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OYO Clone App Development Services

The process of booking a room is starkly different from just ten years ago. Gone are the days where one needed to avail of the services of a booking agent or even worse, get to the destination of their choice and then pick out a hotel room. In the modern digital world of today, one can pick out a room in any corner of the world, book, and pay for it many days in advance.

With customers around the world having easy access to such services, it has become a necessity for entrepreneurs in the hotel industry to empower their business with a room booking app like the OYO clone. INORU provides a world-class OYO clone with complete functionality, multiple revenue streams, and the ability to create a large profit.

Get in touch with our team to find out why the OYO rooms clone app is the perfect solution for your business.

Why launch an OYO Rooms Clone App?

To put it quite simply, on-demand hotel booking services like the OYO clone are the wave of the future. These services are being utilized more than ever and are continually growing in the industry. The outdated ways of hotel booking are no longer popular among consumers and will not help your business grow. To stay ahead of the competition and prepare yourself for the next phase of your business journey, investing in an OYO clone app is a must. With increasing internet usage and smartphone access, the technologically-adept millennial generation prefers to get their work and services done through the use of application solutions like the OYO clone.

Investing in an OYO rooms clone can be the best choice you can make for your hotel business. Whether you’re the owner of a small motel or a large hotel empire, the OYO rooms clone is your key to stepping up your game to the next level.

How Can You Benefit From Launching An OYO Clone?

Wondering how investing in an OYO clone helps your hotel business?

Boosted Brand Visibility

With many premier enterprises launching their own applications, the App Store and the Play Store have become another area for you to gain brand recognition. Having a dedicated app for your business will do wonders for your credibility and visibility.

Expanded Revenue Stream

With the OYO Rooms Clone, you get another stream of revenue for your hotel business. Enabling customers to book rooms through the OYO clone will attract even more people to your business, thereby increasing your revenue and profit.

Trust Factor

With every service nowadays being scrutinized by customers before being availed, reviews, ratings, and testimonials are more important than ever. The OYO rooms clone greatly increases the trust your customers have in your business. Being in a visible platform such as this will be a great way to attract more customers in an organic way.

Increased Efficiency

The OYO rooms clone brings a lot to the table in terms of efficiency. By automating your booking process, you no longer need a dedicated workforce to man the phone lines to book rooms. The OYO clone takes care of that entire process and allows you to retarget your workforce elsewhere.

Guaranteed Results

Having been a developer in this space for over 14+ years, we have the experience and skill needed to guide you along. Our OYO rooms clone is continually updated to meet the latest market trends and demands and puts you in a position to succeed in this industry from the get-go.

OYO Clone - Pick Your Model

Merchant ModelThe merchant model allows middlemen or merchants to list rooms through a partnership with different hotels. These are then listed in the app, and commission is collected on booking.

Aggregator ModelThe aggregator model aggregates the list of rooms according to the preferences set by the customer and lists them on your app. The customers are redirected to the respective chosen platform, and you get commissions based on this service.

Dedicated ModelFor hotels that want a stand-alone application, our dedicated model is the way to go. We streamline the booking process and make things super easy and simple for your customers. A proven way to increase bookings and efficiency!

OYO Clone Business Models

Our OYO clone can be outfitted in different ways to meet the requirements of your business. No Matter what corner of the hotel industry you are in, our OYO clone can be tailored to its needs.

Merchant ModelIf you’re a middle-man or “broker” who is looking to launch a hotel booking app that connects hotel rooms with clients who are looking for a place to stay, the OYO clone’s Merchant model is the perfect choice for you. This is a minimal investment that allows you to get maximum returns. Get in touch with our team to learn more.

Aggregator ModelThe Aggregator Model is similar to the Merchant Model in which the OYO clone app acts as a middle man. But unlike the aforementioned type, the aggregator is more of a guide or compilation of the rooms available. It gives clients the hotel rooms they’re looking for according to their requirements but redirects to the Hotel’s site for booking. It is the model that requires the least amount of investment to start up.

Stand-alone ModelWhile the OYO rooms app is a place where one can find rooms from different hotels and locations, our OYO clone offers a lot more flexibility. For those who own a hotel and need a standalone or dedicated app that caters to their business demands and makes the process of booking rooms faster and more efficient, this hotel booking app is a perfect choice!

No matter which model you have your eye set on, get in touch with our team to find out more details and start the development process today!

OYO App Clone Features

Our OYO clone is a feature-filled offering that provides customers the ultimate hotel booking experience and allows admins to oversee the operations with extreme ease and efficiency.

Create a ProfileAdmins create their own individualized profile and set it up however they like

Verify MerchantAdmins can view the pending merchant requests and verify them as per their convenience.

Verify RoomAdmins can view the pending requests from hotels and room owners and choose to include them in the app.

Manage RoomsAdmins can view and manage the list of rooms available in the OYO clone.

Manage HotelsAdmins can view and manage the list of hotels available in the OYO clone.

Manage AdvertisementsAdmins can view and manage the advertisements run on the platform.

Manage Offers/DiscountsAdmins can view and manage the offers and discounts available on the OYO rooms clone platform.

In-app NotificationsAdmins can quickly send out alerts or get in touch with hotel owners or customers through push notifications.

Email ListingAdmins can create a mailing list with the registered user’s information and send out periodic newsletters, offers, and announcements.

View Revenue DetailsAdmins can view a detailed breakdown of the revenue information on the OYO rooms clone.

Analytical ReportsAdmins can access periodic reports with useful insights and analytics on the booking information and more.

Customer SupportAdmins can get in touch with customer support at any time with regard to any issues in the app.

