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Launch the next-gen Social media App with no Spywares and Ads with our MeWe Clone App

MeWe is a subscription-based social media application. This anti-Facebook app is a social media app claiming itself to be the next-gen social media platform. Lately, the privacy threat to user data has been a social issue, and users are looking out for a social media platform with privacy. MeWe projects itself as a solution to these privacy issues. It promises users to express their thoughts with no censorship. This freedom of expression and security of data has attracted millions of users flocking towards it.

MeWe is now ranked seventh in the Apple iOS store and tops the free social media app. It has 16 million users all over the world. Although it is a small number compared to Facebook, it is growing and finding its own stand in the social media race.

Innoru’s MeWe Clone app is an opportunity for entrepreneurs who believe to be a part of the next-gen social media giant. Play your role in this social media revolution of privacy and freedom of expression and be the future of social media.

The rise of an alternative app to Facebook

The MeWe Clone is the replica of the MeWe app in looks as well as functionality. MeWe is a social media platform that is termed as an anti-Facebook app. It has an interface similar to Facebook with the functions like comment, heart, thumbs up, and other emojis. It is currently in surge due to Facebook’s rigid policies on community guidelines. Many users have been either removed, or the contents posted by them are removed in the name of false information. This has led the people with a strong belief in freedom of expression, and with thoughts, the majority crowd dislikes to look for an alternative. MeWe claims to not censor contents and to not show ads based on the user’s search habit.

In MeWe, the contents displayed on the wall of a user are the contents posted by either their friends or by community or pages they follow. The search habit of the user is not recorded, and thereby contents from unknown users or pages don’t get displayed on their walls. MeWe is also very stringent about not displaying any ads to the users and making them agitated. MeWe also provides a premium secret chat feature. The chats made through this feature cannot be accessed by any others. For all these reasons, MeWe has been accepted by people. With all the political diaspora and chaos, people are looking for an alternative to Facebook as they sense it as a capitalistic surveillance app with no privacy and freedom of speech.

The rise of MeWe has put up a stage for the entrepreneurs who dream of building an alternative social media platform. As Facebook keeps loosening its privacy policies and tightening its censor policies, a huge number of people have already started to leave Facebook. This signifies that the users are ready for an alternative social media platform other than the social media giant, Facebook. Users have begun to be aware of things going around them. They no longer need entertainment; they have started to prefer personal privacy and freedom of expression over entertainment. This is making changes in the user pattern of social media. In the future, social media platforms are expected to provide more security and freedom.

If you are an entrepreneur who believes in the alternative and wants to develop a social media platform that gives people freedom and security, get our customized white label solution of the MeWe Clone App.

What does the MeWe Clone App have on cards for the users?

MeWe is a social media platform that has been commented on by a lot of people as a replica of Facebook. Some even went further by calling it a clone app purchased from a random turnkey software solution and customized as MeWe. MeWe doesn’t surprise us with these comments. It has the same features and follows the functioning of Facebook with better privacy policies and community guidelines. The workflow for a new user in the MeWe Clone app goes as follows,

  • The user is asked to sign up in the MeWe app.
  • Once the user has signed up, he can start searching for his/her friends, pages, and communities they are interested in following.
  • The MeWe Clone app displays only the contents posted by the user’s friends, and the pages liked by them on the user’s wall.
  • The user can like, share, and comment on the contents displayed on their wall.
  • The user can also chat, make a voice call, and a video call to their friends. There is also a secret chat option, which is one of the premium features that can be accessed by the user on payment. The secret chat feature comes with double ratchet encryption making it inaccessible to anyone.
  • The user can express his views by either writing content, posting a video, a photo, or even a GIF. The users can also contest polls on subjects they prefer. They can also post stories that stay on their profile for 24 hours and then disappear. These stories can also be archived.
  • Any actions taken on the content posted by the user will be notified to him on the notification page.

The features may seem similar to Facebook, but our MeWe clone app does not eliminate any content or user from the platform or judge them with the contents they post. It avails freedom of speech to all. Everyone’s point of view is allowed to be listened to here. This is one of the prominent reasons why your user would love to stick with you.

Features of MeWe Clone App

MeWe Clone App is a freemium app. The users can use it for free as long as they want. But, on the requirement of the premium features of the MeWe Clone App, the user has to pay for it.

Innate Features of the MeWe Clone AppThe MeWe Clone App comes up with a lot of compelling features to keep your users engaged with it.

Connect With FriendsMeWe Clone app comes with awesome features to connect with your friends around the world. The users can search for their friends and send a request. By this, your user gets to feel a friend in a faraway land is just a tap away.

Charming Chat SystemsOur MeWe clone app comes with an enthralling chat feature. Your users can not only chat with their friends but also have fun by sharing photos, videos, and GIFS. These features make your users get excited every time they chat with their friends.

High-quality call features Our MeWe clone app offers undisrupted calls and high-definition video calls for your users so that they can have undisturbed talks with their friends.

Advanced Search OptionsWith the advanced search options, your users can search for any friend or a page they would like to follow in a few seconds.

Synchronization on devicesWith this feature, your user can synchronize their profile on more than one device. Most commonly, users prefer to use it on their mobile phones as well as laptops. Our MeWe Clone app offers this feature to use on multiple devices.

