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PayPal Clone App Development Services

After the beginning of the digital era, people are more acquainted with the usage of their mobile phones to avail their services rather than getting on their feet. The method of payment is also one such service. People are no more interested or have time to ride to a bank, stand in a queue, and withdraw their cash or wait outside the ATM to withdraw money. They want all their transactions to happen in a single tap.

This need of the people has evoked a new-gen payment system, the peer to peer payment system. With this payment system, users can transfer money to any accounts in the absence of third parties with absolute privacy and security. The users can send and receive money from anyone in any part of the world in just a few clicks.

At INORU, we have built our own PayPal Clone app with our expert team to assist entrepreneurs and business owners who already have an eye on the rise of the fintech business and are planning to generate revenue through this opportunity. Our PayPal Clone script is a ready-to-launch script awaiting your customizations. This aids you to get your payment gateway app in no time.

The Workflow of our PayPal Clone App

We focus on developing an app with a streamlined and user-friendly workflow.

Splash ScreenOnce the user installs the app and opens it, an attractive splash screen with the company's logo appears.

RegistrationThe user now has to sign up with his/her contact number or email id and create a profile for themselves.

VerificationThis is the most important part. The user adds his bank details and undergoes a KYC verification to ensure all the details are valid.

Home After the verification, the home page is displayed. It comes with various options such as mobile recharge, pay bills, send money, etc.

Money transferThe user can transfer money to his contacts on the phone by just tapping them and typing the amount. He can also send money to unknown contacts by just searching for their contact number registered in the app. The user can also send money to the bank accounts of other people.

Paying BillsThe users can pay all their bills via this app. This can help the users have a track of their expenditure.

ScanThe user can pay in stores by just scanning the QR code of the shopkeeper’s account. They don’t have to know the contact number or account number of the shopkeeper. The user can just scan, and the payment is made.

WalletThe user can transfer the amount to the wallet of the app. This makes the payment faster and easier for the user.

InvoiceOnce the user has made a payment by any means, scan, bill, or transfer to contacts, an invoice is generated for the particular payment made.

Features of our PayPal Clone Application

The PayPal clone app comes with various features that make payment easier for the user.

  • Account Setup

    The user registers his/her account in the app using this feature. The mail id or contact number can be used to register their profile.

    • Multi-factor Authentication

      Users can use the account only after verification of his/her identity to ensure security and avoid fake accounts. This verification can be done by using fingerprint scanning, face recognition, or OTP verification, etc.

      • Send Payments

        This is the major feature of the PayPal clone. The user can send money to his friends or a business entity and can also pay bills.

        • Integrate Bank account

          The user can link their bank account to their PayPal clone profile. By integrating the bank account into their profile, they can make transactions. The user can also link their debit card to their profile.

          • In-app Wallet

            The in-app wallet is a feature developed to make payments easier. The user transfers the amount from his account to the wallet. The user now makes payments from his wallet. The payments made from wallets do not depend on the bank’s server; thus, a hassle-free, smooth transaction can be done.

          • Shopping

            The user no longer needs to carry cash with him. He can go shopping, purchase anything he wishes and pay through the app.

          • In-app messaging

            The users can chat with their contacts through the app. They can request money or remind a contact of a pending transaction.

          • Split Bills

            Split bill is a built-in option by which the user can share bills with their friends and family.

  • Share Receipts

    The user can share the receipts of payments made by them to their contacts through the in-built chat options or through other apps.

    • Invoice generation

      After each payment made by the user, an invoice is generated. The invoice can be sent to the user via email or contact number. This can be used by the user for future references.

      • QR Code Reader

        This feature has made payments to businesses hassle-free. The user can simply scan the business owner's QR code, and the amount will be transferred to the business owner's account.

        • Contact Synchronization

          The contacts in the user’s phone can be synchronized with the app. This aids the user to simply search for the contact and send the money to them.

