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Rappi Clone App Development

In the year 2020, there is no service that is as utilized as the on-demand delivery service. Customers today have grown accustomed to the ease in which they can have any product delivered straight to their doorsteps. From food delivery to grocery delivery, pharmacy delivery to stationary delivery, on-demand delivery apps like Rappi have established their mark on the economy.

If you’re a business owner trying to not only survive but thrive in today’s fast-paced environment, there is no better way to ensure your longevity than with our Rappi Clone app development services. Our Rappi clone is built with a 100% customizable script and can be modified to meet the tailored needs of your franchise.

Take advantage of this opportunity and stake your claim in the industry with the best Rappi Clone app in the market!

Thrive in the post-COVID world with our Rappi Clone App

2020 has been an unprecedented year for businesses around the world. With the COVID epidemic making its mark in every imaginable corner of the world, there is no business owner who has not been affected by the virus in one way or another. Whether it be the concerns regarding COVID infections or government-imposed lockdowns, there has been a stark downfall in the foot traffic witnessed by shops, restaurants, and entertainment arenas around the world.

With government officials and health organizations advising people to only step out of their homes if it’s absolutely necessary, consumers around the world are scared to physically visit shops and restaurants. But what has brought respite to many businesses during these uncertain times has been on-demand delivery solutions like Rappi.

With on-demand delivery solutions, customers can get everything they need without ever having to step out of their homes. Unsurprisingly, consumers around the world have opted to utilize this relatively safer option to get their shopping done. From food delivery to medicines, virtually every kind of delivery app has seen a sharp increase in the number of downloads and usage.

Now is the perfect time to launch an on-demand delivery app like Rappi! INORU’s Rappi clone is a feature-filled offering that will ensure your growth and success like no other in this post-COVID world.

One App For All Kinds Of Deliveries - The Rappi Clone

Our Rappi clone is a comprehensive solution that can take care of last-mile delivery for all kinds of businesses. No matter what kind of shop you own, our Rappi clone app is the perfect choice for you.

Food Delivery Delivery

Offer your customers the convenience of ordering in their favorite food straight to their doorstep. Especially during this post-lockdown world with in-person visits to restaurants at an all-time low, on-demand food delivery is the way to go!

Grocery Delivery

Whether you’re the local supermarket chain or a ‘Mom n’ Pop’ grocery store, there is no better option to boost your revenue and ensure seamless delivery than with our Rappi app clone! Streamline your deliveries and witness immediate results.

Pharmacy Delivery

With the fear of infections a major concern for everyone around the world, Pharmacies are some places that people are afraid to visit but need the service of. Why not give your customers the opportunity to get all their medicine delivered straight to their homes? They are to appreciate it.

Alcohol Delivery

With bars around the world still not functioning at full capacity, what better way for customers to get their drink in their own living rooms? On-demand delivery for alcohol is the future! Don’t miss out and be at the forefront of this evolution.

Marijuana Delivery

With many places around the world legalizing Marijuana, it is no longer a taboo subject but a high-selling commodity. Give your customers the ability to get their favorite bud from certified shops with our Rappi Clone.

Courier Delivery

For users who want to send something to their friends or family members, or receive something from them without ever stepping out of their homes, the on-demand courier delivery provided by the Rappi clone will be an attractive offering.

Water Delivery

Water. The one thing that no one on the planet can go without. Give your customers the ability to have bottled water delivered straight to their doorsteps with our Rappi Clone.

Fuel Delivery

Fuel delivery is a concept that is quickly catching up with the times. A lifesaver for those stranded on the highway without fuel. Fuel delivery is expected to grow at a healthy rate in the upcoming years. Get ready to capitalize on our Rappi Clone.

Stationary Delivery

With kids around the world being forced to stay at home and take part in virtual learning, stationary delivery is a must! Be an integral part of the education of millions of children worldwide with our Rappi Clone.

Streamlined Delivery With The Rappi Clone - How does it work?

