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Reliable Doctor Appointment App Development For Instant Success

Free people from the burden of waiting for hours to get an appointment with a healthcare specialist. Empower them to schedule appointments effortlessly by building a robust on-demand doctor app like Practo. Along with helping your users, you will also be generating revenue by various streams. Thus, the solution benefits both parties involved in the ecosystem.

Our Practo clone scripts are readily modifiable, enabling you to customize it to suit your business needs in no time. With online video consultations emerging as a big thing in the online healthcare sector, our solution is your golden ticket to succeed in your niche. Reach out to our experts to discuss further details.

Embrace The On-Demand Healthcare Sector
With Our Practo Clone

INORU welcomes entrepreneurs like you! If you are here, you must be well aware of the digital revolution in the healthcare sector and the benefits it is proffering to entrepreneurs, Doctors, and patients.

Standing in a queue or waiting long hours to meet a doctor is not something any patient would wish for. Today, this burden of waiting is lifted off from patients after the advent of on-demand doctor apps like Practo, Zocdoc, Lybrate, CureMantra, and more. These on-demand apps provide the patients to schedule their appointments with doctors in advance and arrive at the hospitals on the scheduled time. The convenience it offers to the users has compelled them to download these apps.

Huge chunks of downloads and increased user activity in these apps explicitly show the demand for such apps. Why wait when you have a 30-minute free consultation opportunity with our market analysts and developers. Give us a call, learn more about the market and create a unique on-demand doctor app personalized with your ideas.

Why You Should Go For A White-Label Practo Clone App?

If you are an entrepreneur brewing to launch an on-demand doctor app? You have two options to go for. You either build an app from scratch, or you find the best clone app provider and customize it with respect to your geographical location, your audience, and of course, as the face of your brand.

The path of building an app from scratch has a few stones you may stumble upon. You will have to put together an efficient team of developers, which is not an easy task. Also, it takes a long time to develop a tremendously performing app from scratch. On successfully developing an app, there is no surety that the app will perform seamlessly without any bugs or glitches. But the story is different when it comes to developing a clone app. A clone app is a pre-engineered script that is on par with a globally renowned app. In our case, it is the Practo app. As the script is pre-built, you only need to customize it according to your needs which will take no more than a week’s time. In terms of cost, it costs way lower than building an app from scratch. You also do not have to worry about bugs and glitches as they will be taken care of. Doesn’t it sound a lot more relieving than building an app from scratch?

Call us to know more about our Practo clone app development solution and plunge into the market ahead of your competitors.

Practo Clone
Notable Features For A Seamless Functionality

Splash ScreenAn interactive splash screen is sure to captivate your users’ attention as they enter the app, making a good impression for your business.

View Doctor DetailsAllowing users to view the complete information of doctors registered with the platform can help them make informed choices.

Toggle ModeDoctors can go online or offline as per their convenience and update the status in the app using the toggle mode.

Schedule AppointmentsUsers can book consultations with their doctors instantly based on their availability.

Video ConferencingConnecting patients with doctors over video calls to seek their remote consultations is an excellent option to eliminate time and cost spent on traveling.

Upload Medical RecordsStoring medical records in digital formats in the app can help both patients and doctors to access them whenever needed.

Digital PrescriptionsEnabling doctors to share digital prescriptions is a great way to purchase medicines effortlessly from pharmacies.

In-app MessagingUsers can readily chat with their doctors via the in-app chat option to seek quick answers for their health-related queries.

On-demand Doctor Consultations Hit All-Time High Amid COVID-19

Practo Clone

Post-pandemic the world of business is experiencing enormous changes. People no longer feel safe waiting at hospitals as they may get affected by the deadly virus. This fear in people has opened doors to a new window, the on-demand doctors apps.

These apps present the audience with a never seen before convenience. This has led to a spike in the number of downloads in on-demand doctor apps like Practo, Zocdoc, Lybrate etc. in recent times.

Custom-built Practo Clone App
For All Business In The Healthcare Segment

Hospitals Effectively manage the overall operations of your hospitals with a complete healthcare solution like Practo. Allow patients to schedule consultations with doctors in advance.

Startups Focusing On The Healthcare SectorTap in the potential revenue generation possibilities in the online healthcare sector by launching a Practo clone app.

Individual Practitioners Our Practo clone is a perfect fit for doctors and clinics. Patients can schedule in-clinic visits or video consultations right away with just a few taps on their smartphones.

