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PUBG like Game Development

INORU develops state-of-the-art PUBG like games to help you dominate the Battle Royale genre. Our team of stellar game developers work tirelessly to offer numerous advanced gaming features, designed to engage gamers with a breathtaking gaming environment, multiple difficulty levels, engaging storyline and more. Our advanced infrastructure and software modules can deliver your game in no time and at a fraction of your budget.

Facebook Game Development Services
Facebook Game Development Services

PUBG like Game Development Services

Battle Royale is one of the most popular genres dominated by PUBG like games. At INORU, we have successfully designed and developed games, offering players with stellar graphics designed with the most advanced gaming engine to keep them glued to their screens. Our games are designed to be compatible with desktop and smartphones. With smartphone gaming industry on the rise, you can enter the market with our games developed for Android and iOS platforms. Our team comprises of some of the industry’s best game developers, and their unique skills are what keeps us ahead in the market.

Captivating storyline
Powerful gaming engine
Exceptional graphics
Bug-free and secured gaming

Features of PUBG like Game

Facebook Game Development Solutions

Single player and Multiplayer

Players can enjoy gaming as a lone wolf or a pack. Our games are designed to cater to both singleplayer and multiplayer.

Facebook Game Development Solutions

Gaming modes

We offer players with multiple gaming modes including the Classic Mode, Team-Deathmatch, Arcade Mode and more.

Facebook Game Development Solutions

Easter Egg integration

Players will be engaged with numerous Easter Eggs secretly hidden in all levels. They can collect them to level up their character.

Facebook Game Development Solutions

2D/3D technology

With 2D/3D technology the games will be more engaging and offer player with an imaginative gaming environment.

Facebook Game Development Solutions

Multiple Language

A more personalized gaming experience with languages such as English, Mandarin, Spanish and more to choose from.

Facebook Game Development Solutions

Online and Offline Gaming

Players can enjoy playing amongst millions of gamers online or enjoy offline gaming as well.

Our PUBG like Game Development Solution

Whitelabel Solution

With the help of a whitelabel, you will be able to launch a gaming project under your own name. Our experts are ready to guide you through the entire process resulting in you gaining new customers and retaining the existing ones.

Turnkey Solution

Having an extensive experience in the creation of the Turnkey products, we will be able to assist you in developing your own version of the game. Unlimited customization options are available upon your request.

Bitcoin Solution

Secure processing of the in-game transactions is made possible thanks to the popular payment system which has cryptocurrency payments integrated into it. Take precautions and employ the risk-free solution adapted to your needs.

Our Payment Gateway Integration

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Facebook Game Development Solutions
Facebook Game Development Solutions
Facebook Game Development Solutions
Facebook Game Development Solutions
Facebook Game Development Solutions
Facebook Game Development Solutions

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