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Music Streaming AppDevelopment Service

Cater to global music lovers on-the-go with well-crafted music streaming app for Android and iOS developed in tune with your business goals seamlessly. Our app creators are devoted to delivering you with the most amazing on-demand music streaming app development solutions and help you lead the online marketplace with ease. Why wait? Powered with top-of-the-line features, the dedicated app for music gives out the right rhythm to capture global music enthusiasts attention in real-time, flawlessly.

Stellar On-DemandMusic Streaming App Development Solutions

At INORU, we assist businesses in designing, developing, and launching cutting-edge apps for specialized audio-relevant services worldwide.

Music App for Global Bands

Get close to your fan base with a dedicated music streaming app comprising high-end features. Boost your revenue via secured subscriptions with the integrated in-app payment gateways. Connecting music bands with fans around the world, always!

Music Learning App

Provide compelling and unforgettable music learning experience for global users with advanced music learning app powered with exceptional user-interface and content — valuable music learning solution for everyone.

Music Streaming App

Our mobile app developers hold extensive experience in building and delivering creatively-crafted music streaming app for all leading (Mobile & Web) platforms and smart devices.

Song Editing App

We offer intelligent music editing app development solutions by combining song editing capabilities with exceptional UI/UX design expertise — live music editing app at your fingertips.

Custom Music Software SolutionsFor The Right Rhythm

Our innovative music app development services benefit entrepreneurs, musicians, businesses, label promoters, and bands immensely. We realize your unique vision with creative solutions to build or improve your music software for a legion of audio-relevant services.

Music Streaming

Our first-rate developers integrate unique buffering algorithms and configure protocols such as HTTP, RTSP, RTP, and RTCP to ensure adaptive and customizable bitrate service provision for users. Additionally, the dedicated on-demand music streaming app integrated with cloud-based infinite storage space coupled with a smart audio library management system.

Smart Audio Software Integration

With custom music integration for native Android and iOS apps, our developers use third-party plug-ins coupled with advanced algorithms to offer high-quality audio for users. To ensure a reduced rate of audio quality degradation, we integrate DAC/ADC codecs supporting stereo and mono audio data.

Multi-Platform App

We help design and develop music app for all leading mobile (iOS and Android) and web platforms. With extensive experience in delivering cross-platform and native music apps across the globe, we ensure your app is built to be eligible for Google Play and App Store seamlessly. To offer users with next-generation sound experience, our premier developers integrate musical instrument digital interface (MIDI) protocol.

DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) Software

Produce professional music from smart devices with a customized DAW (digital audio workstations) software offering audio editing, recording, advanced arranging, mixing, and other features. The software also extends MIDI sequencers & editors, sampling, state-of-the-art audio editing tools, and creatively-crafted UI for end-to-end ease of use.

School Management Software (For Music)

A compelling music school management software powered with top-of-the-line features including billing, scheduling, CRM, secure payment, tracking music equipment, accounting, managing projects, and others. The software is built to perform smoothly on popular web and mobile platforms.

Music App Development

Build custom mobile and web-based music app congruous with popular audio formats including but not limited to WMA, MP3, WAV, FLAC, AAC, and others. With the integration of robust music management features such as MIDI, audio normalization, music libraries, equalizer, and others, witness the software perform flawlessly on macOS, Windows, iOS, Android, Linux, and others.

Smart Features Powering The Music App

Social Media Login

Users can sign up using their email & number or log in directly via their social media such as Instagram, Facebook, and others.

Private Playlist

Users can create and edit multiple playlists with infinite songs from different genres, bands, and languages.

Song/Playlist Ratings

Users can view and provide ratings on songs, albums, or even playlists with ease. The ratings help listeners decide on their music.

Top Songs

The app showcases the most trending track or album in the market — a popular feature to delight music enthusiasts.

Social Sharing

Share favorite tracks on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, or in popular messaging platforms like Whatsapp and others with ease.

Mark Favorite

Mark track as favorite and listen to them later under the “Favorites” section. Users need to tap the “Heart” icon to mark as favorite.

In-App Payment

Users looking to subscribe to premium services can pay online via credit/debit card, digital wallets, and other methods. The app integrated with numerous secured payment gateways.

Radio Integration

Offer users the choice of regional or international radio stations based on their preference of songs, genres, language, artists or others.


Monitor and manage your business with real-time analytics via the dedicated panel powered by secure algorithms, data structures, and DB infrastructure.

GPS Tech

The app tracks the user’s precise location and recommends local music based on demography. User can customize the results via filters as per discretion.

Offline Mode

The app offers easy download of songs, playlists, and albums for offline playing hassle-free.

Ad Management

Manage multiple advertisements and promotional campaigns via the app hassle-free and witness a remarkable surge in revenue.

Search & Filter

The smart feature lets users search for their preferred song: album, music genre, playlist, or even bands. To further enhance the results, users can activate special filters.

Hows Does It Work?

The interactive music streaming app works flawlessly and offers phenomenal user experience all the time.

Log in the App

Users can register or login the app with just a few taps and witness the most magnificent user interface & music experience in the market.

Live Stream Music

With the creatively-crafted app for iOS and Android, users can record and share live music concert videos or even audios glitch-free.

Connect with Other Users

Build an active community of music lovers having a shared love for genres, albums, artists, bands, or even languages.

Access Songs, Tracks, Albums and More

Global users can access their favorite songs, tracks, albums, and much more and customize to their taste with the interactive and scalable music streaming app.

Are you looking to discover the right rhythm for your business and make users tap to your beats? Opt for a free consultation today.

Technology Stack

For Web

  • Laravel (PHP Framework) 5.7
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript as frontend
  • Passport & JWT for Authentication Package
  • MySQL Database
  • Mailgun for mail config
  • Google Map Places API
  • Google Static Map API
  • Stripe payment gateway
  • Twillio/Facebook Account kit for OTP verification
  • Hosting can be any dedicated Ubuntu servers
  • Paid/Letsencrypt free SSL

For Android

  • MVP Code pattern
  • JAVA
  • Retorfit network library
  • Google Map SDK for android
  • FCM Push notification
  • Firebase realtime DB for chat
  • Android studio 3.3

For iOS

  • VIPER Code pattern
  • Swift 4.2
  • Alamofire network library
  • Google Map SDK for iOS
  • APNS Push notification
  • Firebase realtime DB for chat
  • Xcode 10.1




No, the app is designed and developed with a creative yet simple user interface with end to end guidelines.

Yes, we integrate numerous revenue models such as daily, monthly or yearly subscriptions, advertisements, in-app purchases, premium quality music download, and much more.

Yes, the app offers offline mode for users to enjoy their favorite artists, bands, and songs post downloading (during online mode).

Yes, the app can be integrated with numerous features that best meet your business requirements.

Yes, we offer a fantastic post-launch support package that ensures uninterrupted functioning always. Contact our experts today for more details.

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