Practo Clone App - Your Golden Ticket To Win Big In The Online Healthcare Industry!

Practo Clone Script

Feature Set Of Our On-demand Doctor App Solution

Simple Registration/Login Signing up or signing in to the app is made extremely easy, with numerous options like email addresses, phone numbers, or social media handles.

User Profile Users can quickly create and set up their profiles with their details such as name, image, and contact details.

Upload Medical Records Users can add their previous medical records and prescriptions to their profiles. This way, these data can easily be shared with doctors.

Browse Doctors Users can search for doctors with specific specialties and experience, with the help of the advanced filter option.

Schedule Consultations Bookings for in-clinic visits or video consultations are effortlessly scheduled with just a few taps on the app.

Flexible Payments The app includes multiple payment options to allow users to pay with the mode of their convenience.

Pop-up Alerts Users will be updated on the booking status, upcoming consultations, app updates, etc., via in-app push notifications.

Instant Chat Users can raise their queries to doctors and get them resolved via the in-app chat module.

Share Reviews At the end of each consultation, users can share their feedback on the healthcare services to help other users to make informed decisions.

Booking History Details of past consultations and the upcoming ones are listed in this section for future reference of users.

Easy Onboarding Doctors can register or log in to the app using their email IDs or phone numbers.

Doctor ProfileDoctors can add their details, such as specialty, experience, license information, and more to their profiles for quick reference of users.

Toggle Availability Doctors can update their availability status - online or offline, using the toggle mode.

Accept/Reject Request Based on their convenience, doctors can accept or reject consultation requests from their patients.

Appointment Details Doctors can quickly view the list of appointments that are scheduled for a day or week.

Access Medical Records Medical records of users stored in the app can be accessed by doctors to offer better consultations.

Digital Prescriptions Doctors can prescribe medicines digitally, allowing users to access them effortlessly.

Reschedule/Cancel Appointments Doctors can reschedule or cancel the scheduled consultations anytime by providing valid reasons.

Resolve Queries Doctors can readily attend users’ health-related queries and answer them via the in-app chat module.

Earnings Report Doctors can view the earnings made from the online medical consultations in one convenient location.

God’s Eye View The admin can manage the entire app activities via the powerful admin dashboard.

User Management The admin can effectively manage the details of all users registered with the app. They can edit or delete any details, any time.

Doctor Management The admin can view and manage all doctor profiles. They can remove or block profiles that do not abide by the app’s regulations.

View Appointments The admin can view the doctors’ calendars and the booking scheduled with their detailed information.

Payment Processing After deducting the commission, the admin can process payments for doctors after the successful completion of their consultations.

Sub-admins Creation The admin can create sub-admin profiles to give restricted access to team members to handle specific app functions.

Referral System Reward points can be offered to users or doctors who refer the app to their friends and family successfully.

Analytical Reports Insightful reports on the app’s performance will be generated regularly to help the admin channelize their marketing efforts.

Voice Calls Users and doctors can connect over voice calls for quick enquiries and medical consultations.

Doctor Calendars The availability of doctors for a week or month can be marked in their calendars for user references.

Multi-User Chat Two or more doctors can be a part of video calls to analyze and offer better consultations for patients.

Treatment Notes Doctors can add treatment notes after every consultation, it can be quickly referred to understand the users’ medical condition.

Record Video Call Users are given the facility to record the video calls, they can use it for future references.

Promo Codes Users who use the app frequently can be provided with promo codes that can be used during their appointment bookings.

Our Extensive Practo Clone App Development Package

Our Practo clone app development service includes both Android and iOS apps. It is built with full compatibility on all devices.

  • Patient Android App
  • Patient iOS App
  • Patient Web Panel
  • Doctor Android App
  • Doctor iOS App
  • Doctor Web Panel
  • Admin Web Panel
The UI Flow Of The Practo Clone App
User App

The user can surf through a grand list of doctor profiles with different specializations and schedule appointments at their convenience. The users can initiate the payment for the doctor consultation services using any one of the various payment options in-built with the app.

