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The Best Of Netflix Clone App Development

The entertainment world of today looks starkly different from just a few years ago. Gone are the days waiting for your favorite TV show to air at a specified time or running to the bathroom during the ad breaks and hoping you don’t miss anything. We now live in the era of online streaming. From Netflix to Amazon Prime to Disney Hotstar, on-demand streaming applications rule the roost.

If you’re looking to make a plunge into the entertainment industry, there is no better way to set yourself to a lifetime of success than with our Netflix clone app. With cutting edge features, a comprehensive revenue stream plan, and more, our Netflix clone is the one stop solution for all your needs.

Invest in the best Netflix clone app in the market and establish yourself as a leading entertainment provider.

What is the Netflix Clone?

The Netflix Clone is a highly functional recreation of Netflix, the world’s most popular video streaming service. This clone app variant, the best of its kind, is the latest offering from INORU, a leading provider of mobile applications in the market. With all the functionality and features of the original app in combination with our own innovations added in the mix, this is the number one choice among entrepreneurs looking to make their mark in the entertainment industry.

If you are one such budding entrepreneur, don’t wait any further! Get in touch with us and launch a robust Netflix Clone in next to no time!

Why launch a Netflix Clone?

On-demand video streaming is more popular than ever before. The global Video on demand market is estimated at $48 Billion in 2020 and is only set to grow from here on out. With increasing internet penetration around the world and the falling prices of smartphones, more and more people are gaining access to on-demand streaming.

Streaming platforms like Netflix are quickly phasing out cable and dish TV options. Every year, more and more users are switching to streaming. This is expected to continue as younger generations prefer to get their entertainment from video streaming services like our Netflix clone.

The future of entertainment is increasingly moving towards on-demand streaming. Are you?

Features Of Our Netflix Clone

Sign UpUsers can register with Netflix clone in a few simple steps with their email address or social media credentials.

Quick LoginUsers can login at any time with their credentials. They can also save their credentials for quick login.

Choose A PlanUsers can choose from an available list of subscription options. Subscriptions are priced at varying points depending on functionality.

Personalization Users are asked to pick their favorite shows and movies while setting up their Netflix clone account. This helps create a personalized experience.

Sorting By GenreUsers can sort the list of available shows and movies by the genre they belong in. Options such as romance, comedy, thriller, etc, are available to be chosen from.

SearchUsers can search for a TV show or movie by title specifically.

Profile ManagementUsers can set up their profile any way they see fit. They can also set up multiple profiles per the subscription plan they’ve chosen.

RatingsUsers can rate and review any TV show. They can also view the ratings and feedback provided by other users.

Create WatchlistUsers can create a ‘watchlist’ of the shows and films that they would like to view in the future.

Automated PaymentsUsers can set up automated payments that pay for their subscriptions on a monthly or yearly basis. They will be provided with a message informing them of the same.

Show/Film DescriptionUsers can view a short description of the show or film prior to watching them. Every episode of a TV series will also have a synopsis.

Offline ViewingUsers can save a video for offline viewing. This option is only available for premium subscription holders.

Push NotificationsUsers are notified of a new season, upcoming offers, and more via Push Notifications.

SubtitlesUsers can toggle on the subtitles at any time. Subtitles are available in different languages based on the country.

Switch LanguageUsers can choose between an available list of languages.

ShareUsers can share the link of any show or movie with friends and family on the Netflix Clone.

Curated RecommendationsUsers are provided with a recommendation list based on their watch history and search history.

Customer CareUsers can get in touch with the customer care representative at any point of time to discuss any issues they have.

Sign-inAdmins can sign-in quickly into the Netflix clone with their login credentials.

Admin DashboardThe dashboard lets the admins navigate the Netflix clone with ease and precision. Every available information is easily accessible via the admin dashboard.

Video ManagementAdmins can view and manage the list of videos in the Netflix clone library. They can add or delete any videos with ease.

User ManagementAdmins can view the registered users, their activity, and other statistics related to the user profiles.

Advertisement ManagementAdmins can choose to list advertisements on the Netflix clone in the form of banners and pop-ups.

AnalyticsAdmins can view a detailed report with all the analytics available, helping them make informed decisions.

Offers/PromosAdmins can avail offers and promotional discounts for their customers.

NotificationsAdmins can send messages about upcoming offers, seasonal discounts, and more directly to the users.

Third-Party IntegrationsAdmins have the ability to integrate third-party APIs into the Netflix clone app.

The Complete Netflix Clone App Script

Get the full Netflix Clone App Script and ensure your success with this all-in-one video streaming application service.

  • User Android App

  • User iOS App

  • User Web Panel

  • Admin Android App

  • Admin iOS App

  • Admin Web Panel


Our Streamlined Development Process For The Best Netflix Clone App


Requirement Analysis We feel that every project, in its own way, is different. Come tell us about the on-demand video service app that you envision, and we will bring it to life in the best way possible.


Strategic Planning Once the required specifications are gathered, we will come up with a strategy that archives and achieves the goals of the project in a carefully organised manner.


Front-end Design Our front end designers will equip you with an aesthetically pleasing application that your clients will love using.


Developing The Back-end While our designers work on the design, our expert developers will load the Netflix clone with the features that you requested and ensure its back-end functionality.


Quality AnalysisOur testing engineers will run the app through multiple tests to ensure that it’s ready to hit the market and succeed.


Launching The App When the app has been tested from top to bottom, we will prep it for a launch that ensures maximum reach and success.


Maintenance and Support Our support services and maintenance are there to help you with any problems you run into post the app launch.

Revenue Model Of The Netflix Clone

With INORU’s Netflix Clone, it is easier than ever to maximize your earning potential. Here are a few ways you can do so.

Subscription Options

The Netflix clone comes up with numerous subscription options. From the basic plan to the premium plan, each subscription option is priced at a different price point with varying levels of functionality.

Pay Per View

While the video library in the Netflix clone is available in its entirety to the users, there is a special Pay Per View (PPV) option available that can be utilized occasionally. PPV premieres of select TV shows, movies, or sporting events can be made available for the users for an extra price.

Advertising Revenue

The revenue generated via advertising accounts for a good portion of the money earned in the Netflix clone. Advertisements can be of new TV shows or films, and even third-party companies and services can be shown on the Netflix clone but be wary of putting too many advertisements and losing customers! A good balance is necessary for success.

Why Choose INORU as your Netflix Clone App Development Company?

Tailored Solutions

Every application that we create is tailored to the specific needs of our customers. Our Netflix clone is no different. We will build it exactly how you want it.

High Scalability

Growth is vital to the success of any business venture. With our Netflix clone, you can ensure that you never stagnate and keep updating to the latest industry trends. The Netflix clone can grow as your business grows.

Guaranteed Privacy and Security

The privacy of our clients and the security of their data is of utmost importance to us. We will never share any information with third parties and ensure that your data is protected at all times.

14+ Years of Industry Experience

We have been atop the development industry for more than fourteen years. You will be hard pressed to find a developer who has the industry experience and knowledge that we provide.

In-house Staff

When you hand your project over to us, we will take care of it from start to finish. We don’t work with any outside parties. Everything is done completely in-house.

On-going Support

Being there for our customers when they need us is how we like to business. Our support team will always be on standby to help you at any time with any issues you may have.

Best-in-line Pricing

We offer world quality products at a competitive price that is unmatched by our competitors. All our solutions are highly affordable.


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