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What is NFT Based Onlyfans Clone?

NFT based OnlyFans clone is a blend of two lucrative sectors, the NFTs, and the content subscription platforms. NFTs are virtual assets that represent real-world work like digital arts, paintings, music, tweets, and whatnot. Meanwhile, the OnlyFans clone is a content subscription platform in which content creators, artists, and models upload their works, and the users get to view those contents by subscribing to them.

While OnlyFans clone can incorporate a vast base of content and lure audiences into it to subscribe to them, it implies that there are a whole lot of fans out there eager to pay for the content posted by their idols. NFTs can take this desire of the users to the next level by allowing them to own the contents created by their favorite creators, artists, celebrities, and models.

Introducing NFTs into the world of content subscription platforms like OnlyFans clone can skyrocket their revenue in the twinkle of an eye.

Are you an entrepreneur wondering how big the NFT market is growing, and the urge to leverage it and create something new and lucrative is tormenting? Now is the time, and NFT based OnlyFans clone is your window of opportunity.

Launch Your NFT Based Premium Social Media Subscription App Like OnlyFans CloneToday!

If you lend your ears to the world of business today, the first and loudest sound you would hear is NFTs. The buzz and the cash flow surrounding the NFTs are overwhelming and elevating every single day. Renowned celebrities are crowding into this space as it gives them an opportunity to share their creations and stories with their fans, in a lucrative manner.

The types of content getting minted to NFTs vary from digital arts, music, tweets, games, videos; there are even talks about releasing movies as NFTs. The advancements NFTs witness on a daily basis is mind-boggling. As of today’s date, NFTs alone make up a market cap of 30.3 billion U.S. dollars.

OnlyFans clone is a content subscription platform that has its gate open for NFTs. All it needs is an entrepreneur who is crazy about content and NFTs to bring them together and create a new endeavor in the space of content and NFTs.

Bring your ideas, and we will help you devise it into a platform that escorts the celebrities, artists, and models to fresh opportunities and bestows the audience an opportunity to get close to their idols. Contact us now!

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How Can NFTs Assist In Scaling Up A OnlyFans Clone Platform?

The NFTs undoubtedly have a flair for drawing a huge amount of revenue and attention towards it. So, building a content subscription platform like OnlyFans based on NFTs can be a crowd puller as well as a revenue generator.


The creators can mint their artworks as NFTs and enlist them in the marketplace. This makes the works more exclusive and the proof of owning it a noteworthy experience.

High-Decibel Security

When NFTs come, they bring security along with them as they are built using cutting-edge cryptography and a blockchain network.

Zenith Level Of Revenue

NFTs inherently possess a high value today. In addition, today, the subscription fees the artists and models claim from the audience they can enlist NFTs and sell them for skyrocketing prices. This, in turn, will bring in high revenue and cash flow to the platform.

Global Reach

Today NFTs are hot! And everything about NFTs is approached by investors with high curiosity. Launching an OnlyFans clone based on NFTs gives you a head start against your competitors.

Diverse Content Creators Who Can Capitalise An NFT App Like OnlyFans


Actors and celebrities are worshipped by millions of fans all over the world. There are die-hard fans who would take extreme measures to own an NFT launched by a celebrity.

Fitness Trainers

The pandemic and lockdown have compelled people to introduce a new habit, and most of them opted to work out. This has led to a spike in the number of fitness content creators on social media. People are ready to pay to watch fitness videos. The fitness video creators can mint the blooper videos as NFTs or specific workout or diet tips they follow as NFTs.


Imagine Jaedong and Flash issuing NFTs on gaming tips or small bits of video of their game or their gaming setup. The gaming community would go crazy, right? This craziness is the main ingredient for fans to buy NFTs for whooping amounts of money.

Fashion Designers

Fashion weeks attract a huge crowd around the world. Wearing designer brand attires is considered a privilege by many. If the audience is given an opportunity to own a design of their favorite designer, they are not trading it for anything else for sure; that too, as NFTs, the answer is blatant.


The new-age content creators are winning over people with their voice and luminary content. They can sell their exclusive works as NFTs to their followers apart from the subscription they pay to listen to them.

Culinary Experts

Google data reads that the interest in cooking videos is increasing at a rate of 110%. The want-to-do attitude of the millennials has resulted in such growth. Bringing in chefs like Gordon Ramsay to share their personal hand-written notes of recipes prepared by them at their early ages is definitely going to be an outbreak for the fans.

When two lucrative sectors meet, it is a revenue shower- Launch NFT based OnlyFans clone today!

Insight Yourself With Some Statistics To Know Why White Label Subscription Based NFT Platforms Are Lucrative

    Stats Of Social Media Subscription Platform, OnlyFans
  • OnlyFans, the content subscription platform, grew over 500% in the year 2020 alone.

  • It is paid about 2 billion U.S. dollars to the creators in the platform

  • Bella Thorne, an actress, singer, and model, made more than a million in just 24 hours on the OnlyFans platform.

  • OnlyFans records around 500,000 new users every day and 15 million users per month.

    Stats Of The Lucrative NFTs
  • The months of April and May in 2021 have recorded around 1000 to 3000 unique wallets buying NFTs every single day.

  • Beeple’s Everyday’s: The First 5000 days is the NFT sold for the highest price, around 69.3 million U.S. dollars.

  • The NFT sales recorded around 2.5 billion U.S. dollars in the first half of 2021.

Why Building An OnlyFans Clone Based On NFTs Is More Secure?

OnlyFans clone is a social media subscription platform. The content creators, models, artists, and celebrities post contents that can be viewed by users by paying a subscription fee. By developing an OnlyFans clone based on NFTs, the platform is susceptible to multi-faceted security. As NFTs are built on the Ethereum blockchain, a decentralized chain that runs DApps and allows the development of smart contracts, security is never at risk.