  • 1
    Register/Sign in App Screen

    Register/Sign in

  • 2
    Profile Set Up App Screen

    Profile Set Up

  • 3
    Upload Medical Records App Screen

    Upload Medical Records

  • 4
    View Doctor Profile App Screen

    View Doctor Profiles

  • 5
    Schedule in - clinic visits or video consultations App Screen

    Schedule In-clinic Visits or Video Consultations

  • 6
    Pay for the Appointment App Screen

    Pay for the Appointment

  • 7
    Avail the services at the scheduled time App Screen

    Avail the Services at the Scheduled Time

  • 8
    Rate and Review the service App Screen

    Rate and Review the Service

Doctor App

Doctors can register with the app and set up their profiles. They can manage their availability and choose to accept or reject user requests. They can extend their consultation services and get paid for the service.

  • 1
    Register/Login in App Screen


  • 2
    Doctor Profiles App Screen

    Doctor Profiles

  • 3
    Set Availability Status App Screen

    Set Availability Status

  • 4
    Accept/Reject Requests App Screen

    Accept/Reject Requests

  • 5
    Offer Consultations App Screen

    Offer Consultations

  • 6
    Share Digital Prescriptions App Screen

    Share Digital Prescriptions

  • 7
    Receive payments after the commission cutdown App Screen

    Receive Payments After the Commission Cutdown

  • 8
    Resolve user queries via in-app chat App Screen

    Resolve User Queries Via In-app Chat

Medical Consultations Made Easy With Practo Clone!
  • Video Calls
  • Voice Calls
  • Messages

The Step-by-step Process
Of Our On-demand Doctor App Development


Requirement Study

  • Analyze the business needs
  • In-depth competitor analysis
  • Finalize the feature set and the technology stack

UI/UX Customization

  • White-label the app
  • Remodel the branding elements
  • Intuitive user interface setup

Back-end Development

  • Personalization of the back end
  • Integration of third-party APIs
  • Necessary storage capabilities

App Testing

  • Security standards audit
  • Storage and speed tests
  • Fixing of all bugs and errors

Successful Launch

  • Instant launch on Android and iOS platforms
  • Server installation
  • Support and maintenance
Why Choose INORU For Your Doctor App Development?

White-label SolutionsBeing white-labeled, the branding elements of our Practo clone can be completely personalized as per your branding needs.

Scalable Source CodesOur clone app’s source code is completely customizable and scalable.

Sleek DesignOur designers create a user interface that allows your users to scroll through the app enthusiastically and effortlessly.

SEO-optimized ProductOur Practo clone is built keeping the SEO practices in mind to ensure your app is ranked on top of search results.

Free Server InstallationWe provide you with free installation of our fully developed app on the server of your choice.

App Submission IssuesWe assist you throughout the process. In case of any submission issues, we resolve it ourselves and get it fixed in no time.

24x7 SupportOur support services extend throughout the world with time never a constraint. We are always a call away.

Secure PaymentsThe Practo clone is integrated with multiple payment gateways to help users pay using any mode of their convenience.

Go GlobalThe app supports multiple languages to help you scale your business on a global scale, without language constraints.

Practo Clone - One-stop Solution To Connect Patients With Doctors!

Technology Stack
Employed In Our Practo App Clone Development

For Web

  • Laravel (PHP Framework) 5.7
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript as frontend
  • Passport & JWT for Authentication Package
  • MySQL Database
  • Mailgun for mail config
  • Google Map Places API
  • Google Static Map API
  • Stripe payment gateway
  • Twillio/Facebook Account kit for OTP verification
  • Hosting can be any dedicated Ubuntu servers
  • Paid/Letsencrypt free SSL

For Android

  • MVP Code pattern
  • JAVA
  • Retorfit network library
  • Google Map SDK for android
  • FCM Push notification
  • Firebase realtime DB for chat
  • Android studio 3.3

For iOS

  • VIPER Code pattern
  • Swift 4.2
  • Alamofire network library
  • Google Map SDK for iOS
  • APNS Push notification
  • Firebase realtime DB for chat
  • Xcode 10.1


Yes. We do sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to ensure that your business idea will be safe and secure.

Our app development team includes skilled UI/UX designers, Android and iOS developers, business analysts, qualified QA engineers, and a project manager.

Yes. As a leading app development company, we extend end-to-end app development solutions. Post-launch support and maintenance occupy a major part of our services. We offer free-of-cost technical support for a limited period after your app launch. After this time, you can opt for our paid support services.

Yes, definitely. You can schedule a free demo of our Practo clone anytime you want. Reach out to our experts and get started right away.

Feel free to reach out to us via email at [email protected] or phone call/WhatsApp at +91 80561 76377. You are always welcome to get connected with us via the chat option.

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