Quick RegisterUsers can register on the OYO clone with their email and/or phone number. The on-boarding process can be done in just a few seconds.

OTP LoginThe OTP login function is a highly useful one for those who forget their passwords. Users input their phone number and login using the OTP sent to their phone.

View RoomsUsers can view the list of rooms available in the OYO rooms clone.

Filtering OptionsUsers can filter their search via numerous filter parameters such as location, cost, ratings, and more.

Search RoomsUsers can search for specific rooms on the OYO clone by searching for the hotel room or the locality/city/state etc.

Digital WalletRegular users can make the payment process easier by securely preloading cash in the digital wallet on the OYO clone.

Notification AlertsUsers can choose to set their notification alerts as per their wish. They will be notified at every step of the booking process as well as any changes.

Real-time GPS NavigationOnce the user has booked the room, they are helped to the location via GPS navigation as an inbuilt feature on the OYO rooms clone.

View Ratings/ReviewsBefore booking the room, users can view the ratings and reviews given by other users on the room, management, and services provided.

Send a RequestUsers can send a direct message to the hotel staff to request them of any special request to be taken care of prior to the boarding process.

Multi-paymentsPayments on the OYO clone are made extremely simple and easy for users. Users can pay safely through a multitude of ways including cards, cash, net banking, and more.

Agent ProfileBooking agents on the OYO room clone can set up their profile with their relevant information and details.

Register RoomsBooking agents can list rooms on the OYO clone by registering them with the app. The requests are vetted by the admin before being accepted.

Certified ProfileAgents can get a “certified profile” badge once their account has been viewed and approved by the admins.

Upload DescriptionAgents can upload a description of the room in question with the relevant details.

Set PricingAgents can set a price for the rooms according to their preferences. These can be changed at any time.

Offers/DiscountsAgents can provide offers and discounts for any room at any time on the OYO rooms clone.

Booking InformationAgents can view the booking information for the currently booked rooms.

Message CustomersAgents can get in touch with users at any time by the direct message option available on the OYO rooms clone.

ReportsAgents can view a breakdown of the commission charges, periodic earnings, and more useful details with the auto-generated reports.

Customer SupportAgents can get in touch with customer support for help with anything on the OYO clone.

Revenue Streams On The OYO Clone - How can you make money?

Making money on the OYO rooms clone is only limited by your innovation. Here are the popular modes of revenue utilized by our clients.


This is the steady revenue that you can hang your coat on. For every booking that gets done through the OYO clone, you get a cut of the profits. This fee is known as the commission fee and can be set based on your requirements and needs.

Registration Fees

When a new hotel or agent wants to list their room on the OYO clone app, they have to pay a registration fee. This goes straight to your pocket. Registration fees can be set upon varying parameters like your location, the season, and more.


The OYO rooms clone allows you to run advertisements on the platform. These advertisements can be of third party companies, listed hotels on the OYO room clone,etc. You can charge third parties for advertising on the platform and earn a lot of money. The bigger your app gets, the more traffic it generates, and the more you can charge of advertising.

Priority Listing

Priority listing is a great option to further increase your revenue. You can charge hotels, room owners and agents an extra fee to be featured on the priority listing menu. This pushes them up in the search results and gives them more visibility. With the potential to increase their bookings, they will be keen to get listed.

Our App Development Process - How Your Perfect OYO Clone App Is Made


Learning Your Needs We believe that every product is best served when it is tailored to the needs of the business in question. That’s why we sit down with our clients to learn everything about the project at hand before we venture into planning. Tell us everything you are looking for and we’ll make sure it’s done exactly the way you want.’


Making A Plan We plan everything to perfection before even stepping into the app development process. Once we are outfitted with the knowledge of what exactly you need, we will figure out how to best deliver the results. We will plan ahead by allocating the necessary resources and set up checkpoints to be hit along the way.


Development The Development phase consists of two distinct parts. The front end design and the back end development. While the front end takes care of the aesthetics of the app, its feel, and ease of use, the back end development ensures that it has all the functionality that you are looking for. Our designers and developers will work on the app to make sure it’s the best OYO clone you can get your hands on.


Quality Analysis Once the app has been built inside out, our testing team will get on the job. We will figure out what needs to be improved on, fix any bugs or issues, and make sure the app is ready to be launched.


Launch The launch is the most important step in the process. Our team will make sure everything is up to the strict standards set by us and get the approval of the client before launching the OYO clone. The marketing team will create a roll-out plan that ensures that the OYO clone gets the grand reception it deserves.


Post Launch and Maintenance The only thing more important that’s launching the app, is maintaining it. Our Maintenance team will work closely with you to keep the OYO clone up and running at all times. Investing in our post-launch services is much recommended!

Why Choose INORU As Your OYO Clone App Development Company?

Here are some things that have cemented our position as a preferred OYO Clone App Developer.

  • Extensive industry experience. Over 14+ years of experience launching result-driven, world-class applications.

  • White-label customization. Get the app you want, exactly how you want it! We offer complete customization.

  • Result-guaranteed! Our team has the knowledge required to know what works and what doesn’t. They will help you develop a product primed for success.

  • On-going Support. Our support team is always there to help you face the issues you face. Get in touch with us at any time!

  • Affordable Prices. We offer world class products at affordable prices without ever sacrificing on quality.

  • Trusted around the world. We have worked with clients from all over the world. We have an international clientele that loves what we do.

  • Privacy and safety guaranteed. Need us to sign an NDA that gives you complete confidentiality? No problem. Your privacy and security are important to us!


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