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Our Offshore Software Development Solutions

By using the most advanced technologies, our einstein developers design, build, and deliver apps for global clients seamlessly. Our solutions are scalable and meet all the enterprise needs with ease.

Development of Native Apps

With the world moving towards application technology, we help you enter and thrive in the digital space. By harnessing technologies championed from iOS and Android platforms, our amazing developers build stellar applications powered with leading features. Moreover, to ensure maximum retention of users, our design team blends creatively-crafted UI/UX. Therefore witness high-performance on all smart devices, always!

  • iOS App
  • Android App
  • Apps For
    All Devices

Developing Hybrid Apps

With the smart cross-platform (hybrid) app development solutions, we help clients save upto 30% on development costs. Without compromising on the performance functionality, security, UI/UX, and other aspects, we ensure the cutting-edge app operates flawlessly on both iOS and Android platforms. So whether you require new apps built from scratch or enhance existing ones, we’ve got you covered.

  • Xamarin App
  • Intelligent Migration
    to Hybrid Frameworks
  • React Native App

Developing IoT Apps

The mobile & web app development maestros at INORU write infinite codes to power intelligent IoT devices. So whether you want to help monitor the output of industrial machines, trace precious cargo via drones, review employees via wearables or ensure company guard dogs get treats via the unique treat machine, all made possible with the remarkable IoT apps. The applications scale up to the organization's requirements and provide end-to-end efficiency in operations.

  • Device
  • Performance
  • Efficient

What’s Unique WithOur Outsource App Development Services

We stand out because of our stubbornness towards perfection. Crowned as the most trusted offshore software development company, we ensure your target audience/users are welcomed with sleek, easy-to-use, and interactive applications for mobile (Android & iOS) and web platforms. Witness real-world engagement and increased customer loyalty with premier apps built by specialists.

Creative Design

Design is a crucial aspect of connecting with global users. With sharp skills and attention to microscopic details, our artistic designers ensure your audience are engaged in real-time and as per the enterprise's vision.


With your business growing, so will your custom-built app for mobile and web platforms. During the development stage, we incorporate interoperability abilities and scalable technologies to augment your app for future requirements.

Fortified Security

With each project demanding unique security and compliance parameters, we address the requirements with the integration of defense solutions against unforeseen factors. From day one, our developers fortify mobile & web applications functionalities.

Cross-platform Performance

Ensuring the most optimal coverage to global users, we build applications for popular mobile and web platforms. By creating custom development & delivery strategies, rest assured, the app will perform flawlessly across targeted devices.

On-time Delivery

Our world-class solutions help accelerate your project with industry-specific technology integrations coupled with advanced security parameters. INORU’s smart development solutions swiftly accommodate consumer demands for timely deliveries.

Domain Expertise

With hands-on domain expertise, we build and deliver high-functional apps to ensure seamless business operations in real-time. Smart outsource app development solutions at your fingertips.

Music & Video Streaming
Asset & Workflow Management
Digi-Content Distribution
Fleet Management
Social Networking
Real-Time Healthcare
Mobile Finance

Our Offshore Mobile Application Development Process

Requirement Sharing

Discuss end-to-end details regarding the team structure, specific requirements & requests, tech stack, project functionalities, and others. Post analyzing the elements, we present you with a suitable budget and get started with the recruitment process after approval.

Meeting & Hiring Developers

After carefully analyzing your business/project requirements, we share details and CV of selected developers. Interview the candidates and filter the ones that best suit your needs. Please discuss with our experts for any assistance before the final decision. Hire mobile app developers that best meet your necessities.

Real-Time Onboarding

Visit our office or use the dedicated online tools to integrate mobile app developers into your enterprise's structure. As a full-time employee, the developers will work on your project tasks such as coding, enhancements, bug-support, and other responsibilities and deliver as per set deadlines.

Get Started

We offer your completely integrated team with advanced hardware, social packages, and comfortable office infrastructure to help them perform project tasks hassle-free. Our specialized services also cover broader HR aspects, such as employee payrolls, retention, accounting, and others.

Outsource Mobile App Development Service

With a talented team of offshore mobile app developers, build a new app, or add innovative features to your existing one seamlessly. Our solutions help you save on hiring additional employees for in-house and company infrastructure. INORU finds and employs the right pool of experts who offer tailored solutions for your projects.

Android Developers

By dominating the smartphone & smart devices market, Android is taking over the world. So if you are looking to enter and thrive in the lucrative app market, a dedicated app for Android is crucial. Set up your dedicated team for Android with INORU and witness your ideas brought to life.

iOS App Developers

By hiring offshore iOS app developers, rest assured, the dedicated apps will be built with up-to-date techs such as Swift, Cocoa, and others. With Apple’s stringent acceptance policy, the master developers code iOS apps to function flawlessly on iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch devices.

Cross-platform App Developers

Save on money and time by outsourcing cross-platform mobile app development services to INORU. We hire the right team of programmers who specialize in cross-platform tools such as Xamarin, PhoneGap, and others to build and launch apps for both (iOS & Android) operating systems.

Our World-class Quality Benchmarks

  • On-time

    Each project requirement is unique, but one aspect remains the same, delivery. Your project will be built and delivered before the deadline.

  • Round-the-Clock

    Our offshore programmers are available 24*7 to assist you with any app development or modification requirements.

  • Comprehensive

    To safeguard your project and idea, the offshore developers sign the concerned Non-disclosure agreements.

  • Phenomenal

    Whether you want a fitness app for iOS, a food delivery app for Android, or an employee transit app for both platforms. We provide specialists for all requests.

  • Cost-Efficient

    Outsourcing your projects to INORU helps reduce your expenses compared to in-house hiring & infrastructure acquisition.

  • Advanced Development

    We use next-generation tools to integrated cutting-edge tech & features into the mobile (iOS & Android) and web applications.

  • Top of the Line

    Features are crucial for user convenience. We ensure that the app is powered with top-of-the-line features.

  • Skilled

    Our iOS, Android, cross-platform, and web-developers are carefully selected based on their skills & expertise.

Why ChooseOur Offshore App Development Team?

INORU brings together dedicated and scalable teams comprising iOS, Android, and web development professionals. Outsource your projects and receive top-quality development solutions for your product. By dedicating resources and directing towards your project, witness quick deliveries and easy scaling of the team.

  • Deep Tech Experts
  • Easy Scalability
  • Agile Development Approach
  • Real-Time Tracking
  • Personalized Pricing Models
  • On-time Reporting
  • Personal Commitment
  • Tech-Focussed Teams
  • Flexible Communication

Let’s Talk Business

Looking for people to work on your software development project? We will be glad to assist you and answer all your questions. Talk to our experts today and get an estimate for your project.

Technologies We Master

For Web

  • Laravel (PHP Framework) 5.7
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript as frontend
  • Passport & JWT for Authentication Package
  • MySQL Database
  • Mailgun for mail config
  • Google Map Places API
  • Google Static Map API
  • Stripe payment gateway
  • Twillio/Facebook Account kit for OTP verification
  • Hosting can be any dedicated Ubuntu servers
  • Paid/Letsencrypt free SSL

For Android

  • MVP Code pattern
  • JAVA
  • Retorfit network library
  • Google Map SDK for android
  • FCM Push notification
  • Firebase realtime DB for chat
  • Android studio 3.3

For iOS

  • VIPER Code pattern
  • Swift 4.2
  • Alamofire network library
  • Google Map SDK for iOS
  • APNS Push notification
  • Firebase realtime DB for chat
  • Xcode 10.1

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