On-demand delivery has never been easier than with our Rappi Clone app. Streamline your delivery process and bridge the gap between consumers and retailers with our innovative Rappi clone script.

  • Users register with the Rappi clone and log-in using their credentials.

  • Users search for the item they wish to buy.

  • A list of available stores in the vicinity with the item in question is shown.

  • Users choose the store and order the items by adding them to the cart.

  • Users complete the ‘check-out’ process by initiating the payment.

  • Payment processing is carried out and confirmed by the Rappi clone.

  • The store is notified of the purchase and preps the order for delivery

  • Delivery Personnel is directed to the shop and picks up the order.

  • The orders are delivered to the specified address of the users.

  • Upon delivery, users confirm the order and give a rating for the service.

The Rappi Clone App Script - The Complete Delivery Solution

Our Rappi Clone app Script comes with an extensive array of tools needed to provide comprehensive delivery services.

  • iOS App for the User.

  • iOS App for the Delivery Personnel.

  • iOS App for the Store Owner.

  • iOS App for the Admin.

  • Android App for the User.

  • Android App for the Delivery Personnel

  • Android App for the Store Owner.

  • Android App for the Admin

  • Web App for the User.

  • Web App for the Delivery Personnel.

  • Web App for the Store Owner.

  • Web App for the Admin

Rappi App Clone Features

For both users and service providers, the Rappi Clone is filled to the brim with exciting features.

Register/Login Users can register with the Rappi clone in a few simple steps and log in using their credentials.

User Profile Users can set up their customized profile.

Location Users can save the address on the app either manually or by using GPS location.

Browse Users can browse the list of available shops and products available for delivery.

Search Users can search for a specific shop or product that they are interested in.

View Menu Upon choosing a shop users would like to purchase from, they can view the shop’s menu.

Add To Cart Users can add the list of items to the cart for payment.

Confirm Purchase Users can pay for the delivery using a multitude of ways (cards, net banking, COD, and more) and confirm the delivery.

Live Tracking Users can track the delivery from the store to their home via GPS live tracking.

Confirm Delivery Users can confirm the delivery status once it has been delivered.

Ratings and Feedback Users can provide a rating and their feedback for the service provided.

Register/Login Store Owners can register their shop with Rappi Clone and begin their service once they are approved.

List Products Store Owners can create a customized catalog of their products/dishes available.

Pricing Store Owners can add relevant pricing information for the product.

Product Description Store Owners can add a short description of the product/dish to provide further information.

Store Timings Store Owners can set the timing during which the store will be open.

View Incoming Orders Store Owners can view the incoming orders from the user.

Accept/Decline Order Store Owners can choose to accept or decline the incoming order.

Ready For Delivery Store Owners can notify the delivery personnel that the order is ready for delivery.

Revenue Tracker Store Owners can view the revenue generated in the app through the revenue tracker.

Report Generation Store Owners can get detailed reports that give them useful insights into their operations.

Offers/Deals Store Owners can provide offers, discounts, and deals to their customers.

Help Store Owners can get in touch with customer support for any help that they need.

Register Delivery Personnel can register with the Rappi clone with the relevant information which is sent to the admin for approval.

Profile Settings Delivery Personnel can edit their profile and modify anything they would like.

Set Timings Delivery Personnel can set the timings during which they’re available for delivery.

Set Delivery Distance Delivery Personnel can set the distance around which they will deliver.

View Incoming Order Delivery personnel can view the incoming delivery requests.

Accept/Decline Delivery Delivery Personnel can accept or decline the delivery request.

GPS Navigation Delivery Personnel is directed to the store and to customer’s homes using GPS.

Direct Messaging Delivery Personnel can message customers for any information.

Revenue Generation Delivery Personnel can view the commission they’ve earned in the Rappi Clone.

Reports Delivery Personnel can get detailed reports on a weekly/monthly/yearly basis.

Help Delivery Personnel can get in touch with customer service for any queries or concerns.

Pending Requests Admins can view the pending requests from shop owners and delivery personnel.