          • Payment History

            The user can view the details of every payment he/she has made through the app. This aids the user to keep track of all his transactions and also manage his finance.

          • Settings

            The user can set the preferred payment method, the primary account, preferred language, and more using the settings feature.

          • Pop-up notifications

            The user is notified with pop-ups regarding the payment requests, upcoming bills to pay, updates in the app, and more.

          • End-to-End encryption

            The app is developed with an end to end encryption feature to ensure that the app is hack proof and the user details can be safe.

Revenue generation from our PayPal Clone solutions

The Fintech business model has been accredited as one of the most profitable businesses. Revenue can be generated in several ways.

Credit Card Transactions Fee The usage of credit cards has become common with the Millenials. Each transaction made through a credit card is charged with a fee, unlike debit card transactions. This can be a steady source of income for your business.

Quick Money transfer fee Money transactions are usually a timely process; it takes two to three days for a transaction to be successfully processed. You can aid the users to make their transactions instantly and charge a fee for them. This is a win-win situation for both the user and you. The user gets the transaction successful while you earn through it.

Merchant Fee For every transaction a user uses your payment gateway to pay for a business, a commission can be charged from the merchant. This is the most prominent mode of revenue for fintech business. This is also the reason companies like PayPal promote business transactions.

INORU’s App Development Process

Developing an app for your business idea is a prominent step that requires expertise in domain understanding, proficiency, and dedication. We offer a custom-made white-label solution for your online payment app requirement. See how our work process can add value to your business.


We validate your idea and your requirements in the payment app. As we work on proof of concept, minimum viable product, assess market size, target audience, growth potential, etc.


We analyze your requirements to be implemented on the PayPal clone App. And plan accordingly to develop the best app solution for you.


We will design an UI/UX by keeping your requirements in mind. This includes your target audience and the user experience that would satisfy them.


The development of the app will be in accordance with your requirements with our custom PayPal clone app. We have a center of excellence assigned to add your requirements, which involves an agile development methodology.

Quality assurance

We work to provide quality products to our clients. Keeping it in mind, we undergo various tests in our product to make sure it is bug-free and of the best quality as per the client’s requirements.


We will launch your customized PayPal clone app on all the platforms you want it to be launched.

Why Choose INORU for your Payment gateway app development?

Developing a payment gateway app from scratch is a timely and costly process. We can take care of the technology side of your business. We understand the online payment space and how it can benefit our clients and therefore build an app with our robust back-end technology.

Custom-made App for your business

We know that creating an app similar to PayPal will not turn out to be a great success. So we customize the PayPal clone app with the requirements of our clients.

Scalable architecture

We provide you with a scalable back-end development program for a payment app. You need not write it all over to upgrade it.

High-Powered Analytics

Every business needs to have powerful analytics to strategize on their growth. We provide our clients with big data in a cost-effective manner.

Launch your App faster and start earning

Our PayPal clone architecture is ready to launch code, just waiting for your customizations to be done. We help you launch your fintech app to the market soon and start generating revenue.


Powerful technology back-end with ready to launch modules save time and hence the project’s cost.

Domain Expertise

We have a team exclusively to develop payment gateway apps. This puts us a step forward because nothing would go wrong in your App with the expertise and specialization.


Delivery time depends on several factors, including the customization requirements. Our team makes no compromise yet manages to deliver the script on the mutually agreed deadline.

Our PayPal Clone app is a highly scalable solution. You can upgrade the app at any time in the coming years as per changing user preferences. You can integrate new features and functionalities, increase its handling capabilities, and redesign its user interface without any hassle.

Yes. We offer post-launch maintenance support to our clients to help them run their business smoothly in the initial few days. This support service is free of charge for a limited period. After this, you can avail of our paid maintenance services that are offered at affordable prices.

We can customize at your will and add/remove any features and designs to suit a specific location.

Yes. We do sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to ensure that your business idea will be safe and secure.

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