Ethereum blockchain network is known for its reliable attribute. Blockchain technology has proven from time to time as a robust technology to secure data away from risk.

Work Flow Of NFT Based OnlyFans Clone


The OnlyFans clone comes with a facile sign-in process. However, the creators will have to verify themselves for credibility.

Explore Feed

The audience is introduced to a whole lot of exclusive and premium content.

Profile Creation

The users and creators can optimize their profile with a profile picture, a bio that explains about themself, and more.

Posting Contents

The content creators and artists can post their works on the platform. The artist can determine the price for the post.

NFT Listing

The models, celebrities, and content creators can mint their artworks to NFTs and enlist them for sale in their profiles.

Play Innovative with the lucrative NFTs and launch an OnlyFans clone based on NFTs- Get a Free Quote.

Perks Of Launching A White Label OnlyFans Based On NFTs


A white-label OnlyFans based on NFTs is a platform that voices out for your brand on every single page. The design and the features are crafted exclusively for your business.

Quicker To The Market

By opting for a white label solution, you put yourself ahead of the competition. As it is a pre-engineered script, the time taken to personalize and deploy the solution can be done in a short span of time.


Developing an NFT solution from scratch can be highly expensive; it requires a whole lot of planning and work. Whereas if you choose a white-label solution, you convey your requirements to our developers, and they hand over a peerless solution to you for the best price.

Seamless Experience

When you build an app from scratch, the chances of users running into bugs and glitches is high. Whereas a white-label solution is already tested over and over and run several times, ensuring a bug-free solution. This bestows the users a seamless experience right from the first moment.

Salient Features Of NFT-based Subscription Marketplace Like OnlyFans

Explore New Artists And Models

The users can find new content creators, artists, and models in the platform based on their interests.

Connecting Celebrities And Fans

The fans can direct messages to their favorite celebrities. This can either be set as a paid feature or a freemium. The decision is yours.

Tagging Fellow Artists

The artists can tag each other on the posts uploaded to the platform. This enables them to get a better reach.

Recommended Profiles

The users are recommended with new profiles of performing artists, models, and celebrities based on their user activity.

Upload Posts

A creator can upload their posts on the platform efficiently. There are options like edit, crop, add filters, and more.

Wallet Integration

A crypto wallet like MetaMask is an integral need for smooth transactions in an NFT based OnlyFans clone solution.

Minting NFTs

The models, artists, and celebrities can mint their works as NFTs within the platform and enlist them effortlessly.

Organize Events

The celebrities can organize virtual events on the platform, and the tickets for the events can be sold to the audience as either digital tickets or NFTs.

Creator Dashboard

The content creators are presented with an analytic dashboard that shows the performance, reach, earnings made via a post, and more. This allows them to strategize their future posts for better earnings and reach.

Affiliate Marketing

Celebrities can associate with brands and promote their products on the platform.

Revenue From An Onlyfans Clone Based On NFT

As an entrepreneur, revenue is an integral need to scale up and stabilize your business. And OnlyFans clones based on NFTs will provide you plenty of it.

Premium Subscription

The users who urge to watch the content posted by their favorite celebrities and artists subscribe to the platform by paying a premium subscription fee.

Artists Subscription

The celebrities and artists can determine a subscription fee for the audience to watch the works posted by them.

Exclusive Paid Contents

The models and artists can claim specific exclusive works of them as paid posts which can be viewed by the fans only by paying a fee.

Referral Program

The actors, models, and other content creators can earn by referring other fellow content creators. They earn a small commission from every post the other models post.

NFT Sales

The artists can mint their works as NFTs and enlist them on the platform for a base price. The audience can bid their prices, and the highest bidder gets to own the work.


Celebrities and actors can conduct virtual events. The tickets to these events can be sold to the audience for a good price. This could excite the audience as they get to watch their idols live.

Why Should INORU Be Your Choice For An NFT Based OnlyFans Clone?

Crypto Experts

INORU is a hub for crypto experts. We have an insightful team with in-depth knowledge of cryptos, NFTs, DeFi, DApps, and more.

Free 30 Minute Consultation

At INORU, we offer you free 30-minute consultation during which you can ask all your queries, and our crypto experts would provide you with clarifications both technical and non-technical.

Timely Delivery

On understanding your requirements, we create a roadmap and let you know the possible time of delivery. And we always keep it a practice to deliver it beforehand.

Free Server Installation

With INORU at your side, you don’t have to worry about anything as we provide a holistic service. You can point us to the server of your choice, and we will deploy the OnlyFans based on the NFTs platform in it.

Free Support

Relish our dedicated support throughout the development process for free.

Native Token Creation

On building an NFT platform, it is pertinent to launch a native token. It can be used as the primary unit of transaction, thereby increasing the liquidity from day one.

RoadMap To Deploying A Peerless NFT Based OnlyFans Clone

Let’s Talk

Our team of blockchain experts will have a meeting with you to understand your requirements.

Analyzing Your Idea

We analyze your idea to compile a list of requirements for your project.


We create a roadmap for the development of your OnlyFans based on NFTs.

Exuberant UI/UX Design

Our designers craft your solution with a unique design that is attractive in every aspect of your niche.


A robust solution is developed by our blockchain developers by integrating all the third-party plug-ins that will entice your audience.


Thousands of tests are run on the solution to ensure it works seamlessly without any bugs or glitches.


The product is handed over to you, and with your approval, we launch it on the platforms you ask for.

Hire Our Developers

At INORU, we have a team of experienced blockchain developers who can assist you in building OnlyFans based on NFTs. Once you convey your requirements to them, they will give life to your idea by creating a platform exceeding your expectations. You can hire them on an hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Hire them today and plunge into the market in the twinkle of an eye.

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