Manage Stores Admins can view and manage the stores listed on the Rappi clone.

Manage Products Admins can view and manage the products listed on the Rappi clone.

Manage Deliveries Admins can view and manage all the on-going deliveries on the app.

Manage Users Admins can view and manage the profiles of the users registered on the app.

Mange Advertisements Admins can view and manage the ads displayed on the Rappi Clone.

Manage Offers/Deals Admins can view and manage the offers and deals on the app.

Manage Ratings Admins can view and manage the ratings and feedback given by the customers.

Analytical Reports Admins can get detailed insights into their operations with periodically generated reports.

Customer Support Admins can get in touch with the customer support for any issues with the Rappi clone.

Revenue Streams In The Rappi Clone

How can you make money by investing in an on-demand delivery solution like the Rappi clone? Here’s how!

Commissions from Deliveries

For every delivery carried out on the Rappi clone, you get a percentage of the profits. Store owners who are utilizing the platform to sell their products will be paying a handsome amount to make it worth your while.

Priority Listing

For store owners who would like to gain more visibility, you can charge an extra fee for priority listing. This will ensure that they are promoted and show up at the top of search results. Store owners will surely love the opportunity to increase their sales.

Premium Subscriptions

Premium Subscriptions are a great way for you to make steady revenue! For customers who order often from the app, perks such as free delivery, discounts and offers can be given should they buy a premium subscription. Subscribers can choose from a monthly or yearly subscription plan. This allows you to build a loyal following and keep your customers in the long run!

In-app advertising

A great deal of money can be made through the in-app advertising feature. Third party companies, as well as store owners on the platform, will be able to advertise themselves on the Rappi clone for a fee. Charges can be based upon numerous factors such as the placement of the advertisements, duration, and frequency.

Why Choose INORU as your Rappi Clone App Development Company?

Choosing us as your preferred Rappi Clone App developer will ensure your success like no other.

Extensive Experience

For a long time, we have been a proven name in the market! With the enormous history of experience and expertise we have accumulated, we can guide you through every step of the way.

Complete Customization

Ou Rappi Clone is a completely white-label alternative that can be altered to suit the company's particular needs. We can do it quickly, whatever modifications you want to make!

Increase Your Brand Presence

In each and every corner of the app, we will highlight your company, name, and logo! This will do wonders for your exposure and raise awareness of your brand.

High Scalability

For any budding company, development is the top priority. With our Rappi Clone, we give full scalability-you can change and broaden the software at any time!

Complete Security

Safety and confidentiality are as vital to us as they are to you. Our frameworks have excellent coverage against any external attacks, and with an NDA, we pledge anonymity!

Around the clock support

To assist you with anything you might require, our customer service agents are on-call at any moment.

Guaranteed Results

Over the years, we have introduced hundreds of popular apps to obtain amazing outcomes! We can help you do the same.

Globally Recognized

From America to Australia and beyond, our client base covers the entire globe. We have acquired a great deal of experience operating internationally with customers from all over the planet and throughout every sector.

Our Development Process For The Perfect Rappi Clone


The Rappi Clone is an on-demand delivery service application that can be outfitted to carry out deliveries of any kind for any business vertical.

Completely. Our Rappi Clone offers 100% customization and can be modified to fit the tailored needs of your business.

Yes, it is! With concerns regarding the COVID pandemic still at the forefront of consumers’ minds, now is the best time to offer them the ability to have anything they want to be delivered straight to the safety of their homes.

The duration of development depends on numerous factors that change from project to project, get in touch with our team and tell us exactly what you are looking for from our Rappi clone and we’ll be able to give you an accurate estimate.

The price, likewise, can vary depending on your project requirements. Set up a call with us to discuss and our team will give you a quote depending on your needs.

We offer around the clock maintenance and support services at a cost-effective price.

We offer world-class marketing services at affordable prices and guaranteed results. Availing our marketing prowess can be a good start to a successful venture.

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