage ADS Admins can view and manage the in-app advertisements from third parties.

Reports Admins can learn useful information from periodically generated reports.

Direct Messaging Admins can message both users and sellers directly.

Customer Support Admins can get in touch with customer support for any help.

Push Notifications Admins can send real-time notifications to both users and sellers.

Live Tracking Users can track the progress of the delivery of any product bought on the app.

Customized User Profile Users can customize their profiles by uploading their photos and description.

Send Gifts Users can send gifts to their friends and family by buying them items from their wishlist.

Follow Users Users can follow other user-profiles and build a community.

Group Chat Users can form and chat with their friends on the Meesho Clone.

Trending Products Users can view the products that are trending on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

Why Launch an e-commerce platform like Meesho?

If you’re still not sold on the idea of investing in our Meesho Clone, here are a few reasons that will change your mind!

Double Your Sales

With the popularity of e-commerce apps like Meesho quickly rising, listing your products on our platform can be a sure-fire way to boost your sales

Increased User Engagement

The Meesho Clone is not only an e-commerce platform for buying and selling, but it is a community. With blogs, articles, groups, and more, witness an immediate increase in user engagement.

Brand Recognition

The white-label nature of the Meesho clone allows you to brand it the way you like, which will do wonders for your brand visibility.

Seamless Shopping

We have perfected the art of creating intuitive e-commerce platforms like Meesho. Give your customers the gift of seamless shopping experience.

Expand Your Horizons

With the Meesho clone, you can take your business to the next level by selling to customers all around the world. Our multilingual and multi-currency integrations will enable you to target a global audience.

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Revenue Model - How Can You Make Money With The Meesho Clone?


Admins can charge a percentage of every sale that is carried out by the seller as commission. They can also offer subscription-based selling options that allow sellers to pay a monthly or annual fee to sell on the platform.

Premium Subscriptions

For users on the platform who are regulars, a premium subscription or loyalty program can be made available. Perks such as free delivery, monthly offers, and discounts, extended features can be made a part of the subscription.

In-app Advertising

Admins can allow third parties to advertise on the platform for a fee. The rate can be set based on the duration, placement, size of the advertisement, and more. Alternatively, sellers can be also allowed to advertise on the platform to boost their sales.

Capitalize on the growth of reselling platforms with your very own Meesho Clone, the best e-commerce app in the market!

The Meesho Clone App Development Process

We have perfected the art of app development over years of experience. Here is a checklist that we follow to make the perfect Meesho Clone App.

Meesho clone
  • Client Expectations

    We sit down with the client to gather the requirements of the project at hand. Tell us about what you’re looking for and we’ll help make it a reality.

  • Planning

    We will assign a project manager to the project who will ensure that there is an effective plan in place before the development even begins.

  • UI/UX Design

    Our designers have one goal in mind - to create a highly attractive application that catches the eye of the user and is easy to navigate.

  • Back-End Design

    Here is where the app truly comes to life. Our expert team of developers will utilize the latest tech in the field to build a state of the art e-commerce platform.

  • Testing

    Once the development process is complete, our testing team will carry out a litany of tests to ensure that the product is up to our high standards.

  • Launch

    With a world of experience in launching successful products, we will ensure your Meesho Clone is set for a grand launch that ensures success from the get-go!

  • Maintenance and Support

    For customers who avail of our maintenance services, we are always there, periodically checking the functionality of the application and providing support when needed.

Why Choose INORU - The Leading Meesho Clone App Development Company?

  • Expertise

    With over 14+ years of experience crafting world-class applications, we are the forerunner in the field of mobile app development.

  • Knowledge

    We hire only the best. Our team of experts is one of the best in the business and up-to-date with the latest happenings in the market.

  • End-to-end Development

    We do everything completely in-house. From start to finish, we take care of every aspect of the development process.

  • Security and Privacy

    We offer our clients complete privacy. Your information is in safe hands, we will sign a non-disclosure agreement to ensure the confidentiality.

  • Marketing Prowes

    Our world-class marketing team will ensure the success of your Meesho Clone with our result-oriented marketing tactics.

  • On-going Support

    We offer robust maintenance and support services at a cost-effective price. We will ensure that your e-commerce platform is up and running at all times.

  • Seamless Integration

    Our Meesho Clone can be seamlessly integrated with third-party applications.


The Meesho clone is a cloned version of the Meesho app. It is an ecommerce application that allows users to buy and sell products. It is very popular at the moment.

Customers are increasingly moving towards online shopping with each passing year. The Meesho clone offers users a hassle-free shopping experience that they’re sure to love. Additionally, many budding entrepreneurs will be attracted to the platform for its re-sale capabilities.

Yes, the Meesho clone is completely white-label.

Yes, the Meesho clone can be customized to your exact preference. You can modify it any you see fit including the logo, branding, and color scheme.

Very soon! INORU offers a lightning-quick development process that gets you in the market in the quickest time. The basic version of the app can be ready for launch in a matter of days. To get an exact estimate of the duration of development, come tell us your expectations.

The cost of the Meesho clone varies depending on the requirements of the user. We will be better able to give you an accurate estimate when we learn the project’s specifications.

Yes, we offer affordable maintenance and support services and we recommend you avail them!

Our in-house marketing team will be there to help you at every step of the way. You can avail of their services at a very affordable price.

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