Camera IntegrationThe user can take pictures or videos of anything they like and post it in their profile by using this feature.

News FeedsThe users are kept updated with the contents posted by their friends and their favorite pages in the news feed. This keeps them engaged, watching and reacting to various content.

NotificationsYour users will be notified of the chat messages and invitation requests mention made by their friends, upcoming events, and news and updates made in your MeWe Clone App.

Premium FeaturesThe MeWe Clone app comes with a store in it. The premium features that can be purchased by the user are enlisted in this store.

Video JournalsThe video journals is a feature using which your users can create a journal from the stories they have posted in the MeWe Clone app and keep them updated in their profile.

Unlimited Voice and Video CallingThe user is offered to call their friends or family at any time, any day, any number of times by this feature.

Unlimited Custom EmojisUsing emojis in a chat makes the chat more fun. To have access to unlimited emojis, thereby unlimited fun, your user has to purchase it.

Unlimited ThemesEvery user yearns for an exclusive theme for themselves rather than using the same theme everyone uses. This feature opens the door for them.

Add-on Cloud StorageNot all users are content with the cloud storage provided to them. Most users want to go the extra mile and have the extra cloud storage. This feature is for them.

Premium Profile BadgeThe users who have opted for the premium membership are recognized with a badge on their profile.

Make your Fortune with MeWe Clone App

MeWe Clone App is a freemium or a subscription-based app. It is completely free for the users as privacy and freedom of expression is not something a user has to purchase but deserves it by birth. All the features from displaying contents in the news feed, chat with friends, group chats, private groups, open groups, following the favorite page, reacting to posts by likes, and comments, sharing contents with friends, posting contents and stories, the custom camera with integrated GIFs in it, sending voice notes to friends, personal cloud storage for the users, dual camera, 2800+ emojis, and more all for free.

Although the MeWe Clone app provides all these features for free, it has many more eluding features that can be accessed by the users only on subscription. These features are the money-making machines of the MeWe clone app.

  • Making video calls and voice calls has made life easier in many ways. It has offered hope for long-distance relationships. Every user wants to have unending calls with their loved ones. So, they pay for it without a second thought.
  • The most chucklesome GIFs are enlisted in the premium features urging the users to pay for them to have the best time with their friends over chat.
  • The add-on cloud storage is another feature every user would desire to have. Nowadays, users create a lot of files, photos, and videos with their smartphones and do not want to miss any of them. Thereby they yearn for enormous storage space.
  • The video journals feature is an exotic feature of our MeWe Clone app. It is very interesting, as the user is able to make a video journal of the stories posted by them from any period of their usage of the app. It can also edit new stories and can be added to these journals. These features make the users feel irresistible, and they end up paying for the premium subscription.

Progress into a Premium Business with our MeWe Clone Solution

Social media platforms have emerged as the flamboyant business of this decade. Numerous social media platforms have been launched in this decade. Some of them have made their statement to the users, some are still on the search for their door to Narnia, while some others have died. This ride of the social media platforms has been a rollercoaster ride with the entry of various issues. From starting itself as an entertainment app, most of them have transpired into platforms mostly focused on business. Most of the social media apps have been tracking user behavior and showcasing ads that are relevant to their search pattern. They have now turned out to be an ad platform more than an entertainment platform.

Social media platforms have been used by companies to run ads, and even political campaigns now happen more in social media than in the real world. With all this humongous growth, social media has now also turned into spyware on our hands. It also has a monopoly on what content can be displayed and what should be removed.

Reasons why the MeWe Clone App is the need of the hour?

  • The censor policies in social media platforms have taken a counter clock turn. Any content will be removed if it is against their censor policies. They determine what content should be shown and what should not be shown.
  • With all this chaos going around, people now see social media as a threat to privacy and free speech. Social media is viewed by people as an enemy more than a friend.
  • Users are not ready to pull off from social media platforms as it has become a part of their lives. They are yearning for a more secure social media platform that allows free speech.

Our MeWe Clone solution is a white label solution for the users yearning for a secure social media platform with free speech. Suppose you are someone who looks into the future and can see that social media is now in turmoil, and privacy and free speech will be the basic requirements of social media in the near future. Then join inoru and launch a customized MeWe clone app. It can be customized completely the way you dream it to be, either functionality or the look. The look of it can be aligned with the color palette of your logo, making it more attractive and original.

Frequently Asked Questions

A MeWe Clone App is an exact replica of the rapidly growing high integrity subscription-based social media platform MeWe. It can be customized according to your requirements. The color palette of the app can be designed as in your logo.

A white label solution is the selling of a fully developed product to a company, and it can be completely customized with the logo and design of the company so that the users of the product of the company can relate to it.

The cost of the product depends on various metrics, the platforms to be published (iOS, Android), the time taken to develop the product, the design parameters, and the project requirements. You can Schedule A Meeting and know your requirements. We will be happy to quote you the best price.

Yes, we do support you to upgrade the app. It can be upgraded based on your requirements with no difficulty.

Yes. We do sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to ensure that your business idea will be safe and secure.

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