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An Automated On-Demand School Bus Tracking App

In a world where technology has taken over every avenue of business, it is vital that we improve upon existing models to make sure that we’re not left behind. Sadly, school buses continue to operate on an outdated modus operandi that leaves a lot to be desired.

Our intuitive School bus tracking and fleet management software aim to overcome these shortcomings in an efficient manner through the innovative use of application development technology.

Our Wide Range of Products Include

  • School Owned FleetsHelps school administrators with important tasks such as student safety, addressing parent concerns, school bus routing, allocation, and optimization. Through the use of intelligent tracking and management software, such tasks have never been easier to carry out in an efficient manner.

  • School DistrictsBuilt for larger governing bodies such as those responsible for entire school districts, this Bus Tracking Software includes the tools to carry out important tasks such as policy implementation, field trips, large scale transport and much more.

  • School Transport ProvidersBuilt for schools that do not have transportation facilities of their own, our software addresses key points such as monitoring of privately hired transporters, routing, ensuring driver productivity, etc.

  • Toddler Transport ProvidersThe system was developed as a top priority with the safety of children. Driver approval, real-time forecasts, travel allocation, and real-time tracking are just a few of this system's capabilities.

Our All-Encompassing Tracking Software
Comes with all the Features you will Need.

  • Live TrackingAllows concerned parents to check up on the bus at any time. Has details such as the route and ETA etc.

  • Effective CommunicationParents can communicate with school management or with the school bus driver directly via the application.

  • Pick up / Drop Off AlertsParents can choose to receive a push notification when their children get picked up or dropped off.

  • Scheduled Bus RoutesAllows parents to view a detailed map of the scheduled bus routes from pick-up to drop-off. Any changes in plans will be notified through the app.

  • Live TrackingAllows the school admin to live-track the entire bus fleet in real-time using both the mobile/web application.

  • Route ManagementSchool admin can create/manage routes for different buses depending on their needs and requirements.

  • Push NotificationsSend relevant information and alerts to drivers and parents via push notifications and SMS.

  • Speed MonitoringPromotes safety by allowing admins to monitor the speed of the buses and making sure drivers follow regulations.

  • Stoppage AlertAdmin is notified instantly when the bus has stopped for more than the specified time at a certain place.

  • Offline AccessAll the concerned information will be downloaded from the server so the admin can access them in case of any connectivity issues.

  • Effective Communication ToolsWith direct contact capabilities, admins can stay in touch with drivers and parents for the most effective form of communication.

  • Navigation An intuitive navigation tool with details regarding pick-up and drop routes that are updated in real-time and much more for smooth navigation.

  • Speed MonitoringMonitor the speed of your school bus with this safety feature. If the speed exceeds the limit, both the driver and school admin will be notified.

  • Live CamA live feed of the inside of the bus that is transmitted in real-time to admins. It makes a huge impact on safety.

  • Bus TrackingFleet managers can monitor the location of their bus fleet in real-time, whether in motion or not, and recognize buses that are available at any given time.

  • Notifications And AlertsBoost decision-making with personalized warnings and warning of accidental incidents, vehicular failure, traffic situation, and more.

  • Scheduled Bus MaintenanceKeep a close track of the conditions of your fleet and receive notifications regarding scheduled maintenance.

  • End-to-end CommunicationKeep in touch with parents, drivers and school admins with a dedicated communication tool, aimed at bringing transparency and safety to school bus rides.

Why Choose INORU's
School Bus Tracking Software?

  • Distinct SoftwaresWith dedicated software for schools, parents and transport providers, we have all the bases covered.

  • Safety FirstWith features to monitor speed, track in real-time, a dedicated live-feed and more, we take the issue of children’s safety very seriously.

  • Easy IntegrationTake the first step to safety with easy integration that allows you to adapt our software to your existing system in no time at all.

  • CompatibilityOur tracking software is designed to seamlessly connect with your existing hardware such as GPS to allow an extremely easy transition.

  • Detailed Management Tools / ReportsIt allows admins to keep a bird’s eye view of the entire operation with a detailed management system and informative reports that can be viewed at any time.


A school bus tracking software is a must-have in today’s technology-driven world. It increases the safety of the students, boosts transparency and trust amongst the parents and the school.

We focus on providing software solutions at all price points. Whether you’re looking for an extensive app or a simple but effective alternative, we’ve got it all. Get in touch with us to get a free estimate on a school bus tracking software that fits your needs.

Our in-house team of developers will work with you hand in hand to understand the business requirements and strive to deliver an app with the shortest turnaround time possible.

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