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What is a Cashback clone app?

A cashback clone app is a white label solution of a cashback app that offers cash, coupons, or gift cards for every purchase made by a user from any merchant. This app promotes the user’s shopping spree as it allows them to shop for more products in lesser amounts. Rakuten and Ebates are well-renowned cashback apps with the customers already considering their user-friendly nature. So we have come up with a Rakuten clone solution that has all the features similar to Rakuten. This Rakuten clone app helps you get your target audience attached to your app as it is user friendly as Rakuten.

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Ecommerce sites have become the favorite shopping destination for customers in recent times. With Covid and the rise of online shopping, customers prefer shopping from the comfort of their homes and receive their products at their doorstep contactless. Discount is a term that has been going around for a very long time, but the customer never got to experience the money they saved in their hands. Cashback is a strategy where the user is returned with money instead of the invisible discounts. This cashback has now made itself mandatory during online shopping as customers have started to expect at least a small return on every product they shop for.

Cashback apps notify the users with offers on various products on various sites. Once the user purchases the product via the cashback app, they receive a small amount as a token of appreciation for the purchase. This action of paying for shopping kindles the child in the user to shop more to earn more. The cashback apps like Rakuten and Ebates have received huge investments as a sign of their success. If you are someone interested in tasting the cashback app market join us and launch your Rakuten Clone app today.

The Corner Stone Features of Rakuten Clone

Everyday DealsOverwhelm your users with alluring deals, coupons, promo codes, and more on a daily basis. Let them wake up to deals they can’t say no to.

Email AlertsKeep the users notified of the upcoming grand deals, the status of the cashback transaction, and many more through emails so that they don’t miss any of them.

Tracking TransactionsTrack all the transactions made through the app, including the cashback amounts, the coupon value, and many more.

Automated Transfer to User’s AccountThe cashback amount is directly transferred to the bank account of the user. This allows the user to be more comfortable with using it.

Price ComparisonThe price of products in different ecommerce stores and sellers can be compared by the user before placing the order.

Coupon CodesThe user can be provided with coupon codes on certain products, which can be redeemed at the time of purchase.

Why Inoru’s Rakuten Clone Should be Your First Preference to Build a Cashback app?

  • Scalability Factor

    Every business needs to have scalability options as staying at the same point without growth can put the business out of the show. Our Rakuten clone comes with a lot of scalability options.

    • Analytics Dashboard

      The Rakuten clone comes with an analytic dashboard in which the admin or business owner can have insights on the user metrics, growth indicators, projected user transactions, and more.

      • All Set for Launch

        The script of Rakuten Clone is a ready-to-launch script. It can be launched in the app stores right away without any changes. Suppose the client requires customizations; additional time is taken with respect to the changes made.

        • God’s eye view Admin Panel

          The admin can have an overall view of all the proceedings taken in the app and also resolve issues by using the admin panel. It is a one-stop solution for all the needs of the business owner on the app.

          • 100% Customization

            The Rakuten Clone app can be customized as per the client’s requirements with no restrictions. It will be projected as an app built from scratch, giving no clue to the users if it is a clone app.

          • Extremely Responsive App

            We have built the app on futuristic technology stacks that yields a super responsive app that provides the user a cozy cashback shopping experience.

The Seamless Workflow of our Rakuten Clone

  • User Onboarding
    Signing up in Rakuten Clone is an effortless process. The user gets onboard by using their email address, contact number, or any of their social media credentials.

  • Surfing for Products
    At the very moment the user gets on board, they can go on a spree browsing for the products they want to purchase.

  • Apply Cashback Coupons
    Every product has a coupon or a cashback offer. The user can apply it themselves and purchase it.

  • Receiving the Cashback
    After the purchase, the amount to be returned to the user is sent directly to their account without fail.

An Extensive List of The Features of Rakuten Clone

Cashback Offers

The users can browse the cashback offers to purchase products from any of the ecommerce platforms and go for the best deal.

Window Shopping

Browsing through the app, glancing at all the products the user is interested in buying through the Home page.

Rating Coupons

The most used coupons in the app can be rated as top coupons and notified to the user, intimidating them to use it and crack the best deals.

Trending Deals

The best deals for the coming week can be displayed in the app and allure the users to make use of them.

Payment Status

The payment status of the cashback availed by the user is automatically notified to them in their email or as push notifications.

Cashback Calculator

A calculator is integrated with the app to make an accurate calculation of the amount to be paid to the user as cashback.

User Profile

Every detail the user wants to know is enlisted here. This includes the payment status, the history of orders, total amount received, and more.

Build a Fortune with our Rakuten Clone

Onboarding Charges

Every ecommerce platform getting onboard with the Rakuten Clone has to pay a fee. This is charged considering the business the ecommerce platforms are about to get by getting enlisted in Rakuten Clone.

Aggregator Commission

The cashback app acts as an aggregator to the ecommerce platforms pulling in more business to them. A small commission fee is charged on every purchase made by the user on the ecommerce platform via the cashback app.

Transaction Fee

A small transaction fee is charged by the app for every transaction made through the app. This helps the business owner earn substantial revenue.

In-App Ads

The most common and easy way to generate an income in apps is by allowing in-app ads. A steady revenue is generated through this method.

Launch Your Cashback App With Us

Launching an app requires serious planning and perfect execution of it.

Requirement Analysis

We take the time to understand the project to its barebone essentials before starting the development. Plan a call or come down to our office to discuss the project and tell us what you’re looking for.

Discussion with Client

Our core team of analysts, developers, and designers have a discussion with the client to understand the client's business, their target crowd, and the market they wish to penetrate.

Market Research

After listening to the client's plan, our business analysts conduct market research to get deeper insights into the potential of the business.

Customization Requirements

Now that we have a better understanding of the client's business and what they expect from us, we enlist the add-ons to our already existing script.


A man with a plan is always better than a herd, is a saying. We breakdown the work and allocate it to different teams and make a plan to make sure we deliver the product on time.

Designing your App

Our creative team makes appealing designs to make the user experience more addictive.

Back-end Development

Our experienced developers get to action on the add-on features based on the client's requirements.

Testing and QA

The quality of an app is what makes users stick to it. And to achieve that, we run numerous tests to make it free of bugs.

Going Live

Once our team and the clients are satisfied with the product, we launch it on Android and iOS platforms.


A clone app is an app similar to an already existing fully-functional app with heavy user engagement. It can be customized for your business needs.

Our clients are our first priority, and we know how precious your ideas are to you. We sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement with our clients ensuring that their business idea is safe with us.

Yes, Of course, we customize the apps based on your business requirements. We also use the color pattern of your logo throughout the App, making it unique.

Yes, we do offer free assistance for a limited period of time, and after that, we charge a minimum amount for the service.

Yes, once you feel it's time to upgrade your business, give us a call, and we will be at your service.

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